Tuesday, December 13, 2016

AION bring old-school servers to west market

Will AION bring old-school servers to west market like in Asia is? I mean Basic AION 45-50 max lvl. That would bring back a lot players, me including. Just wondering .. agree, and disabling of x64 client is pure idiocy, its now absolutely unplayable, it keep crashing with "out of memory" on x64 systems.. Thank you.. i see ncsoft wanna terminate aion fast, so doing this idiocy to ppls leave.  Is this like that petition of players to have *Legacy Servers* thing like WoW? Cheap Blade and Soul Gold Hmmm a lot of people are asking for such things lately of old mmo's... Interesting but extremely risky... I think its better to move on... or embrace the changes, than to expect gaming companies to do such a huge investment to bring back old content...in my opinion.

There are still few twinks mostly are from Siel elyos, I'm one of them but I rarely log it because no much opponent to fight for. We get the same twink asmos most of the time it gets boring if you don't see new faces to fight x.x yes I hope NA implement that old school Aion. Those were the only days I felt the fun in Aion and the real pvp. Ozrhyel Harbinger It's understandable if it won't be implemented because Aion is dying and they won't make much money on that since gears and ap are so easy to farm nowadays. Its just difficult not to reminisce those days since thats where we all started.

4.8 was good fun but now it's got lame and boring all the best areas deleted and were stuck with dead maps. Wow Aion NA is still alive? I thought they close it... Shame what happen to this great game Buy Blade and Soul Gold ... so much potential... I wonder is NCSoft has in the works Aion 2 in secret... What would help this game for a while is if they made the Balaur a playable race...maybe, just maybe.

This game has without doubt the best class, unique skill rotates and chains, and graphics. It went down hill once they made rifting safe for noobs, and the lack of real battle grounds. But truely the best designed characters out of any game I've ever played or seen. cant login aion NA even the web cant accessible....its maintenance or something happen ? Well, lots of us are DPS/ Healing classes (chanters, clerics, bards) .... I had all my inerts for dps even though I mostly support in my chanter. You guys only replaced 6 stigmas. You are making me choose between healing and DPSing when I was able to change to either of those when I wanted... Why not replacing all the stigmas I already had 1 for 1 instead of making me choose one spec or the other?

Thursday, November 24, 2016

FFXIV Kuplipo the Moogle

Here is Kuplipo the Moogle! Yesterday, he was on his first official trip to Frankfurt where the FFXIV Fan Festival will be held in February! We are happy to report that everything went well, Kuplipo has made it safely back to London, Kupo!  I would have thought it would be sold out ages ago like the others. Perhaps they set the ticket price a little too high this year. Does anyone know when they will be selling the premium live steam tickets ? I have the Rikku minion but would love to have Yuna to Cheap FFXIV Gil , cant really attend in person just like the Las Vegas event.

Figure of speech, but I get what you mean. Does anyone know when they will be selling the premium live steam tickets ? I have the Rikku minion but would love to have Yuna to, cant really attend in person just like the Las Vegas event.  The stream tickets went on sale just about a week before the actual event (bought a Las Vegas one) Rebecca Evans I bought the las Vegas one as well but I can't seam to find the links for the Tokyo or Frankfurt live stream tickets. All I seam to find are physical ones . It's not out yet. They will release steam info when it's really close to the actual events. Like a week before Japan fan fest etc.

The JP FanFest isn't until Dec 24 & Buy FFXIV Gil 25th, and the EU one isn't until Feb. As noted, you aren't buying them more than a week before the FanFest.  This makes me feel better about the day knowing someone elses moogle goes on adventures. My Kupla is a bit of a drunk. It makes this interesting.

This just reminded me of what we did with fat cat in las vegas haha.   "The adventures of fat cat."  Lol! I thought the same thing! Still mad that you guys won't give us the Tidus/Yuna costumes. Correct me if I am wrong but they offered those costumes during the Fan Festival Las Vegas 2016 as well. I have my code for the costune. Correct me if I am wrong but they offered those costumes during the Fan Festival Las Vegas 2016 as well. I have my code for the costune.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

FFXI had the best combat ever

I just recently re-downloaded ffxiv and didn't know 6 developers are taking care of this. I missed this game so I'm enjoying updates that let me know that this game is still kicking.  I wish, but I didn't like how the game went after WotG... CoP and ToAU had a blast when it was release... bring the good old party system ! FFXI had the best combat ever.  I thought the same thing, until i tried partying with trusts and i actually like it better than old school parties. There is no complaining, FFXIV Gil no my gear is better than your gear, no oops we need a new tank, new healer etc, no waiting days as a dps with your flag up. You just level what you want, where you want, how you want.

