Thursday, December 31, 2015

have fun Blade and Soul Beta Testing

Like our Blade&Soul NA fan page. Come hang out with Tangent Gaming as he plays his Blade Dancer! Name Reservation begins on January 11, 2016 at 6pm PST For NA servers, and 7pm CET for our EU servers. i thought u guys were gonna do it at 12pm EST again.. im still at work. 9pm EST is great, thanks heart emoticon. Blade & BNS Gold; Soul Just to double check, name reservations are via character creation, right? Go in, make a character, give it a name, and that's yours?

Servers are down. They won't be back up until we launch on January 19. Yes, characters will be deleted, you can save their appearance though if u did that. I'm pretty excited for this game! I've been looking for a great new MMORPG for ages. One thing I wasn't able to find on the Blade & Soul website, though, is the system requirements. Will it be available for OS X? Because there was another game by the same developers, called League of Legends, that was only playable on Windows. Not available for OS X unfortunately. Maybe you can virtual box Windows? Jeez, that's a darn shame! I'm beginning to doubt it was a good decision to get a Macbook... In the last month, I've discovered that SEVERAL games I was looking forward to will not be getting a release on OS X Buy Blade and Soul Gold . That aside though, what did you mean by, "maybe you can virtual box Windows"?

loving this game, gonna miss the beta, the story for Blacde and Soul gives me the feels. Did you guys have fun Beta Testing? Did you miss BT but still excited for launch? I'm going to be starting a fun guild off the get go and hope many people will partake so we can all play and learn and have fun together. I won't write to much on it but you can find the details here.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Reman Taguchi well

Reman Taguchi well! OK. so rude! grin emoticon grin emoticon stupid? sorry for your lack of education :)) laught at your face :)) And sorry for my attitude, My behavior is the reflection of yours. Tien or what so ever to pronounced that stupid name, I don't think my behavior reflects others, its either you are born with arrogant behavior or your family raise you that way. Most of these errors happen when you actually don't have access to beta.

I'm from ph and im playing w/o any problems ping is 200-300(depends on your ISP) . even my friends play it w/o any problem as much i know there is now IP block on BNS (ph country). there is NO IP block, and to clarify, if u bought a founder's pack and have it activated on your account, you're in for all the beta's. If you received a Closed Beta key for the weekend of the 29th to the 2nd, and activated it to your account, you had access to this past weekends beta, unless you were simply having trouble connecting, in which case, it is simply a matter of being able to connect normally, as opposed to having a connection blocked. As far i know, no OB just release after final CBT. No Open Beta. Full release sometime in Jan to Mar 2016. But at a guess, probably January.... Tks dude, i want so bad this game Buy Blade and Soul Gold . I played a russian server and was awesome.  Cheap Blade & Soul Gold i just bought the Blade & Soul Founder's Pack: Master Pack early today , how can i download the game?

So this failed to connect to server is just because I don't have a key or anything? because I was just being sure when the open beta is release there will be no ip block. hey can u tell me where i download blade & soul on pc? Fk the warlock ! I want more dungeons! Don't speak for urself and put it as "We" ! GTFO.. Muhammed Shaolin U need beta access in order to play, if u dont then u cant. Same I will start playing when they release Warlock grin emoticon.

Monday, December 7, 2015

we are in the cClosed Beta period

I agree, I want a release date... and I want it now! (jk, but that would be very much appreciated c:) We're lucky Arenas are equalize, hit LV 45 and do Arenas till i die of a heart attack that's my path.  hi guys can u please tell me if the game is available ? i dont understand this stuff about beta open or beta close its really annooying Cheap Blade & Soul Gold Log into your NCSoft account. Go to Blade & Soul, then to the Support page. Download link is there.
Cheap Blade & Soul Gold

And I hope you realize that we are in the Closed Beta period, so you will either need a Beta Key or a Founder Pack to play it. can i set up the korean language??

because, i was used to play wow in here.. also i can play korean to all of us player too. Unknown at this time. In a Livestream over a month ago, the Producer did say they would supply a work-around to allow players to self-install different languages, but that probably won't be available until launch. Also unknown if Korean will be an available language.....Log into your NCSoft account. Go to Blade & Soul, then to the Support page. Download link is there.  I'm a twitch streamer, any chance I could get a few extra beta keys to give away to my viewers?  i have a question:D what we need to do to get NA server account with characters data be transport to EU server Blade and Soul Buy Gold ?? or it will be automaticlly transport data? The Blade & Soul Arena offers the ultimate in skill-based competitive play.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

GET A REAL JOB in Blade and Soul

Ferentinos Agreed, I like freedom instead of being bound to random shortcuts to bypass. You are part of the problem with the world. Wanting everything to be censored just so your oh so sensitive little feelings won't be hurt. And with the way you wrote that last comment, I'd say you should loosen your fedora too.  Did you really just call me PC? You're the problem with the world, jobless, settling for next best, so you complain when you don't get something for free. GET A REAL JOB! And actually support the devs, instead of hoping everything would be free. But why only in2016? I mean, the gamw is up since 4 years ago...

