Friday, July 19, 2013

ideas to change the idea of RS quests

Name: Basic Prayer (Medium/Hard)
Description: Build a prayer altar in the baseroom and fill up your prayer points
Levels required to complete: 74 construction sell runescape accounts
Other content required (if known): -

Name: Tales of Old (medium)
Description: Complete an unabridged fremennik saga at Skaldrun
Levels required to complete: At least 6 dungoneering
Other content required (if known): Freed Skaldrun and found one of the memory items.

Name: The latest fashion (Easy)
Description: Wear a complete set of any armour (Helm, body, legs, boots, gloves, shield, weapon) sell rs accounts
Levels required to complete: None
Other content required (if known): -

Ideas by clanmembers: (Credits to Darkbarbossa, Nightgunner, Wahisietel)

Name: Huge hole
Description: Obtain a Huge lamp in the Sinkhole D&D
Levels required to complete: None buy runescape accounts
Other content required (if known): None

Name: Needs bigger maul (Easy)
Description: Defeat Rammernaut using only a novite maul.
Levels required to complete: 35 Dungoneering
Other content required (if known): -

Thursday, July 18, 2013

May I ask who supports Seren from the Jmod team

May I ask who supports Seren from the Jmod team?  This game cannot be hacked instead if u hacked this It turns out banned.  Glad to see Runescape is taking mittens off of its models. But I like fighting and causing friction between people. I'm lvl 200 with full buy runescape accounts  Pernix I'm a nerd come at my keyboard noobs. Why keep to ourselves when we can all join forces and make better technology?!!!! Seren ftw. She has one of the noblest goals and also sell runescape accounts was a close friend of my favorite god guthix. We will stop the destruction of glienor. Your Corporation is Horrible You Provide Crappy Customer Service! Read Emails About 1xmagicianx1 already.... Its been 2 Weeks Since you've read anything if not longer! Where is Mod Andrew when you need him...

 Does anyone else find seren's whole motto kinda irritating? 'Lets keep to ourselves' Yeah, because that wont spark racial, cultural or religious difference like it already has, and cause wars in gielinor like it already has.  I join Seren because she was the closest God to Guthix, and he is dead and always wished to have no followers. reverse sexistism- Wow Steff, I bet that male character is a girl irl. LOL, yea I'm sure he is. According to the timeline, Seren was one of the first gods to visit Gielinor, in the First Age with Guthix. Then she was primarily the goddess of the elves, and her influence also        sell rs accounts extended to the gnomes I believe. When was seren released I haven't heard of it. free acc with 10mil in bank lvl 180 plus with alot of gear and high lvls inbox me for login info ty.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Jagex could have ignored the petition

I finally understand now why you used the 200 million figure. Although I should add that, given that I didn't see the rationale for it back then, I don't think D4 did either.

Actually, as far as I know, the OSR vote wasn't due to sell runescape accounts the now defunct private server that was scrapped in January. It started with So Wreck3d, who started a petition to bring back pre-EoC servers (mainly for PKing) at the start of February and he gained support from a great deal of other YouTubers as well. I believe the petition on Change gathered well over 40,000 votes before the OSR vote was announced. And Jagex could have ignored the petition, were it not for the fact that they (correctly) predicted that OSRS would be a reliable revenue stream.

I'm not going to talk about the argument between you buy runescape accounts and D4 (if only because I don't understand a great deal of it), but as far as I can see, Jagex will only listen to us if 1) they were already looking for feedback in that area or 2) it is financially beneficial to them. Vocal minority doesn't matter.

As for MMG, I've only seen two reasons for the things he says. It's either to paint a rosy picture to outsiders, or make false promises to hoodwink the players into staying subscribed. Cannot stand his lies. Cannot sell rs accounts stand him.

As for your pure, good luck with that. As far as I can see, exp is being passed around like hotcakes to new players in the live game so it's no issue to level up.

Edit: mistakenly typed "again" instead of "back then"

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

some estimate statistics about Runescape

After reading quite some pages of comments on this, I hope you won't say "we've seen that most of you like this and the feedback has been great". I just hope you have the guts to say "Following your feedback, we decided that we wasted time and money and will not be implementing this update". Perhaps with an added "And because of the strength of this feedback, we will review our current stance on lodestones".

1. Stop thinking that your in-game achievements are nobel prizes. It's a game. That's all this is. It's not real life, and has no effect on it whatsoever, so stop bitching about it.

2. Don't like it, don't use it. If not that Runescape accounts for sale, 2007 or quit.

3. Don't like that other people now have the easy way out? Tough cookies. Things change, and you can't stop that. Saying that "oh noobs have it so easy now" is exactly how the previous generation feels today IRL buy runescape accounts.

Remember how in school or someone told you there were 3 words in assume? yea, besides that. Just did a rough count ( I will even invite you to do a count yourself):

Roughly 72K accounts logged in currently.

Rough estimate of players in EoC: 44K sell runescape accounts

72-44= 28 x 1000= 28K

That is a rough 28K discrepancy in player count. The only sensible solution to that would be 07 is included (FYI- the foreign servers have a negligible amount of people on them).

If you do not want to do the rough count yourself, then all blame is on you for not putting in the effort.

and in all honesty, using the "market excuse" for a voice is ambiguous. It can either be the same few people buying their products over and over, creating a false positive (inflated opinion), or in the less common case, everyone buying a small share in their product.

But, notice what I said about the vocal minority being a representation of the whole community. nice try in trying to twist my words.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

having your face mashed in by Vorago

Take a break from having your face mashed in by Vorago and enjoy the latest Community Round Up! About time haha, I've heard 6 hours after release no one killed it :lsomeone got the wand and sold it for like 7b or something ridiculous like that... am i the only 1 or are there other people that have loading problems in htlm 5 beta? Runescape is ALWAYS addicting no matter what , it's been 1 full year I haven't been on and ALREADY I got addicted again rs accountts selling!?!!

sell runescape accounts

Yeah. Problem was, it would've been beaten but the servers were crashing on final phase. Also, wand was max cash stack, even when there wasn't a single wand in-game. Really low now.Jagex - I know you rarely ever listen to your players, but could you stop with the barrage of updates and do something about the real problems in this game?

Thursday, July 4, 2013

I believe that lodestones are a great idea

To be quite honest, I believe that lodestones are a great idea, but I don't think they should be free. I think that the Lumbridge lodestone should be the only free lodestone, as it has been that way for years. However, I believe that a good thing to introduce would be "Charging" lodestones. A player can bring up to 10k law runes to store in a lodestone. Each time a person uses a lodestone teleport, a law rune is used up from that lodestone. The player would receive a runescape accounts sell notification in the chat telling of how many teleports they have left for that particular lodestone. To check how many teleports they have left, they can right click on a particular location and click "Check Teleport", or something to that extent.