 Cop and treasures were literally the best mmo expansions ever in my opinion.. Janet Hofer I can understand why you feel that way.. but I really liked to party with real members, I haven't tried with Trusts though.. But I wouldn't mind waiting for a heal or a tank.. game had to many things to do.. if after a certain amount of time couldn't find what you need I would just go level another job. The game was really about an adventure.

I wouldn't say the best battle system, but I do miss the game as well.  Mary Miller To me it was.. never found a MMORPG with that feel.. they were all too action and most just look the same.. Buy FFXIV Gil  Jace Scott Williams I played a bit of WotG... wasn't the same fun like previous expansions..  Petition progression servers that start at 60 cap and roll out an expansion at set intervals. I'd be there in a heartbeat.

When you say the old party system do you mean you actually LIKED logging on and then sitting somewhere while shouting or with flag up for HOURS on end waiting for people in your level range to actually group with you just to disband 20 minutes later because the healer DC'ed? Trusts is amazing, and you can still find old school parties sometimes, but you don't have to depend on them to actually play. You can log in and play whenever you want for however long you want and then log out without feeling guilty. The new system is good for people who want to play when they feel like it and actually still have a life.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Blade and Soul NA Rumble in the Realm finals are live

 Im from Greece,Servers are at germany and i have 40-80 ping also the ingame MS count is bugged in every region so i wouldnt take it seriously. moonstone price ll rise like hell why this change in plain. Battle ground is so much fun!!!! Are people near server still getting 250+ms I quit cause of it. Sometimes my ping went crazy but that doesnt stop me from playing . i have 76+ ping at times. im from cali btw . Buy Blade and Soul Gold sure i get mad when my ping is high af but i didnt quit playing lol.

 Tonyy Trann use your resource manager to see what your really getting. and if ping makes a game unplayble why would i hang around,  do you pvp with it cause its unbearable. why so lagg in my PC?? is it my comp. or my monitor.... Blade and Soul Gold It isnt only on your PC... Mine too and i have a Nice PC...

The NA Rumble in the Realm finals are live on Hi Blade & Soul I love your game an all but when are you guys gonna do a better job removing the gold spammer's i mean its hard to find people in shout or in whisper when you have gold bots cutting you off, hence the reporting doesnt do much since they keep coming back aside from that keep doing what you guys are doing.

Well, in my server it not that bad, not as it used to be. They used to be 10+ per day. Blocked them, another 10 will show up a day later. Now I'm blocking maybe 3? Sometimes I see 0. Hi. Are you guys doing something to help us from SEA improve our ping? SEA to NA/EU is limited by geographical distance. So...no matter what you do ; using ping booster etc , your ping will always 150++ ms Knowing BnS is heavy ping dependant...truly sucks don't have sea server.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Blade and Soul NA servers gives you Chinese server ping

SEA server please. Coz the lag in NA is too much to bare. I'm a Lyn Blade Master... 90-120 ping ms is a must specially when fighting Kung Fu Master with 90 ping ms... SEA server please. Buy FFXIV Gil Coz the lag in NA is too much to bare. I'm a Lyn Blade Master... 90-120 ping ms is a must specially when fighting Kung Fu Master with 90 ping ms...your game will never be an e-sport when people within the eu have 200ms on the eu servers with 20-50mbps connections. get a grip and fix your servers.

NA here, 70mbps connection, cheap Blade and Soul Gold 200ms. Quality servers indeed. it's the servers that are the issues and server location, to be a decent esport they would need to add more servers and actually pay decent cash for good ones. Actually many already organising esport tournament in NA there's big $$ ahead of the winners.

 Who can let me know how to decrease ping in BnS NA? :( I can't PvP or solo dungeon with huge ping. With EU servers receiving NA server ping and logging into NA servers gives you Chinese server ping? Okay... I don't know if I should put money in this game. Unless you guys could make me confident. ping based game. lol. where all the top players live in the same town as the server.. FFXIV Gil why would you do that to yourself???