Anyone knows if the characters that we already have are going to be deleted? Eli Cottyn well when i played Tera CBT they did not delete the characters thats why i asked. Buy Blade and Soul Gold Beta is not the final game. That big of a headstart really wouldnt be fair, now would it? I love this game and I 'm hoping since I announced in 2009 I am very happy that already has release date and have played each day to the fullest beta and I have enjoyed much, thanks NC for announce the date of B&S Blade & Soul

Will the players from Latin America get IP BLOCKED? osea por suerte saque una key de la semana pasada y jugue totalmente bien.  Catalina Vallejos Inostroza que tanto se siente el lag? O sea no safamos de 220-250 ms y cómo la base del juego es el action RPG se necesita reacciónes rápidas. Se disfruta el PvP igual? Soy argentino, jugaba toda la beta totalmente bien y libre, creeme no van a bloquear ip, así este juego es Free to Play así disfrutan...Premium only provides you with extra exp(10%) and some extra bag space and stuff. Nothing like +200 power and etc. why did you play it without me? You're so rude friend. Hahaha just kidding, I think my pc can have problems trying to play it. Sorry, I did not know you wanted to play... I played russian server didnt understand everything in the shop but most of the items were cosmetics. Ha ha of course pay to look cool! Pay to win is different but cosmetics are pay in anygame, Blade and Soul Gold even moba like LOL or Dota2.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

FIFA 16 Ozil

Eriksen is good but he a level below Ozil. No comparison. Does matter all Tottenham need is Harry Kane/.  Ozil's just in good form this season but overall Eriksen's better buy Aion Kinah. He was one of the best players in the world when he was in Madrid, he's not that player anymore so don't get carried away. Last season and 2 seasons ago Eriksen's better. It's not all about the stats, it's their overall impact in the game. Right now Ozil Aion Gold looks better cause he's on good form.
I can't wait to get non rare contracts. Ozil is better bc is can shot strong and dribbling. I never understand the stats the ea show. Average sprints per 90 minutes 57.9km? Doubt Ozil sprints that often and definitely isn't nearly twice as fast as anyone on the planet lol. Don't think you get ozil's game he's not in the team to be a speedster he's got plenty of that with the players around him, he's an intelligent player who reads the game brilliantly with just one touch he can unlock defences and yet he still manages to cover a lot of ground in every match. U need to hire someone to sort out those graphs EA.

Eriksen 100% and this from germany.  Andrae Munroe Andrew Munroe of course Özil would lose the "average sprints per 90min" category. Lazy ass.. Özil breaking marathon records every game Özil play world cup. All cup. Artis. Chiristian god England. The one behind the color bars idea is not an arsenal fan for sure. Tem idade pra ser pai dele tbm. Tem 27 e bem mais bagagem jogando e mais horas de sono em campo tbm. William msm com o Chelsea na merda se sobre sai , e não seleção tbm , tá jogando muito melhor. No momento Oz >>> William. Sabe que é a verdade. Da nem comparação.

Friday, November 6, 2015

FFXIV CoP missions

Ahh shouting in jeuno for CoP missions where does the time go lol. Christmas music in jeuno, that first adventure to jeuno and let's not forget those crazy Lvl 1 mule runs just for fun! XI was VERY special. So many memories..... Killing Jaggedy Eared Jack 20 times and never getting a drop. Tanking a God with my 75 Ninja. Beating the Summoner quests. Buy Cheap FFXIV Gils I still think about going back to XI, but I know it was more about the people who played. Most of them have moved on... and with all the server changes.... I don't even know where my character would be now. I was on Kujata.. FFXIV Gils .it was shut down a long time ago. Thinking of trying FFXIV again though.

Id have loooooved to play it but at the time i was too young for a job. Ahh yes.. the "I did this and you didn't so I'm better than you" post. Classic. Where exactly did he say it made xi players better? It just means one game focused more on one aspect than the other. I had such a love hate relationship with that game. TBH I have way more camaraderie with ppl in FFXIV but whatever.Love the blog title, put a lot of hours into XI and enjoyed it a lot. By far the best community of any MMO I've played, killed it with matchmaking in XIV imo.