Introducing this idea could be helpful in several different aspects.
- For one, it makes law runes more important once again. Because of the current lodestone network, law runes are relatively close to sell rs accounts pointless, though there still are some good uses for it.

- Second of all, this would help some of the community not feel like lodestones are a completely free network, and that it would actually cost someone to go there. This could help reconcile both sides of the community by giving more lodestones, as some people want, but making them cost something at least, which would bring the other side to rest cheap runescape accounts, as it would no longer be a free teleport across the entirety of Gielinor.

Please take this into consideration. The only downside that I can currently think of is that there would be a spike in the value of law runes, at least for a short while.


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I wish I could get on to play on Diablo 3

The only thing i feel will happen is they'll do some horribly screen locking if you're playing 4 people locally, so you won't be able to fan out to find elites if you need to get valor refreshed asap. They don't care about Diablo fans Diablo III accounts all they care about is Pocketing the money they make off wow and Ah cut on D3.

 I'm glad the most popular comments pop up so fast. Now blizzard can know and ignore how much we hate them.Well, I guess they still have Starcraft ... They went from 3 Amazing games, to now 1 great game and 2 wtf game buy Diablo 3 items , When the game that is about 10 years old (+- a few years) is better than what they just made thats just sad lol.

I wish I could get on to play on Diablo. I asked that my account authenticator be removed and also explained how my mobile number is no longer valid. Since then I haven't been able to play. I get fed up in the endless cusotmer service loop Diablo 3 gold for sale when trying to speak to a person.Hmm might be a nice local casual beer-drinking with your buds kind of game. The last console game I was able to play co-op with my wife was Champions of Norath which was so much fun so I for one am looking forward to that experience again, I just wish I didn't play the PC version first. Danielle Nicole Farrell-Stewart. blizzard ruined diablo. good job guys.we waited all of this time for d3 and it sucked! wasted my money, could have payed a phone bill with and they named him : "Bender"

Monday, July 1, 2013

Demon hunter guide

 I think it's quite easy, atleast with the proper gear and skills. Here's my skill list, try it sometime!TYe!acYcbZHow do you have 70k dps? Is this your single damage or did you multiply your % of skills in it?
because I have 33k dps and 43k hp and around 380  cheap d3 gold resistances. But the end of act 2 is hard for me!
If you don't have hp and resistances you cant stand still and you cant fire! So you are notting than with a lof of damage, I think!!
Mayby you can post a screen shot of your equipment? :)

so you're full of ____. And also it's easy to get dps high but I find that stacking some resist and vit can really help and by help I mean get 2 or 3 hits instead of getting 1 shotted every friggin time. People often mistake with all resis/vitality for dh means tanking. No, it just means you get to survive 2 or 3 more hits instead of getting 1  Diablo III gold hit everytime so you don't spend 30k on repairs. Also with zero all resist and minimal vitatlity you get one shotted so much that at some point the elite HP gets reset because you have the wait time before reviving. And please don't act like you can beat all elites with glass cannon build past act 1. You just simply can NOT.

The thing is when u try to balance HP and DPS u become easy target, as a DH obviously u cant tank cuz u r ranged so dont focus 2 much on HP focus more on DPS< for example with my DH being lvl 53 on Hell i got 16k DPS and 20k Diablo 3 items buy  HP and trust if u have high DPS u simpy kill the mobs befeore they come clos to you with the aid of templar a companion(in my case a boar) and a turrent its easy gaming with DH

Friday, June 28, 2013

Ancient Spear

Your second WT’ish spell, it also act as a great Initial regenerator  IFG and Crowd Control (CC) ability, if you use the only viable rune for the spell ; Rage Flip. The damage from this spell is as big as my guns if you start chaining it with Critical hits. One trick to break the seemingly long animation is to hold the button down (don’t wait to see if you diablo 3 account crit). What I do when not moving is Left Click then hold Right Click when this spell comes up until it’s down again which gives you maximum DPS. This skill is only used in groups when you have top notch gear, other options will be listed at the end of this list.

    Rage Flip : This is the only viable rune because it’s stupid to be using anything else ; why would you ever want to flip out d3 gold raging that a mob one shotted you because you pulled him in ? What this does is provide you with a very good CC ability and adding a skill factor to the sissy strategy proposed.  It is also very important to note the 28% weapon damage increase, making CHC stacking very proficient. This rune effectively separates mobs from each other (takes it away from its group into yours or just behind you) or pulls back a straggler onto the big pack of mobs (from your group to the enemy group) while doing massive damage.

Monday, June 24, 2013

skills guide for becoming a barbarian elite in diablo 3


Here are the abilities that I recommend using and that I find best. Of course a lot of things depend on your play style and personal preferences, hence I will later list other viable skills that you might choose to use Diablo III account

This skill is just insane for single target dps. I always had problem with choosing between bash and frenzy, but after some testing, in the end I fell in love with frenzy. As for rune, I saw a lot of people use Sidearm - while it is good for add packs, I find maniac to be better for boss fights without adds or situations in which you need to focus one target and nuke it down fast (there are a lot of such situations when you face champion packs, killing one champion out of the pack might be the only way to go with some combos you will get in inferno).  And if you will be stacking life per hit stat (and I recommend doing that actually, more about that later), 75% bonus attack speed is just insane Diablo 3 buy account .

Decent weapon dmg, but that is not the best thing about it. Knockback, insanely good AoE knockback. It will help you survive A LOT  selling Diablo 3 account . If it were not for seismic slam, I would still be struggling with Belial on inferno. Once I picked Shattered Ground rune, it became piss easy fight and problem of adds on phase 1&2 was solved. Cracking rift rune is also decent, if you want some more weapon dmg at the cost of smaller aoe and worse knockback.

This is A MUST skill. You just have to pick it, if you do not, than you will fail badly (unless you picked other survival ability with relatively low cooldown, that is Leap with Iron Impact, in fact it is better if you got not that great dps, but high amount of armor meaning 9k+). 65% reduced DMG is godly and will help you survive all the time. As for runes, all of them are useful in some ways. I would suggest picking up Ignorance is Bliss, if you have relatively good damage output. You will be surprised when you see the amount of self heal you can put off with that rune.

Another skill that you just have to take. While it is not so good for boss fights without adds, it will keep you alive when you are overwhelmed by huge packs of mobs. The more mobs there are, the more indestructible you shall become. Two viable runes for this spell are: Either Vengeance Is Mine or Provocation. By taking the first one, you gamble more cheap d3 gold. I tested both runes out and I died way to much with VIM. With Provocation, you are a lot more likely to survive , trust me. Anyway, the choice is yours.