This game is so dead. lol No match for other eSports games. BnS is too fast for me, it's the reason why I don't PvP as much as I should. I'll just stick to 4 man Asura. BnS is too fast for me, it's the reason why I don't PvP as much as I should. I'll just stick to 4 man Asura. BnS is too fast for me, it's the reason why I don't PvP as much as I should. I'll just stick to 4 man Asura.  Aion is relatively slow in comparison to the more action mmo rpgs. how i can play competitive with 350 ms? and random crash in loading screens...

Blade & Lag or Blade & Quests?

Blade & Lag or Blade & Quests? We deserve something better than what we have been presented. Especially those interested in the game since 2012. And today, unfortunately, is something frustrating. The essence is good. The impression is that neither the company expected way the thing evolved. Dollars continue to be won. However, lack planning. That make an inference needs, analysis of data from all servers. The gain would be much higher.

It has passed the time to develop an evolution of the game. But, instead, develop a mobile version? At a time when more care is MOBA, a MMORPG still have the amount of admirers as B & S have? FFXIV Gil My opinion: could have more respect for the product B&S and its customers. More caring, right? Are missing the opportunity to receive dividends from a single product for more than a decade, for sure. I, for example, could spend with a premium account. But I refuse. I deserved better after years of expectations waiting for the game to be released in the West.

 I about to get back into B&S after hearing that the bot issue is no longer a thing; however, it takes FOREVER to download the game. from 1.5MBpS to 200KBpS. Is there a workaround for this because cheap Blade and Soul Gold I'll I see from users is "suck it up, everyone had to do it"? Buy FFXIV Gil Fix ping issues, fps issues, log issues, and various other issues.
Why not introduce territory wars? The maps are large, why not introduce territory war? That is an opportunity for Co op with clans and etc.

Need more and better servers around the world, plus this game highly needs to be optimized; massive fps drops, random crashes, server disconnection smh. this game will never be truly optimized , the problem is the game engine is outdated, and stuck at DX9 unable to upgrade , so theres not much room for optimization asides from players spending more money on better internet.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

FFXIV Expansion

I concur with red mage being sword dps. They could use rapiers to keep it weapon exclusive. And samurai could definitely be the tank. Samurai used to tank all the time back in ffxi. Since they switched DRK from dps to tank (from 11 to 14), I can see them doing the same here. I also saw that IDS could be "Idol Singer". I saw this on a random reddit post, so take it with a grain of salt, but the idea would be that it is more along the lines of a dancer.

 Wait, I am confused. FFXIV Gil So there is nothing going on Sunday? I thought Friday was badge pick up day, sat full event day and Sunday was events and closing? Thursday is registration and Friday Saturday is the event. Gina Dahlstrom ah okay then, ty for the info! I thought it was different last time I went and got confused!

Really hope that merch finds its way online. I would love that tapestry, encyclopedia and calendar. I think they said it will after final fan fest concludes.  buy FFXIV Gil Play Asia already had pages up for the encyclopedia and the calendar, so those two will be available later for sure. I believe it said December release dates. Expansion will probably be the first thing announced like last time.

Are these exclusive only to the attendees, or are we able to purchase merchandise online as well?  Chocolate materia balls Nope, attendees only from what I've heard. If we got the digital fan pass, are we able to purchase these, too? I live in Vegas, but didn't get hooked until two months ago. It's sold out.... noooooooooo!! At least they got Susan Calloway this time and not some random from youtube, she was absolutely horrible.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

BnS costume contest

How is someone gear relevant to a costume contest? yeah they never said anything else, Many who entered anxiously watched to see but nothing. I think at this point some just want their work taken down so it's not stolen for next year... So out of all those entries, you hadd to chose the one that the guy stole the design from somebody else, roflmao GG FailSoft.

Inb4 someone complains that someone stole something from somewhere and it becomes a fiasco again lel. I like wonderland outfit, it looks relly nice, plus not many outfits Buy Blade and Soul Gold that actully look good on male lyn, i dont want my lyn to be fluffy. Yeah this is great that you show us their submissions. When are WE going to get wonderland?

 Very nice, a lot have visited the artistic realm I see; alright & thanks keep it going up! And yet you choose the WORST one... Terrible. These submissions are creative and gorgeous! Cheap Blade and Soul Gold I'm upset the voting wasnt community based and more upset the chosen one was a replica. well yeah, wonderland seems to be the best choice Can we request our entry be taken off this thread? oo much oriental designs, scarves and capes lol.

