Thursday, September 29, 2016

BnS costume contest

How is someone gear relevant to a costume contest? yeah they never said anything else, Many who entered anxiously watched to see but nothing. I think at this point some just want their work taken down so it's not stolen for next year... So out of all those entries, you hadd to chose the one that the guy stole the design from somebody else, roflmao GG FailSoft.

Inb4 someone complains that someone stole something from somewhere and it becomes a fiasco again lel. I like wonderland outfit, it looks relly nice, plus not many outfits Buy Blade and Soul Gold that actully look good on male lyn, i dont want my lyn to be fluffy. Yeah this is great that you show us their submissions. When are WE going to get wonderland?

 Very nice, a lot have visited the artistic realm I see; alright & thanks keep it going up! And yet you choose the WORST one... Terrible. These submissions are creative and gorgeous! Cheap Blade and Soul Gold I'm upset the voting wasnt community based and more upset the chosen one was a replica. well yeah, wonderland seems to be the best choice Can we request our entry be taken off this thread? oo much oriental designs, scarves and capes lol.

Tournament organizers and video content creators rejoice—Spectator Mode arrives October 5!  I know you got that Poharan pet on other servers. I seen the pictures....when do we get it?....when we do shut up and take my money but before then...I will be here...watching and judging.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Xbox giving Xbox ffxiv players a server

Josh Giovelli that's not just the Xbox community. I've had just as many salty and toxic people on Playstation, pc, and even Wii u and ds with monster hunter.  Xbox will not get it unless they agree with yoshi p's terms. buy FFXIV Gil Which are not to require Xbox live to play it. And to stop being greedy asking for exclusive ingame content for Xbox.  Not attempting to troll or be a jerk Chamir but, if the currently formula bothers you so much, it might be best if you sought out another game? Because It's followed the same formula for 3 years now.

Also micro want it right now so it's only on Xbox giving Xbox ffxiv players a server to just Xbox one and not linking it with ps and PC. Which it doesn't make much sense because you almost have to have Xbox Live for the Xbox One to function fully. Even if they exempt FFXIV from Live you still need live for pretty much anything else. It would seem they wouldn't lose much money there at all.

 Don't reproduce? Lol, dramatic much? Cheap FFXIV Gil Can't wait to whoop on these guys. Use flare on me during that cut scene, will you? I'll show you how to black mage you little dwarf. Isn't the lalafel a whm though? Glad its not just me whose itching to kick their asses.

Yeah the lalafell is the whm , the Elezen is the BLM. I will skin that axe guy teach him how to be a real warrior >:c Well, he could be a roegadyn blm.Either way I'm going to show that potato how to motherfucking WHM. That's what I'm talking about!  I rather stop adding ilvl and bring more much grinding only to become useless after sometimes.I want replay values not repeat values... I missed old ff11 sometimes lol...

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Blade and Soul dungeons

nvm back to get premium here fk fk fk costumes everywhere D:!!!! Oh lovely, it's not as if I grinded numerous hours to get the temptation outfit. Another chance at the peridot gem!!!!! The only one i need.  there were at least 2 events for this one and i got it QQ. make it back for ALL ,, need unsealing charms and some keys , PLS. Is this a permanent change? The page only says starts on the 14th with no end date mentioned.

 Yes, should be. Blade and Soul Gold Other versions have their daily dash this way already. Of course the daily dash itself isn't always available (like while a Trove event is going on), what it has on it gets changed often enough, and they could always change the items you can get with tokens at any time too.

Plus tokens could be made only usable in a given instance of the daily dash, rather than something that can be stored over time, and used in subsequent daily dashes. Buy Blade and Soul Gold  all theses butthurt people. if you stop playing WHY ARE YOU STILL COMMENTING? no one is missing you. Agree haha! So confused why they're still commenting on every update when they quitted a long time ago O.o!

truth and the matter is they fail because they suck at mechanics, they think its diablo 3 where gear is the only thing that matters when it comes to clearing dungeons, we did a 6man tomb with 5 500ap with awaken breeze lolll. I personally didnt quit because it was hard, just because the loot is boring and the quest system is like 10 yrs past its prime. Hoping it does get better tho, which is why I still follow the page.