The rumor is that this skill will get nerfed soon. I fear the day that this will happen... Blizzard truely does not want Inferno to be doable by barbarians.

20% increased armor buff for the whole party is nice, but that is not the most important part of this ability. You will find out the hard way, that having resists is essential in inferno. Without resists, you will die. With Impunity rune, you will get HUGE boost to all of your resistances, depending on how much of them you have at the moment. Other runes seem useful, but in my opinion, resistances are the most important stat for barb in inferno. Thus, Impunity rune is just the best.

Posted Image  Wrath of the Berserker

With this baby active, you become freaking god of war. You obtain insane boost to all stats like critical hit chance, attack speed, dodge chance and movement speed. Best skill for barbarian in the whole game (in my humble opinion). Now as for runes, all of them look good but 100% DMG boost is just way too good to pass up. With Insanity rune, I find my dmg output to be rising by 4 or even 5 times (for example, without WotB up I have constant 15k damage displayed in my profile, after popping it I get something above 60k dmage).

Wrath of the Berserker also gives you immediate immunity to CC effects (breaks any current CC on you as well), this is totally worth noting if you are facing champion pack with crowd control ability. Are you being driven mad by champion with nightmare buff? Use WotB = win, mob can kiss your arse.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

sof promotions-The Lamp of the Djinn

This was one of the excuses a Jagex employee used.

Life Lesson: If there was a $100 bill in front of you on a sidewalk, would you take it?

I, along with the majority of people here, disagree with the xp and gp handouts from the sof. I at least only use the free spins and the ones I obtain from the game. There's a huge difference between buying sell runescape accounts a thousand spins and getting two a day, isn't there? It's unfair how people who don't or can't buy spins are left with a disadvantage over the people who can for example buy hundreds of fish masks and sell them. Or the countless xp lamps they get from this. Or how about those alchemist amulets that were giving people over 2m gp. I was lucky enough to get one with free spins and daily challenges, but spin buyers got over ten. Do you think people should be able to buy rs gold advantages over other people with irl money?

Do the right thing Jagex. Stop these sof promotions.

What does warbands have anything to do with this? Warbands weren't buyable with irl money. Anybody could participate in those.So sick of these stupid promotions. I don't know why i believed in the first place that buying runescape account there would be less promotions. Just more hollow words.

I hate trash talking but this is getting so frustrating for those of us who don't want to have to buy our way to success.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

No Plans for Beta on Console Versions

No Plans for Beta on Console Versions

Billzard have any details just yet concerning the frequency of patch updates for console, but we’re hoping to be able to get important updates to our console players in a timely fashion.

We have no plans for a beta for the PS3 or Xbox 360 version of Diablo III at this time.Grey Items Will Turn into Diablo III gold

In order to make console gameplay convenient, the itemization ideas are getting implemented at full speed. One of them being grey and white items automatically turning into gold instead of the player having to waste time picking them up (if at all) and going to sell them in town.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What's the point in playing WOW

HC is fun until you die due to a disconnect :P
Yesterday I decided I'm never ever farming solo on HC again. Best part was I had just bought some upgrades with the 40m I had saved up

Oh well, new barb on the makes... Already lvl30 D3 items!

IMO there is really no "point" to any videogames. Either you find them fun or you dont. SC got kind of stale for me so I swapped to HC and I'm enjoying the game again apart from my fit of rage due to my DC death last night :P

What's the point in playing WOW? Heck I just binned my WOW sub because I find D3 a more rewarding grind... I don't get much time to game, and lately have always chosen D3 over WOW. Granted I'm a LFR hero these days as my guild died in Cata, but still, once you're locked out of raids for the week, everything else in WOW is just 'filler' (imo). So I like being able to jump into D3 anytime and be just as cheap D3 gold productive (or not) regardless of when/what I last played.

Yea, prices are WAY down on the AH, I kitted out my Monk so I could do a full inferno clear at 60. Got myself a crappy Skorn, a few Legendary's, some set items and the odd yellow. Mostly with Dex + Vit + CC + CD and Resist all. Wasn't perfect gear, still lots of useless stats, but the point is, it cost me 700k. So for less than a Mil, I can deck out any alt for a full inferno clear.

The downside to this however, is I haven't managed to sell anything apart from crafting mats and the odd MF/GF/+XP item with decent main stats, even the Legendary's I'm finding with half decent rolls are swamped on the AH for as little as 10k buyout, then you jump to something insane like 700mil+ for the same item just with perfect rolls... or even close to perfect. It's actually worked out alright (imo). Inferno farming Diablo 3 account buy(MP0-2) gear is cheap as chips which lets people get right into the endgame.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I dislike hypocrites

We don't want players to be able to buy their way to success in RuneScape. If we let players start doing this, it devalues RuneScape for others. We feel your status in real-life shouldn't affect your ability to be successful in sell runescape accounts RuneScape.;

I dislike hypocrites.

RuneScape = devalued.

You were right, Jagex!
Emotes on Solomon again...Curse you, Jagex.
And both free items are cape and seaweed hair? You gave us these months ago...

Just...Can't describe with words anymore.

Oh look. A bunch of whiny, brat self-entitled children who think every single update should be about them and only them, catering to their desires.

o boy new animations i personally wont be enjoying this type of update but i bet someone its time to move on to more important maters cheap rs gold

The free items for members are currently the Squid Cape and Seaweed Hair

are currently the Squid Cape and Seaweed Hair

Squid Cape and Seaweed Hair

if i can recall this right you gave both those items during the sizzling summer this some weird way of pulling our leg....oh Guthix you guys are funny what this months free item?total kill joy runescape accounts for sale thanks guy this was such a great way to ruin muh month.

last month was a title which is weird cause you said that members get a free
every month...a title isn't an item.......o well

Monday, June 17, 2013

I have all 5 classes 60 lvls of my d3 account

Oh yeah  I have all 5 classes 60 lvls. I have ~700h in all my chars (inc. all my HC death )

AND I have not got even 1 HF ring  So my post is – its just pointless to level char WITH 2+ HF rings… or.. yea.. maybe I’m not the casual player  Heh. I have good dps bard char(look at my profile), now I’m just playing ‘get achievements’ D3 game

What is the rocket-science here? You don’t even need help to kill diablo and Ghom. You will two-shot them as well with the hellfire ring.