Tournament organizers and video content creators rejoice—Spectator Mode arrives October 5!  I know you got that Poharan pet on other servers. I seen the pictures....when do we get it?....when we do shut up and take my money but before then...I will be here...watching and judging.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Xbox giving Xbox ffxiv players a server

Josh Giovelli that's not just the Xbox community. I've had just as many salty and toxic people on Playstation, pc, and even Wii u and ds with monster hunter.  Xbox will not get it unless they agree with yoshi p's terms. buy FFXIV Gil Which are not to require Xbox live to play it. And to stop being greedy asking for exclusive ingame content for Xbox.  Not attempting to troll or be a jerk Chamir but, if the currently formula bothers you so much, it might be best if you sought out another game? Because It's followed the same formula for 3 years now.

Also micro want it right now so it's only on Xbox giving Xbox ffxiv players a server to just Xbox one and not linking it with ps and PC. Which it doesn't make much sense because you almost have to have Xbox Live for the Xbox One to function fully. Even if they exempt FFXIV from Live you still need live for pretty much anything else. It would seem they wouldn't lose much money there at all.

 Don't reproduce? Lol, dramatic much? Cheap FFXIV Gil Can't wait to whoop on these guys. Use flare on me during that cut scene, will you? I'll show you how to black mage you little dwarf. Isn't the lalafel a whm though? Glad its not just me whose itching to kick their asses.

Yeah the lalafell is the whm , the Elezen is the BLM. I will skin that axe guy teach him how to be a real warrior >:c Well, he could be a roegadyn blm.Either way I'm going to show that potato how to motherfucking WHM. That's what I'm talking about!  I rather stop adding ilvl and bring more gameplays...so much grinding only to become useless after sometimes.I want replay values not repeat values... I missed old ff11 sometimes lol...

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Blade and Soul dungeons

nvm back to get premium here fk fk fk costumes everywhere D:!!!! Oh lovely, it's not as if I grinded numerous hours to get the temptation outfit. Another chance at the peridot gem!!!!! The only one i need.  there were at least 2 events for this one and i got it QQ. make it back for ALL ,, need unsealing charms and some keys , PLS. Is this a permanent change? The page only says starts on the 14th with no end date mentioned.

 Yes, should be. Blade and Soul Gold Other versions have their daily dash this way already. Of course the daily dash itself isn't always available (like while a Trove event is going on), what it has on it gets changed often enough, and they could always change the items you can get with tokens at any time too.

Plus tokens could be made only usable in a given instance of the daily dash, rather than something that can be stored over time, and used in subsequent daily dashes. Buy Blade and Soul Gold  all theses butthurt people. if you stop playing WHY ARE YOU STILL COMMENTING? no one is missing you. Agree haha! So confused why they're still commenting on every update when they quitted a long time ago O.o!

truth and the matter is they fail because they suck at mechanics, they think its diablo 3 where gear is the only thing that matters when it comes to clearing dungeons, we did a 6man tomb with 5 500ap with awaken breeze lolll. I personally didnt quit because it was hard, just because the loot is boring and the quest system is like 10 yrs past its prime. Hoping it does get better tho, which is why I still follow the page.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Summoners nerfed a lot in blade and soul

Hmm... Summoners nerfed a lot, but still strong if you know how to use your skills correctly. Haven't done pvp yet with these changes, but it does take a little time to get used to.  Seriously???!!! And I was about to upgrade to premium.. They did it last time too from what I remember, since I remember people complaining about no daily dash before Buy Blade and Soul Gold . Then there's those daily dash things where you only are able to go around once, but it runs for weeks.

As a person with a summoner main, the switch of Huzzahs functions took me a few minutes to get used too, and Doom'N'Bloom now only healing 50% instead of 100% sucks ;~; Like I ACTUALLY NEED TO WATCH MY HEALTH NOW?!? I don't know, I'm sure I'll get used to it. Everyone's crying but it's really not that bad. I just want my 100% flower heals back ahaha.

Though I do like the new functionality of Huzzah, really it makes us Summoners more like healers, Blade and Soul Gold and it's gonna be MUUUUCH easier to heal a party now. This causes me to watch my cooldown a more and be more careful on what I'm using next. It seems I'm still doing a lot a dps and true friend helps a lot.