You could always get a premade, go into a dungeon with friends. I actually made friends (enjoyed being with them a lot. Did not go too far because, well, different servers.). Most of my dungeon runs were full of banter and fun. Until I moved to Tonberry. Then uh, language barrier. Daniel Speight "Everybody helped each other." Incorrect. But even if I grant you that, the same thing is done in FFXIV with linkshells and FCs. There's virtually no difference there. On the same token...XIV is still in its infant stages. Who knows what drastic changes may come in the future. I for one am not a fan of the duty finder for leveling, and I wish there were subterranean zones that connected the world. I wish 6 man parties would be brought back for zone leveling.

Monday, October 26, 2015

messi played FIFA16

Lol 1 like. ?? Really check my comment I think messi has something to tell you. pelé would have been the greatest player of all time if he played in europe, but since he didn't i still think eusebio is the greatest of all times. "The greatest player in history was Di Stefano. I refuse to classify Pele as a player. He was above that." - Ferenc Puskas. Maradonna,messi and CR7 cannot even get close to the skills of if you agree.

 “The greatest goal I ever scored was a one-two with Celeste buy FIFA 15 coins – we named him Edson Arantes do Nascimento.”
Dondinho, Pele’s father

"I told myself before the game, 'he's made of skin and bones just like everyone else'. But I was wrong.”
Tarcisio Burgnich, the Italy defender who marked Pele in the Mexico 1970 Final

My name is Ronald Reagan, I’m the President of the United States of America. But you don’t need to introduce yourself, because everyone knows who Pele is.”
Ronald Reagan

“The difficulty, the extraordinary, is not to score 1,000 goals like Pele – it’s to score one goal like Pele.”
Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Brazilian poet

“The greatest player in history was Di Stefano. I refuse to classify Pele as a player. He was above that.”
Ferenc Puskas

“In some countries they wanted to touch him, in some they wanted to kiss him. In others they even kissed the ground he walked on. I thought it was beautiful, just beautiful.”

“After the fifth goal, even I wanted to cheer for him.”
Sigge Parling of Sweden on a 5-2 defeat by Brazil in the 1958 FIFA World Cup Final

“I arrived hoping to stop a great man, but I went away convinced I had been undone by someone who was not born on the same planet as the rest of us.”
Costa Pereira on Benfica’s 5-2 loss to Santos in the 1962 Intercontinental Cup in Lisbon

"Pele was the greatest – he was simply flawless. And off the pitch he is always smiling and upbeat. You never see him bad-tempered. FIFA 16 coins for sale He loves being Pele.”

“When I saw Pele play, it made me feel I should hang up my boots.”
Just Fontaine

“Pele was so focused on winning the Trophy. It was like he knew it was his destiny. He was like a child waiting for Santa Claus.”
Mario Americo, Brazil’s masseur, on Mexico 1970

“Pele was one of the few who contradicted my theory: instead of 15 minutes of fame, he will have 15 centuries.”
Andy Warhol

“You may be right. But you know nothing about football and I’ve seen Pele play.”
Vicente Feola to the psychologist who said Pele was too immature to play at Sweden 1958

“Pele was the only footballer who surpassed the boundaries of logic.”
Johan Cruyff

“His great secret was improvisation. Those things he did were in one moment. He had an extraordinary perception of the game.”
Carlos Alberto Torres

“I sometimes feel as though football was invented for this magical player.”
Sir Bobby Charlton

"Pele played football for 22 years, and in that time he did more to promote world friendship and fraternity than any other ambassador anywhere.”
J.B. Pinheiro, the Brazilian ambassador to the United Nations

Malcolm Allison: “How do you spell Pele?”
Pat Crerand: “Easy: G-O-D.”
British television commentators during Mexico 1970

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The best frikick takers list without CR7

The best frikick takers list without CR7.  u can win 300$ US for every month just click the . Ronaldo has scored like 1 freekick goal in 2 years..... pls when will the fifa16 be available Buy FFXIV Gil for android users in nigeria. Yaya Toure,Kompany and Fernandinho scored 2 goals.

And now they got a downgrade like WTF EA. Are you gonna ad gs and barcas third kit ?  So scoring 2 goals means you shouldn't get downgraded your logic is awful. Also all 3 of those players their primary role is not to score goals. And ratings were decided before the season started anyway. am nt buying dis game. some of their rating sucks! is it avalaible for android phones? have you seen çalhanoglu's deadball? Ea Sports When vl be the ratings revealed . junozovic underradet he takes better freekicks than calhanoglu.