I leveled a WD recently, solo mp10. I used a hellfire ring with 35-64 damage on it. It was a strength ring. It took 3 1/2 hours to get through one difficulty. I’m not saying this is ultrafast buy diablo 3 account, but you can get to inferno fairly quickly without any help. I think Hell difficulty was the fastest because of a a few lower req items and max movement speed.

The good thing with mp10 is that the EXP is so good that you don’t need to kill all demons to reach the level requirement for next difficulty. I was paragon level 2 when I stared inferno. I even got 5 legendaries on the road

Finalize –      WHO ever need to level fast char in D3 except HC? If you have all 5 60 lvls
If you look carefully I didn’t say anywhere that you have to do this, or even that this is the most efficient way of leveling Diablo 3 items buy It’s just a working option, and the best one I know of.

When you get in the high paragons(80+) leveling becomes ridiculously boring and farming gives nothing compared to ah. I for one chose to dick around with hc and achievements, maybe farming 2-3 hours a week for paragon progression. Auctions do the heavy lifting for my goldcount Diablo 3 items.

Rushy is the dh that used this method.

So.. THIS is the method for high (80+) paragon lvl players who HAVE only 1 char and NOW wants to play D3 with other characters(oh!!! there are others.. not just one my best one..) on Lvl 60 fast

Saturday, June 15, 2013

looking forward to Diablo 3 update

Wikipedia. Totes legit and thorough. I trust everything. I think the point, Dain, is that D3 fails as a game, not in sales. And that's even worse.
 yes, wikipedia is constantly fact checked, unlike your measured discourse:

"Crook Captain: You guys are depraved diablo 3 accounts. Sick, beyond belief. You have no souls."
The whole game sucks... not even multiplayer... I expect 100 ppl per game. This is "multiplayer"...

Prepare your couch and consider fortifying your living room, because on September 3, Diablo® III will unleash hell on both the PlayStation® 3 and Xbox 360®! It pays to be prepared against the forces of cheap diablo 3 gold  the Burning Hells, so get your preorder lined up for the PS3™ or Xbox 360, as added bonuses are in...

"Totes Legit" moral, metaphysical analysis and summary character judgement.
 Yeah I'll do us good to win content 3 months before the games release.
 now i see why is this game so easy and made for Diablo III items for sale casual gamers.. or playstation and xbox players ....

 Diablo has been ruined, thanks Blizzard.No DLC, No PVP on release, and other failed promises. I know Blizzard can read this, I just hope they read this and realized what they have done.

 Diablo: Auction House Simulator. This game is an abomination.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ladder in D3 is useless

Adding a ladder system is exactly how you fix this game. Go back to World of Warcraft if you don't like the Diablo games! Also there's something called non-ladder for the people who don't care or don't like the ladder systems so I don't see why it would be a problem.

I love that people waste their time on such fruitless, obviously never going to happen endeavors. It's like witnessing denial in action.

There won't be a ladder folks. You kid yourself thinking there will be. I'd like to say "never" but who knows what nonsense they may pull 10 years down diablo 3 account sale

I believe some form of event that either exactly the same or similar to "ladder" would appear and the time it takes them to implement it to this game would definitely be less than the time they did sell diablo 3 account it to D2. Since there isn't as many things to do here than there.

Ladder in D3 is useless. Do you need a race to feel better about playing a game in which you'll have no chance of ever becoming first?It's not about being first, it's just to start over with everyone. Also a good time to make money. When d2 ladder restarted people would pay crazy for a random shako early on lol

Friday, June 7, 2013

Diablo series

woooow!wonderfull comment!took you long enough to write it?If i ot laid or not it is my business and i am sure it ahs nothing to do with the game,so your loss here.Also,you hate a game THEN you complain and spam on fb and the forums?clap clap!Way too go guys!The TRUE ahter just STOPS playing the game and moves on WITHOUT posting flame and ahte comments.Thats why i will say again,you are hypocrites.p.s. i have a gf sell diablo 3 account.

Being subbed to the Facebook page tells me what they're up to without me ever needing to go look anywhere for it. It just happens to cross my Facebook browsing every now and then. I installed the game, and uninstalled it after soloing inferno. It was easy, simplistic, and wasn't customizable at all. I've been a long-time Blizzard fan, mostly for the Diablo series, which I've played as my primary until Diablo 2 became a ghost town of bots where to buy Diablo 3 account. I looked forward to this game for years. I hold no shallow hope it will be "fixed". It's designed too differently for changes to matter. It does however provide me some sick amusement to see that, for some unknown reason, man-hours are being wasted on adjusting it Diablo 3 items

lol Milt, it seems all you can do is bash these people and call them names. There is no rule explicit or implied, ANYWHERE, that says people who follow a page need to love the game, OR that all comments need to be positive. People who dislike a game have just as much of a right to provide feedback.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

what does Demon Hunter lack

Hunting magic exactly what's missing?
First, the younger brother is a diablo 3 gold three open service shortly after joining player.

Initially no concern for the Diablo series, Diablo III appears only know that shocked the entire game industry. Concern from the player on the warm and diablo 3 account buy continuous release of official information, no one showed everyone crazy for the Diablo series.

The Diablo three officially sold, the physical package on a stock replenishment, fight card until the end of July are still not buy. Diablo three was so people love and people hate, love and hate are one of the two sides, when we criticize Diablo three yelled into the fire also represents love with him.

Occupation not? As long as there is love, even if it is from God, this career to become dross, we will not hold anything against him.

I think it's time to describe what [Demon Hunter] this profession.

One can begin to run rampant in purgatory only two occupations, one is Cabalist, of course, is another Demon Hunter Diablo 3 account selling.

As the monster burst table attack, making the most of the melee who were unable ACT2 door, one that is all tears. The Cabalist against snakes, storms, Chun A break a piece of the sky, do you remember Cabalist blood as long as 25,000 era? Demon hunters do? High attack power, no cooling time of smoke, 65% of the full power of Shadow damage reduction, as well as the most pull cluster bombs.

Everyone in this pursuit without Buff Dps times, archery is most Demon Hunter forgotten, however, at the time, but nirvana yet.

Archery has a 1 second crit chance after resetting features, and cluster bomb is simply a perfect match, full crit chance threw two rounds of cluster bombs elite mob also second lie. Plus nether tentacles BUG, ​​many advantages are concentrated in the Demon Hunter who, together with the new job, the number of people Demon Hunter still rolling with barbarians.

However, the good times never last, someone has developed quite a whirlwind, when this genre Guards, Demon Hunter recession began. Blizzard dropped a monster attack, so melee brave step out the door can no longer be second blow rhythm.

Melee is no longer one thousand anti-Wan A, they sacrifice part of the defense force to increase attack power, energy mechanism designed so that they have unlimited combat capability.