 Very true! I think people just need to see that we can still do a ton of things, and heal better now! Yaaay. I have yet to use Moonfall yet ;~;. How did you activate it? When someone grabs an enemy it enables it. Then you can just hold down F and it will spam it.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

rewards for BNS costume design contest

Let me explain once again for people who did not quite understand what I said: My issue is not with the participant taking "inspiration" from stuff. Of course, the Alice in Wonderland theme is very unnoriginal, there's no denying it. BnS itself even already has an outfit with that theme (which was a contest winner from last year in another server if I'm not mistaken), Buy Blade and Soul Gold but that's not my point.

My point is strictly directed at the blatant copy of Lucina's Marth identity mask from Fire Emblem: Awakening. And don't tell me it was "inspired", if you even take the time to look at the overlayed pic I posted of Lucina's face with the art on the contest entry, it gets very clear that it was blatant copy/tracing.

There's a very clear difference between inspiration Blade and Soul Gold and plagiarism. I'll even pick and example from the runner ups to talk about it: Horchatai's design. It was inspired by the Bonemask Tribe from BnS itself, and the design was very well crafted. It looks good, and I have absolutely nothing against it, even though the outfit has a theme that I personally don't like. But it was well done nevertheless.

The mask on the winner's design, however, was not "inspired". Even the colors and their placement look the same for god's sake. Just because they changed the middle section and took away the thin strips on the mask doesn't make it a completely different design. Now, I'd absolutely love something that was inspired by FE:A in BnS because I'm a huge fan of the game but not like this.
I'm poiting this one out because it's infringement of the contest rules, even if BnS just opts for "Nah we're not even gonna use that mask so it's 'k".

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

a crab mount for FFXIV

 Jennifer Thompson The money from sub goes to support the game already. Will people ever stop white knighting this game so much?  Mika M?ki-Kauppila Yeah I mean if theres even 1,000,000 active subscribers (which I'm sure theres more)... thats at LEAST 13 million dollars per month from Subs ALONE. Servers dont cost that much. FFXIV Gil Thats enough money to develop an entire triple A title. People are ridiculous.

I crumbled and bought it.It's amazing except for... are those nipples on its back? Bad design choice imo.  Oh my God, Bayla, Kelvin - why has no-one told me of this?   Too bad it costs a fortune. I'm hoping it goes on sale later like Sleipnir did. I don't even play this game and I love this so hard. You guys are no fun. Too expensive with the price of the mount I pay two months of membership.

Why not a crab mount? It could walk sideways! So easy. You're welcome Buy FFXIV Gil. As a mount collector, I will be buying this mount lol. I'm sorry but who the f*ck comes up with these ideas? Just stupid and awkward lol. These are the same trolls who decided to harass me due to not liking it either lololol.  I wish I could play again but I only have it on ps4 but I want it on pc.

I have it on both but ps4 seems more enjoyable for me.  I got to the heavensward expansion but I just dont like the controller and ui stuff for ps4. You know you can play with a keyboard/mouse setup on ps4, right? Samuel Chesney would it be just like pc or will it have the same layout and stuff of the ps4.

Friday, May 27, 2016

FC house update in FFXIV patch 3.3

I am glad about the increase of the number of Wards but am worried too, considering I have spent the past 2 months or so saving up Gil, first I wanted to save up for a small house, then I had enough for a Medium and might make enough for a Large one. The problem is, I find the increase in numbers a bit small, the houses will be snatched quickly and I could be anything that people owning 2-3 houses already will get another one or two while others can't get their first one. Many people will be working Buy FFXIV Gil when the servers go up and we won't really have much chance of getting a house despite having the money.

I know I will not be popular with this opinion, but as long as the number of houses is this limited, FFXIV Gil I would not permit more than one house on a server for an account. Just make that you can set other characters on the server in the same account as owners as well if you wish.However, giving us way, way more houses would be a better solution. A good number of people even have multiple accounts to buy more houses. It's pretty crazy how many people enjoy abusing this stuff.

The only way anyone can own more than one house (not counting FC house) is if they have alts. Only one plot per character. It wont let you own more than one plot. If it did I would still own my small plot.  Yep, that I know but if one is filthy rich, they can make several alts in advance, ask a friend to help trade them gil and buy houses with them.

And then try to sell it for 10-20x the price or just sit on the houses. That is why I said that I personally think one should not be allowed to have more than one house on a given server with one account unless we have more than enough plots for everyone. Edit: You don't even have to be filthy rich for it, you have 10-15 million gil, you can buy 3-4 small houses with alts.

