Friday, January 22, 2016

both my main IGNs are already taken

This is assumably an issue with one of the applications on your computer interfering with gameguard. Open your task manager (alt-ctrl-del) and end your processes one by one while launching Blade & Soul in-between until you find the program that is conflicting with game guard. Once you figure out which one it is, Blade & Soul Gold send a message to support letting them know and just don't run that program while playing Blade & Soul until it is fixed.

Maybe come up with a more original name and you wouldn't have to curse anyone. i wanted to be named alucard and my friend aderson and our clan will be named hellsing.WOW, Less than 30 seconds after servers were up to reserve names and both my main IGNs are already taken?

Did it, got my name. Serves you right whoever took my name during CBT. Does someone know if you can have the same name on 2 or more servers? A name is region-based, meaning you could have the name Pieks on one NA server only and on one EU server only. Are you not supposed to apply the founders pack in order to do the name save?

i ask cuz i hve to work at 8PM so i was wondering if i still hve time when i get back from work Blade and Soul Buy Gold . Thanks!  Name reservation lasts until the 14th sometime. You have plenty of time.

Monday, January 11, 2016

How about the CBT Blade and Soul client

How about the CBT client? so i must download again to play?  Yes uninstall old client download and install new client. What about our saved appearances?  What happens to those when we uninstall our current blade and soul? Anyone have a problem like me? when i try to open NClauncher.i always got an error that say DATA error EO1008.

Invalid game client file. please update the game client or reinstal (2000)(193).... no mirror to download the 8.3gb update Blade and Soul Gold ??my download speed always fall to 0 kb/s. Blade and soul dojo is for English speaking people trying to play blade and soul in other countries, they help each other to fix issues and to download an English version of the game so they can understand what to do in the game on foreign servers.

When you've subscribed to the newsletter and the only thing they ever sent was cbt notifications I crii. Website isn't up to date either. im download and install BnS_Lite_Installer. Buy Blade and Soul Gold exe but NCLauncher missing. PLS help me. i've installed beta BnS client before, maybe need reinstall? why i been ask for a code after i download and install game ? my login option in game is not enough? i need a 6 number code ? from where i get that ? or is like that to lock the game until release?

You create your own code at login to keep your account more safe. Or turn of,,, cant rember that code from 6 numbers.  Is there a physical copy or digital only? Sweet!! Thank you I'll be downloading it once I get my new gaming PC in March. questions if we are not in the beta , can we still download the cilent? Will the latency improve for Open Beta? There is no open beta. Launch happens January 19th 2016. The lag will be pretty much the same or worse due to many more people playing.