When there Demon Hunter kneeling in ACT3 dog buy diablo 3 items, these high-end melee already started Farm, and very high-speed Farm!

While moving the output characteristic is too strong, compared to only point shooting Demon Hunter, Demon Hunter is obviously lost.

The signs are not improved until today, what is the concept of official error, or they deliberately do so? Nobody learned.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

diablo 3 update

Somebody correct me if i'm wrong (except this guy) but what i ascertained from Blizzards Video Policy (which i assume includes images):

"you are permitted to create video productions using Blizzard's Content, and to distribute them freely on your website, or on other websites where viewers can freely view your Production diablo 3 gold."

which to me means that you can capture blizzards content using whatever you like and distribute it how you like so long as you don't charge for it.

Let me get this straight you thought this thread was a trap to catch diablo 3 account buy people out for using 3rd party software to take screenshots? you're a genius.
next week i've heard blizzard is hosting a competition for botters to gather the most legendaries sell diablo 3 account....

To you all that think this game is so great.It took a year after release to get this game half decent.It took us as the gamers to tell them what to do when that was never an issue with D2.So basically we are the creators yet we had to pay them for that priviledge.So Im for one very dissatisfied with blizzard.This game will never live up to its expected glory.

Monday, June 3, 2013

got crazy about dibalo 3

Hopefully if Blizzard announces a Diablo III expansion, there will be much more easter eggs.

Okay. we like the DIABLO PAGE. NOT the Diablo 3 page. We feel the need to complain due to the developers making an overall ok game, diablo 3 account buy but that does NOT live up to the diablo legacy diablo 3 items buy.

I got a crazy good manticore that dropped a week or so ago... only it spawned with intelligence. WTF is that? Stop giving properties to items that are made for characters that well never use them! Happens soooooo much and makes 99.9% of your loot worthless!

Diablo 3 is amazing blizzard just needs to tweak the chat interface more like they did with Diablo 3 items diablo 2.

How about making a new voodoo mask called Exiled Pathwalker? Extremely weak endgame helm, but significantly improves the strength of zombie dogs, increases their number, and gives them a chance to revive a monster they killed for 60 seconds.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Occupational characteristics of Wizard

Magician with high injury group to kill the magic known in the basic attributes, the intellect is preferred, it can enhance the Sorcerer's injury. At the same time these professional magician also has the following characteristics:

Range attack
Battlefield will be summoned to the big killer magic cover - Master of attacks can inflict damage on the crowd, the diablo 3 account buy beam can rely on the skills of the more recent inflict more wounds on the battlefield and those people will be hesitant master summoned rockfall hit deflated.
Protection Magic
Although compared to other occupations, magician physically very fragile, but they can use defensive magic to protect themselves. Whether it is to their own armor to wear diamonds, or create mirror to confuse the enemy, sell diablo 3 account or even slow down those who dare to provoke attacks and their stupid creatures.
Master of Elements d3 account
Magician has completely mastered the sanctuary of the world power of the elements. Fire, lightning, ice and high winds are in the hands of them, they can find out the opponent's weaknesses and targeted attacks.
Endless Energy
Master them little light energy. Prop extremely fast recovery blessing arcane energy, they can be very free to cast spells, and as experience grows better control of these forces.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Baidu and Google join hands to reject spam links

These days, Baidu and Google almost simultaneously on spam links, especially the sale, exchange link network platform, a heavy hand combat, but there may be more follow-up action.

Outset that although known as spam links, but I do not think this word is to be given to what derogatory. The so-called search engine spam links just stand point of view, after all, the nature of those non-voting link will seriously affect the quality of search engine rankings, search engines want to affect long-run jobs, so belonging to crack down on the scope. I have 4 years experience on SEO. Once I committed to diablo 3 account sale. I usually write guides for d3 players about Diablo 3 account skills training and d3 gold making. I earn thousands of dollars per month. I like this job so much and I willing to write some blogs about SEO and SEM.But for SEO, the large part of the sale, exchange link is normal, even With the purpose to improve the ranking of the small, nothing hidden, nothing more and moral judgments, although the word sounds like rubbish to say the bad guys . (Black chain is another story altogether)

SEO stands on the position, what kind of links will be treated as junk or cheat it? Can consider two:

1) what are, in moderation, no problem, sale, exchange are nothing, but the scale is large, and even fast as pipelined operation, and it may crossed the line.

2) was clutching it means cheating, not being grabbed is a good kind.

Back to the topic.

February 20, 21 or so, Baidu green dill on-line algorithm, the main fight is trading links

Friday, May 24, 2013

music contest of rs

I've checked it out, and that's some nice hard Dubstep he produce, for how long does he make music now runescape gold for sale?

My dj name is &quot;en-Wout&quot;, but I don't make Dubstep: My music taste is very loud and I make hard stuff like Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, etc but also extreme music like Terror (hence my rsn), Speedcore, Extratone (3600+bpm), Harsh Noise, etc
I also make Horror music, which is a down tempo of Hardcore called Doomcore, and I make some interesting stuff like Gabberstep which is a crossbreed between dubstep and Hardcore/Terror (it's a sort of extreme Dubstep genre, it doesn't need to have buy runescape money a lot of bass like Dubstep does but it uses very harsh sounds and a lot of noise, shouting, distortion, etc)

Finally a music contest, but sadly I will not be partaking in this one, I'm a parody artist and comedic singer, I guess I could hum it runescape account lol... If you decide to do a completely original music contest I'm all for it . I was thinking a double ended contest in the future. Compose your own Runescape music and lyrics and perform it then whoever wins that,buy rs accounts use the song as part of a video contest. Idk...  

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

guide for DH in diablo3

A quick update:

I'm a dumbass.
Inbetween Shadow Power with Gloom, and Strafing, one needs stop for a moment to level Diablo 3 account, or else the Life Steal will not be in effect.
Now that I can actually use it right -- hopefully -- It's much much easier to let go of some EHP.

How to do that...
Well, the forums are a reliable source of information - I've pretty much crept into all of you.

So first of all, alot of you guys are using craftable items. Shouldedrs, Amulet, Gloves and Bracers.

~300 dex, ~60 Resistance To All Elements, ~100 Vitality.

~200 dex, ~8 Critical Hit Chance, ~80 Critical Hit Damage.
This gives me 200 (or more) dex, in addition for the Crit Chance and Crit damage approaching the square.

~200 dex, ~7 Increased Attack Speed, ~8 Crit Chance, ~30 Crit Damgage.
A slight gain in dex, and more attack speed.

Either Strongarms with ~250 Dex, ~40 Vitality, 8% To Life, 4.5 Crit Chance or a similiar craft, ~5 Crit Chance.
A trade-off of 250 dex for 8 attack speed.