Monday, May 23, 2016

get a bunch of new content every 3-4 months of FFXIV

I love how we get a bunch of new content every 3-4 months. Really helps keeping the game fresh, even if there`s not many amazingly innovative things. i know right?! xD It's just hard to find people to play with.  What awaits? More badly organised housing where it all gets swooped up by networks of large FCs and rich players, FFXIV Gil and those who barely have enough gil for their first small house miss out.  For the record I quit for a year after some asshole stole our FC house and kicked us all out.

Soo I have been playing ff14 for nearly 3 months now and I dont own any crafters, I found the best way to make money if you need is farm minions or ask a crafter on your friends list if they need help farming materials. Then they give you a cut of what they make. Ive had enough gil to help pay for half of medium house in Phoenix.  Mark, if you quit over a year ago, I don't see the point of going on to here and whine about houses being unavailable and/or expensive.

They did introduce an eviction system for inactive house owners. He's complaining because he can Buy FFXIV Gil, the housing debacle is a bit ridiculous, but so is bitching on a Facebook comment thread assuming it'll change anything.Completely agree, The dungeons in 11 were much better, it was all just free roam, No duty finder waiting for ages... I don't want 14 to turn into 11 but they could take some great ideas from it.

Depending on server gathering is good Gil. Also there will be apartments soon a lot of them.  Robin Bergman I'm going on here to say that people who never got the chance to acquire a FC or personal house should be able to do so without having to compete with players who are buying their 3rd, 4th, 8th, etc. plot. I can actually afford a plot, nowhere did I say I couldn't afford it. Nathan Kaminski Soon? You mean in maybe 6 months? And how long have people waited for it... 6 months? try like 2 weeks bud, apartments and new wards are coming out for 3.3 and a whole new housing district in ishgard will be out 3.4 when they finish the dragon song war. do some research.

Friday, April 29, 2016

FFXIV Lightning gear, Minfi glamour, Bennu mount

Gamer Escape caught up with Koji Fox at PAX East and grilled him on all things lore for the latest episode of the Aetheryte Radio Lorecast! You'll want to listen (or read!) buy Blade and Soul Gold this!  So Lahabrea looks like a guy wearing a dark hooded cloak and a scary mask because he doesn't want to freak out people? Damn. New optional items are available on the Mog Station!  I would still love to see more previous final fantasy character outfits. Blade and Soul Gold FF7 remake is coming out soon and I would love to have a Tifa themed outfit or Aerith' dress. I would also love to see some things from FFX/X-2

 I am replaying FFX-2 now and I would love to have the girls outfits... Provided they are dyeable! Squall, Edea, and Zell outfits would be welcome too! I got cancer the first time I tried X-2... Don't want to know what I will get next time I launch that game. i'd like the tifa FF7 outfit not to be genderlocked i mean its not very "feminine" so i wouldn't see why lol. please no; i dont want to see a male roegadyn in Tifas attire.. 

What's the best server to be on if you want to find people to play with!? D: also, the housing items look amazing! Got the now item just love that big moogle so cute. Passed on the new outfits just not for me but the housing items are wonderful. I normally like the optional items released on Mogstation (like Lightning gear, Minfi glamour, Bennu mount, Valentione etc) but besides the Cid outfit (which doesn't even help me because I have a fem miqote) nothing else appealed to me this time 'round. The housing items were cute but it's only 1 item for that price which sucks.

 I play on PC and PS4. Like Michael says, you will need to tweak your UI settings on the PS4, but they won't change your settings on the PC version. There is no "transfer" between the two consoles. All you need to buy the game for PC and PS4 and register each platform to the same account. Then one account can log into on both.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Black Desert sucks

Black Desert sucks? Read all the posts here about BnS. Sometimes the answer is right in front of us. Hai Nguyen LOL! Why is everyone commenting here? Cuz they care and can't leave the game of BnS. Doesn't matter if it's a negative or positive comment. You guys seriously need to fucking fix the problems on hand RIGHT NOW You guys seem to not learn a damn thing NCSoft from your flop with Wildstar and then getting rid of such a good game like City of heroes/villians. cheap Blade & Soul Gold Do you guys even give a damn about your community?? Wtf is going on here?! It's like you guys are just punching holes into your sinking ship on purpose!

Balance opvp and faction population. Literally opvp is one summoner and one destroyer spinning and mounting everyone Buy Blade and Soul Gold . then there's the fact that bots just join the losing side of the faction war and puts that faction in the perpetual defeatism mentality because literally 50% of population is bots.