Like wise, I'll have to make adjustments in other slots.

New Mempo of Twilight with Socket, 250+ Dex, ~40 Vitality, ~8 Increased Attack Speed, ~75 Resistance to All Elements, ~11% To Life.

New Natalya's Reflection, with 4+ Crit Chance, ~8 Increased Attack Speed, 150+ Dex
A trade-off Critcal Hit Damge for attack speed.

Inna's Temperance, 2 Sockets, 160+ Dex, ~45 Vitality, ~8 Increased Attack Speed, 1 Critical Hit Chance.if you are high levels of diablo 3, you can sell Diablo 3 account to earn a lot.


Note, the changes are given in rounded numbers - thus accuracy is impossible.

For DPS:



Looks good eh? A net gain in DPS by 71k.




A loss of 76k in EHP diablo 3 accounts for sale, with disregard for Dodge. Note though, that since I've increased my Dexterity by ~850, the Dodge chance is increased.

Now I have a long thermed plan: Crafting... Alot. However, I think the trade-off is worth it. It's almost a 1 to 1 trade-off.
I'll try highter MPs now.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

All of the diablo games are the best games

All of the diablo games are the best games and soundtracks if other people can't see that those people have dumb ideas... yea you guys really screwed over one of the best pc games ever made diablo 3 is an insult to the trilogy if i had billions of dollars i would buy you out fire you all and rehire blizzard north crew to make diablo 3 RIGHT! freaking nubs in d3 account.

These people who still keep posting comments about how much they hate D3 need to see a psychologist. it is not normal to still be posting hate about game after one year. women who got raped and people who got stabbed or shot by a criminal stop posting hate about the criminal in less than a year, while these people keep whining and complaining for one whole year for a $60 game that did not live up to their expectations. FYI diablo 3 is a good game and diablo 3 account sale. you just compare it too much to its predecessors and you overhyped yourself thinking that it would give you the same experience as the previous games.

 seriously asking money for celebration that's just wrong man wrong can i stay awhile and listen if you killed off decard cain in the stupidest way possible to a power ranger looking vampire chick in act one?? seriously wtf blizz。

i remember some games came with an audio disc with the sound track. not having to pay for it. so ill just boot the game to listen to the tracks.

Friday, May 17, 2013

identify spam in Search engine

 Many people think that, there are many websites rely on blog spam message to improve the ranking, the effect is good, the site did not punish. However, there are two things to consider:

1) we see a large number of spam is not necessarily the cause of the website ranking. To reduce manslaughter, search engines usually ignore junk message, and will not be punished stay spam website, or too dangerous, and can easily be used to framed competitors' sites. The ranking of these sites is likely to be the reason we did not find, for example, there are some very strong external links.

2) does not punish, does not necessarily mean no punishment. Said the punishment is actually not very accurate, accurate to say that when the search engines find these spam, remove the weight of these spam links and voting power, the decline in website ranking, seems to be a punishment, but in fact only website ranking back it should have place. Since I need to submit bookmark about diablo 3 account sale and runescape account, it has problem . If you want to solve it, insist on reading my SEO blogs.

Search engine how to decide the spam? May have the following method.

Look at the time of the message. Within a few seconds with a blog, for example, appear in different posts message links of the same site, this is definitely not normal. Or the same site spam links appear on more than one blog, in almost the same time period. For a single blog author can not see, but the search engines detect these easy. I have years of experience on SEO. Once I committed to selling Diablo 3 account. I usually write guides for d3 players about d3 account skills training and d3 gold making.

Whether the message contains a URL? URL just text or make a hyperlink? Spam software or stay spam ambition, not satisfied with leaving only the signature, still leave the URL in the message content. Spam filter, I often see several pages of garbage. This spam, I guess no matter how stupid the search engine can also be judged.

Message length. A lot of spam is often only good article, good, top that kind of thing. This short and without meaning, will increase the possibility is suspected.

On the the blacklist IP and website. The anti-spam software will collect those garbage sites and IP addresses. Once on the blacklist, directly filtered out. I believe that the search engine has a similar database.

Speed ​​of spam links. Meaningful message left with a real audience, and the bulk software are quickly leaving a large number of links, search engines can also detect this.

Which makes a software that can avoid the above mentioned may be suspected, you are a master.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

how do you know your ex over you?

Are you curious how can your ex boyfriend or girlfriend over you? This article is good for you.

If you have a boyfriend or a girl friend, it is no doubt you will have some special moment to recall your romantic experience with each other. However, if the romantic relationship has ended, can you keep moving on in short time? If occasionally, you break relationship with your boyfriend, your relatives or your friends, how can you make yourself back to normal life again? Or how should you know he is over you or not?

If you have a comprehension of the mental status of your ex-boyfriend, and you want to get him back. You are right here to read this article. There are some signs for your reference.

He was angry if you manage to move on. When you are communicating with other men, he shout at you or annoyed and sour that you have tried to keep ahead. He is still not over you as it is difficult for him to forget about you. He hardly pretended not to care about you.

He hasn’t prepared to have a date. If he begins to date, it is obvious he is over you as nothing has stuck him for another girl.

If this sounds like his situation, the more likely is that he is not well prepared to dedicate yet as he is not really over you. Even though, he is attempting to move on, your carelessness hurt him, which makes him hard to have a date with other girls or appreciate other girls.

He still buys something for you that you need urgently. If you are a gamer, he buys Diablo 3 account for you. He pretended to say it is cheap or free as one of his friends give to him. Don’t trust him. It is no doubt he is not really over you. Maybe he searched forwhere to buy Diablo 3 account for several days as he is a fool on game. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

diablo III is still making me excited

I guess Blizzard decided to celebrate D3's first birthday the same way they celebrated its birth: downed servers... Happy Birthday?

I wonder if you are seeing this Blizzard, 8/10 are rage comments, yet you don't seem to care and still posting this trash on the forum with your Diablo 3 account. In the past year, a lot people have quit this game, if you don't do some thing, than you can celebrate your birthday by yourself next year. All we want is a game that is beatable with self find gear, but than.... 199/200 rares that we found are useless, and 9/10 legendaries we found are crap, is itemlization really that hard? or you just want to troll your clients.Like this new Diablo 3, just diablo 3 accounts for sale?

To all the flamers, trolls and haters out there with an issue. Make a game yourself and then see how easy it is to support and make something everyone likes. Sure there are issues but still if you do not have any Dev Cred.