All I hear is people bitching about bots. Having bots comes with great perks. Easy win arena matches and faction misty wood dailies. i am done with this game, arena plagued with bots, yes they are easy to beat but it gets tiresome when 80% of the time you face destro botters, went to play the division instead, and I am loving it.

 "new capital city"? What's the old one? Hogshead hamlet? Mushin tower? Those are the only places I see the most people lol.  Blade and soul... You know why i stop playing the game: A lot of bots everywhere!!! And you know what? I dont see you want stop that massive disaster!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Blade and Soul PvP

NO MORE BOTS IN BNS!!! OMG NCSOFT!!! The arena Have BOTS 1800+ score damn!!! In cross-server are full too, bots everywhere!!! How about you guys fix this bot problem? No? Oh well. And here i thought you guys wanted to be an actual game. Game launched with mediocre content, still has mediocre content... we need the 50 level cap to reduce the soul stone and trans stones price to a reasonable level.

Lol prestige idiot idea you need kill boss at only one camp onthe fcking open world . And what if on arena the gear is useless? I think that's great with that system nobody have advantage over the other. Honor.... There's Open world PvP. Battle Ground, and Arena 1v1, and 3v3 Tag. The game is PvP based, and the system works well Blade & Soul Gold if you can understand it. You get prestige points through killing players, and it's not just limited to misty woods. You can pvp anywhere in the game.

Actually play and understand it before you critique it. The endgame crafting system is heavily dependent on keys and materials which you have extremely limited access to as a F2P player. Yes, you can technically acquire all the things you'll need without paying, but you are talking literal MONTHS of grinding compared to a player who just whips out his credit card and gets it all INSTANTLY. The T3 transformation stone alone is several weeks of time saved just by paying.

These items make a huge difference not just in PvE but PvP as well.Buy Blade and Soul Gold Some people will say it's not P2W because you can just grind keys and dungeons for months to get this stuff, but realistically you will never, never keep up with the players who are paying. As new content comes out, you will fall behind even further.

Monday, February 22, 2016

blade master and Kung fu master

I agree their isnt much to the end game really its just dailys and then thats it once i do my dailys to get my gold and soul stones im like so what now?

Well initiate pack worth nothing Blade and Soul Gold as its benefits are clearly applicable in alpha and CBT, which is why a lot people opt for the master pack, even myself I dug a hole in my wallet just for it since the ncoins were probably worth it. But I do agree the premium benefits are somewhat lackluster and I'm contemplating whether I should extend it.. Was a member in runescape and dam that was all neat, the bank spaces probably is the only takeaway I can think of that can be implemented here.

Then buy expensive games or try donating to charity maybe that will solve your problem? So you expected to be p2w and payed some money and now you cry about it on facebook. Dumbass..Who said anything about pay to win? There's nothing to get out of the game at all, whether or not you're p2p or f2p. That's my main point.& cheap Blade & Soul Gold ; How about you unlock the stupid purchase limit that hasn't been reset for me still after HOW LONG?! You guys have some trash customer service.

People bitch about blade master and Kung fu master being OP. It won't stop anyone from bitching about warlock. This is nice since I really wanted to play the class, hope it comes before my sub ends so I can get the exp bonus. Now everyone can buy with realcash virtual gold basically in the game which straight away it kills the game... Oh no, im in pain waiting for it to be released, and you still keep the "soon" troll on us?... Cmon nctroll, give us a break!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Blade and Soul launcher.

I've been trying for hours to log in, before I could get into game, I get dcd.... can't you fix it please? Or the launcher.... waiting for hours for it to start the game, oh and the instant Buy Blade and Soul Gold dc when trying to log my chars... great. so after the last patch my frame rate suddenly dropped and now i play with about 14... while i had 60 at first. can someone help me with this?

Might be a driver conflict thing. Uninstall and reinstall the gpu driver then do an update to the latest driver.  Blade & Soul Gold I'd like to spent money on this game, but the class I want to main is not available(who knows why, because they are TEASING it with weapon drops and saying on the live streams that they only need to flip a switch :P) and I don't want to buy anything since everything is character bound.