Casuals nerfing the game into a braindead clicking marathon, no innovation/no creativity, item dupe, gold dupe/2beez, essence trading, unsecure in-game trade, barb exploit, wizard exploit, scammers getting away, no pvp/ridiculous brawling mode etc.

Good work!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

the characteristics of Demon Hunter on diablo 3

Assassination artists

Mercenaries (Demon Hunter), also known as the Demon Hunter, Diablo 3 additional occupation. The hunting magic specializes in the use of various types of bombs and traps on the battlefield shadowy; his archery shooting skills, is that the hell demons were panic-stricken.

Occupational characteristics

Diablo 3 hunting magic set of long-range attack and limited capacity and a perfect inherit the advantages of the Amazon and the Assassin. His battle full of artistic sense, sense of rhythm and sense of operation.

The hunting magic energy source very special by hatred and precepts. Hateful value recovery fast, and can be generated by the skills, mainly for the cast harmful skills (such as multiple shooting). Precepts relatively slow recovery, mainly for the cast restrictions and dodge class skills (such as barbed wire). Only good balance the precepts and hatred to hunting magic to survive diablo 3 accounts for sale.

Team positioning

The hunting magic the continued deceleration ability to stun many, also has a good move output capability, and the ability to protect themselves. Hunting magic remote occupation, and Smart skills on Diablo 3 accounts, it may be difficult under the safest career.

In addition, do not underestimate the ability of hunting magic damage, remember WOW Hunter terror hurt you?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

runescape quests guide

The reward: a quest point, stun rods (Blackjack), 15k thief experience desert mask (Desert disguise), 500 gold coins, and Addy scimitar.
Mission requirements: 30 thief skills, ability to kill 75 bandits
Goods demand: Shanty Pass, with water-water (waterskin), at least 1,000 gold coins, and a bucket. Most items in local stores buy runescape, can also bring some food and prayer potions to deal with 75 bandits.
1 of Shacheng (Al-Kharid) with Ali Morrisane, speak to open the task. They are located in the Oriental Jewelry. In conversation, he will let you to help him find his nephew, Ali. Ali lived in a town called Pollnivneach, located in the south-east of Al-kharid. Do not forget to take before into the desert water package and desert clothing. Also from Ali Morrisane that buy a hat (cap) and false beard (fake beard).
2 to that is located in the the Shanty Pass south-east, called Pollnivneach town. If you see a wall, it would have been to go east to the city.
3 to speak with the child playing in the street (street urchin) All 4 things to talk about.
To the southeast corner of the town, walked into the pub, bought from Ali the barmaid that 3 cups of beer, and then speak with drunken Ali, he will let you give him wine to exchange the required information. 3 glass of wine after he finished, he will tell you the nephew Ali Morrisane, disappearance may be associated with the gang in town.
5 go to the west side of the pub, with a purple and yellow tent sideways Ali the operator to speak. They are Menaphites help. Asked him if the bandits to help (Bandits) and gave them a camel, they will not stop the war.
Then in the north of the town to speak with a bandit gang, also asked the same questions.
Then to the middle of the town to find camel sellers to buy two camels, gave him 1000 runescape money, he will give you two camels receipt (camel Receipts).
8 to help a camel receipt, but it did not do its role.
9 Now you find that you have to add a help. To speak again with Ali the operator asked him whether you can add into their gang, he will test you. First of all, you need to steal three runescape gold (villages).
10. The first residents with a common approach to steal. Prior to steal second residents back to Ali the operator asked some advice, he will let you to disturb the residents, and then steal. Now to find a playing child in the street, give him 10 gold coins to disturb a resident, and then to steal the residents of the head with an arrow. Prior to steal third residents back to Ali the operator asked some advice, he will give you a stun rod. A residents stunned with the stun rod, and then to steal rs gold. If too many people can not be on the first lure the residents to a place where no one, and then start to buy rs gold.
11 Ali the operator of the second test is to allow you to steal the mayor of cheap rs gold.  He will give you the keys of the house of a mayor. Hat with the fake beard to make a mask, and then bring it with any kind of gloves. Hiding in the the mayor room next to cactus behind, such as when no one entered the room with a key.
12 on the stairs, on the search bedside a picture, you will find a safe box. The password is 1,1,2,3,5,8. Password as a table runner from the right 1. Steal the jewelry back to Ali the operator to complete two test.
13 Next Ali the operator allow you to find a traitor (the traitor). With Menophites Thug another person speak, he will tell you that the traitor must be Traitorous Ali. Talk to Ali the operator to speak, he will let you go kill the traitor.
14 to the the Kebab seller want to make a sauce (hot sauce). To the camel shop facing the camel food with sauce, then loaded camel dung (dung) buckets. Green manure is loaded up, the need is brown feces.
15 and then back to the pub. In the back of the pub there is a person playing the flute of the snake dance (snake charmers). Put some coins, and then he will give you a flute and a basket next to him purse. Western to the town some desert snakes (desert snakes), automatically snake flute snake got into your basket.
16 with feces and desert snake to find Ali the Hag hill next to the Item Store, and then she will give you a bottle of poison to kill the traitor.
17 back to the hotel, the barmaid asked Ali about Traitorous Ali's case, he told you Traitorous Ali toilets up his beer on the table. Beer with poison, and then back to Ali the operator.
18. Ali the operator allows you to find their leaders speak, he will appear in front of the tent. Talk to him after you decided to kill him, he will release a 75 fight with you, and killed him.

Monday, May 6, 2013

what quest do you want to complete on RS

Because nothing reflects the strong and detailed lore of Gielinor as Mexican wrestling masks. 

I'm sure that the families of those killed and wounded in the Battle of Puebla runescape money (the reason for Cinco de Mayo) would be thrilled to see it celebrated with such blatant type-casting! 

Hey, I know - lets also add a sleepy Mexican emote to the Sombrero. Everyone knows that they're lazy, right? 

Whenever I think Jagex can't stoop any lower, they always manage to prove me wrong.

Friday, May 3, 2013

many players tend to play RS old School

At the moment, there are 26.6k people playing old school, and 70.6k on eoc. Not sure where you pulled this &quot;more people playing old runescape than new&quot; statistic out of, but it's obviously not true. Try at least checking the homepage before pulling numbers out of your ass buy rs accounts.

But at least we're in agreement that this streak of SOF/SGS updates needs to stop

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Quest Art Competition

Don't forget to check out the BTS video associated with the competitions. Your views Will help determine which of the three quests gets made next!

You can still join this  Quest Art Competition.

buy runescape account

just thinking about runescape. wow I'm about to recover my old account, anyone wanna help me XD sell runescape accounts? LIKE THIS COMMENT TO HELP MY DREAM. 

Friday, April 26, 2013

Starfury Weapons are not enough for RS

Level 90 non-buyable equipment, forgot to add that part in. Obviously I don't want maxed-tier equipment from the Squeal wheel, lol. Your reaction was pretty shocking though. It's just a game, you need to release some steam and chill out.
True but it's still ridiculous even if it is 2 handed and slower (not that speed matters anymore with abilities) I'll edit my post to point this out though.

I welcome the addition of Valentines Day Part 2, even if it seems a little... Less thought out, as it were. I'm actually having a hard time deciding if I really want what will ultimately be another cosmetic weapon over flat experience. In the previous event, I actually skipped the weapons in favor of the emotes and skill pendants.

That said, my input: Since the focus lately has been on updating D&amp;D's, and the backstory of this Squeal event involves ore from swarms of shooting stars... Why not bring Ivar and the ores back as additional rewards for freeing the Star Sprite?

Both stardust and ore flake off the crashed star, and then you can get more ore along with the other rewards for handing in the stardust. Maybe an alternative to the chance to mine an additional ore?

I dunno. On one hand, I actually like these weekly Squeal promotions, but it's too bad so many that would work well outside the Squeal as a permanent addition simply aren't implemented as such.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

New Alpha works well for me

 The new interface system is brilliant! Very useful tools that can be customized to different people's playing styles and activities. So many great features! I'll have to give this a thorough going over this coming weekend as I spent just a short time in and was instantly able to navigate the controls with ease!! Awesome job guys!! I am really grateful that I buy rs account to join Gold Premier Club.

I guess a work around on this with the resizable window is just stretching the game across both screens, but i envisage problems with the character being centered therefore lieing split between the two screens! + issues with screens of different sizes / resolutions. I hope more players can buy rs account to join it so that Jagex can make money from Runescape accounts selling and then release better version in the future.

To summarise... Optimisation for dual screening would be awesome! 

Runescape update Alpha is fantastic

Runescape was actually a very hard game, it's only been since 2011 on that it's really become insanely easy, even taking half the time.

I remember when you used to pay for member and they boasted about 25K+ hours of gameplay compared to 5k for f2p. Now you don't even see that cause the time it takes has dropped drastically due to the "youngins" complaining about the length of geting 99s and such..

Literally among the top 3 best updates ever. Jagex must earn a lot from accounts for sale runescapeSo proud of you guys, it must have taken a lot of work. Thank you so much!! I am gonna hop on there and check this out!!!! If you want to access to this update, just buy rs account to join it.

There are a few little glitches but this is fantastic. Loving the new camera ability, and the way you can make much better use of space and the way you can filter each individual chat, like Friends Private, Clan Chat etc, so you can have trade on/off or game messages on/off within each of the different chat tabs, it gives such a broad range of options, it's really great, there are some little bugs like I said before, the most prominent one is that there is no ability cooldown overlay so you never know when an ability is cooling down or when it will be done and second is that when you hit w,a,s, or d the camera moves even when you're typing or trying to use abilities set to those keys. (Abilities also wont activate under these conditions).

For more news, just read New interface system Alpha is now available

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

interview of Zach

Your character has had to deal with very difficult scenes in Season 4. How did you prepare for Matt heartbreaking moments in "Stand by Me", especially one in which is crying alone in his truck? Many viewers spoke glowingly of your performance on Twitter that night!

Zach: (laughs) I should probably check my Twitter more often. To be honest, I saw the live episode tonight. In fact I saw recently because my sister talked me into it. Regarding scenes, it requires a few days of preparation. There are all kinds of processes used by the actors, but for me, much of this comes from my true feelings for that person. I want to Steven McQueen. I love all my co-stars as brothers and sisters.

Speaking of Steven, did the cast and crew something special for his departure?

Zach: No, because in this series you've never really gone.

We are excited about the prom! Who is Matt? Will it fare better than the dance of the Originals?Zach: Matt definitely going to pass much better than the dance of the Originals. Going with a couple of very good friends [Editor's note: Caroline and Bonnie]. I can not say much, but it was exciting to wear a tuxedo and see my co-stars in their beautiful dresses. In addition, Matt has fun and even lends a hand to save the day.

At the end of the day, Matt is usually the hero.Zach: (laughs) The human hero who hit.

Aww! Well, he's been amazing this season.Zach: Yes, Matt has definitely taken more than one function. He has to. Now you are in the circle of trust has to get involved or stay out altogether.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Saradomin Pack

Saradomin Pack - A set of Saradomin themed cosmetics:

• Holy tiara (head slot)

• Holy armor top (armor slot)

• Holy wings (cape slot, yes it may be aviantese)

• Bane of the darkness (main hand)

• Holy armor bottoms (legs slot)

• Shimmer of light (gloves slot, yes it can be shimmering light)

Zamorakian Pack - Released as Demonic Armor featuring K'ril inspired cosmetic.

Guthix Pack -

-Druidic crown (like the wreath, but leafier, with birds perched in it)
-Gaia body (Earthen with green plants hanging from it)
-Gaia legs (similar to the above)
-Gaia boots ('' '')
-Benelovent gloves Runescape accounts for sale (Earthy with small butterflies fluttering around and occasionally landing on them)
-Gaia cape (Spire of rock draped from the back with water flowing around it and from it to the ground)
-Judicer's staff (Wooden staff adorned with vines that glows a vibrant green)

Special set affect- Plants sprout briefly from your footsteps, fading away quickly when you leave that square runescape sell accounts.


Alternative packs:
Elven (seren)
Ancient (Zaros)

Eastern (Kitsune foxes, please!)

Task frequencies and effigies

Task frequencies and effigies

Task frequencies are based on a sample of 10000+ assignments from Kuradal which I was assigned in the combat beta.

The effigy drop rate of monsters is simply assumed to be 1/4 of the drop rate prior to the nerf. A formula for the drop rate before the effigy nerf was determined by xp-waste research and it was fairly accurate. Taking effigies to buy rs account be 1 quarter the previous drop rate is not accurate but effigies are so rare and have little affect now that this isn't a big problem. I will runescape sell accounts however continue logging effigy drops to improve the accuracy of the formula.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Discussion on Runescape

Now, sending your discussions to Jagex, to be honest, really isn't a good idea. Their job is to run Runescape, and it is pointless to "Run your discussions by them first, before posting." Discussions should come from the heart, not be nit-pick, loop-less topics. Nobodies topics can, nor will ever be perfect. That is what General Discussion is all about though. You have to defend your opinion, and always, your topics, and replies, will be flawed. You must not go by what some big wig company says, but what your own heart says. 

You can  buy rs account to join runescape, if you are satisfied with it.