Warlock. Obviously. But that won't be for another few months because NCsoft. [sarcasm] Makes all the sense the world to dilute the loot tables in the mean time, of course.[/sarcasm]

This could have happened years ago....but no...we had to get wildcrap. still, i cant wait for this game to catch up to the current release.  There is no lag but huge fps drops on i7 4790 8gb ram gtx970....not normal at all for those outdated graphics.  I heard its common , and i wasnt gonna do anything about it myself , i was hoping they would. I have a gtx 860m 4gb ddr5 and i run the game fine in 1080p. But there alot of areas that give huge fps drops. Especially in tomb of exiles.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Blade and Soul female characters

Do you have a problem with it? Gender equalities right there. What if a guy enjoys wearing "girly" clothes? What's with girls dressing "like a guy"? If somebody likes that, even if there is being transvestite or transgender behind it, none of your business. I think it's a great start. Couldn't say that about the many over sexualized female costumes tho Buy Blade and Soul Gold , but well, it's fanservice. Most players are young straight boys with the thick wallet of mommy and daddy anyway.

Good think they think of people with different tastes. There could be more "guyish" clothings for female characters too though which my friend would really love, and I would prefer more "girly" clothes for my male char as well. Overall, Cheap Blade & Soul Gold I just love the idea, that they are thinking of different tastes and they try their best to please them. I also think it is great that people have different tastes, likes, which makes the world more colorful.

We are currently experiencing technical difficulties affecting Blade & Soul European Servers. The issue started approximately at 2.55pm UTC / 3.55pm CET. Our teams have been made aware of this issue and are currently working on a resolution. At this time we are unable to provide more information on when servers will be accessible again for everyone but we will make sure to keep this thread updated as soon as we have more details to share.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused. We are having issues again to log in. My character does not log into the game as per right now. Well, it's not early access, and 2, if we get them as rewards later they better be scared if it's widely known across the community. Too many MMORPG's have gone down the drains, because of dishonest cash shops.

Friday, January 22, 2016

both my main IGNs are already taken

This is assumably an issue with one of the applications on your computer interfering with gameguard. Open your task manager (alt-ctrl-del) and end your processes one by one while launching Blade & Soul in-between until you find the program that is conflicting with game guard. Once you figure out which one it is, Blade & Soul Gold send a message to support letting them know and just don't run that program while playing Blade & Soul until it is fixed.

Maybe come up with a more original name and you wouldn't have to curse anyone. i wanted to be named alucard and my friend aderson and our clan will be named hellsing.WOW, Less than 30 seconds after servers were up to reserve names and both my main IGNs are already taken?

Did it, got my name. Serves you right whoever took my name during CBT. Does someone know if you can have the same name on 2 or more servers? A name is region-based, meaning you could have the name Pieks on one NA server only and on one EU server only. Are you not supposed to apply the founders pack in order to do the name save?

i ask cuz i hve to work at 8PM so i was wondering if i still hve time when i get back from work Blade and Soul Buy Gold . Thanks!  Name reservation lasts until the 14th sometime. You have plenty of time.

Monday, January 11, 2016

How about the CBT Blade and Soul client

How about the CBT client? so i must download again to play?  Yes uninstall old client download and install new client. What about our saved appearances?  What happens to those when we uninstall our current blade and soul? Anyone have a problem like me? when i try to open NClauncher.i always got an error that say DATA error EO1008.

Invalid game client file. please update the game client or reinstal (2000)(193).... no mirror to download the 8.3gb update Blade and Soul Gold ??my download speed always fall to 0 kb/s. Blade and soul dojo is for English speaking people trying to play blade and soul in other countries, they help each other to fix issues and to download an English version of the game so they can understand what to do in the game on foreign servers.

When you've subscribed to the newsletter and the only thing they ever sent was cbt notifications I crii. Website isn't up to date either. im download and install BnS_Lite_Installer. Buy Blade and Soul Gold exe but NCLauncher missing. PLS help me. i've installed beta BnS client before, maybe need reinstall? why i been ask for a code after i download and install game ? my login option in game is not enough? i need a 6 number code ? from where i get that ? or is like that to lock the game until release?

You create your own code at login to keep your account more safe. Or turn of,,, cant rember that code from 6 numbers.  Is there a physical copy or digital only? Sweet!! Thank you I'll be downloading it once I get my new gaming PC in March. questions if we are not in the beta , can we still download the cilent? Will the latency improve for Open Beta? There is no open beta. Launch happens January 19th 2016. The lag will be pretty much the same or worse due to many more people playing.