Fifa15 is old nobody cares about it anymore. when available fifa 16 for android?? Why Fifa 15 doesn't work in Android Buy Cheap FFXIV Gils all my friends phone. i dont give a damn. or what excue you have..pleaseee update Coutinho Reus and Neymar. fifa 16 Android coming 22 days to leave right then download a few. What's the button to roll around and cry on the ground when someone touches your ear? Brazilian leag!! We want that not Arabia!! Fifa15 is old nobody cares about it anymore. Same problem updating required but no. Did you update? Did the game open? ^ update two day not work. Is Fifa 16 available on AppStore now? when available fifa 16 for android?? You are adding so many leagues,
So many teams and players,
Even Romania and North Africa ...
But Israel did not .. Despite the higher percentage we vote.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

ffxiv recruiter

 That's weird, I was the recruiter and I got it. Maybe they should send that request letter from the postmoogle. there's an option to request undelivered mail on the post moogle cheap FFXIV Gil . I already requested and got it today in fact. Along with my gold feathers.

 I did know you hadn't gotten the feathers either. I'm happy now.  I did know you hadn't gotten the feathers either. I'm happy now .  I'm seeing adds for this expansion already reduced $10 and now this.... sounds like its not doing so hot its only been a month since xpac dropped right? I myself personally already unsubscribed. Not doing well? Hahahahah servers are constantly packed n have ques. Servers are almost all locked off from make a new toon by 8 am daily. Its doing just fine FFXIV Gil n no one even noticed your gone.

 PSS anyone let me recruit them?You get bonuses to. Win win. Help me get this video famous please, it has tickled me, I think it deserves fame ... 

But I still adore them. Kupo~ The best was the one where you had to kill the thing, go back talk to moogle, kill ONE more thing, back to moogle, KILL ONE MORE THING, BACK TO MOOGLE, THIS BETTER BE THE LAST THING MOOGLE!! It killed my soul a little at a time when you'd have one side mission left, and you're like "Yes! Finally! I can get back to MS quests, or back to dungeoneering!" ONLY TO HAVE 10 MORE POP UP AFTER YOU COMPLETE THE "last" ONE T_T

Moghome drove me insane.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Aion AC Gear is overwhelmed by Vashartis Mythics

Honestly, selling BM's in the cash shop is an all Aion Gold time low for this game. I never thought I would see Aion come to this. We actually had something to do back when we had the regular camps and BM you have bottlenecked everyone into two incredibly boring maps where the only good thing is the rewards from the instances. If your intention was to cheap Aion Kinah encourage PVP...I think you failed pretty badly by making people struggle for bloodmarks. Then sticking them in the cash shop, of all places.

 can you enlighten me what kind of bottleneck they implented? i wasnt playing for a long time but remember having very good and fun fights with the BM camps. what did they change? Well, in cygnia and enshrar the maps are very limited. You have a very narrow corridor to run through accross the entire map, which is sectioned off by guard posts with hostile NPC's. Which is what I mean by bottlenecking- when you rift over to enemy territory, you are limited to one section of the map, although it -is- possible to get through the NPC's if your party knows how to run through them (but if you're on the side of the barrier without stairs, you end up screwed unless you have a good temp with you) Meanwhile in Levinshore, you have BM camps which are more difficult to flip (and you need to flip all three color coordinated camps to finish the 3 quests that only give 5 BM a piece) Basically level 65's have been shoved on several very small maps together, with much less to do. The PVP isn't even that great because it's basically a zerg fest.

So now im supposed to pay for Blood Marks and Ancient Coins? xDD ahaahahhahahhahah make my day more u stripped us off our daily AC Quests so we can pay for them? Selling things that lead towards gear advantage is Pay2Win[perhaps AC Gear is overwhelmed by Vashartis Mythics,BM on the other hand will soon be able to become mythic sooo its pay2win] another dissapointing sale by NCFail.

Friday, July 24, 2015

FFXIV Job Actions of Dragoon

I'm just using doing big numbers on ninja frown.  but I guess you're right. I'll have to play with my rotation some more.

Chris if I may, the Job Actions of Dragoon are the same potency FFXIV Gil and same description of both of them, a good Dragoon don't even need those kind of upgrade due the potency is better if you attack it from behind or from its slide under the effect of Blood of the Dragon, trust me if you think it will change the Dragoon on dps number, it will simply changed it 100 to 200 if you dont trigger, the right potency of these abilities are still 290. So don't worry about those changed trust me buy FFXIV Gil.

Oh yeah, definitely a massive difference! Haha it does suck because I was hoping MCH would be a pure dps canon but unfortunately not, pretty sure one of the first Alex 1 savage clears had a MCH! I mean I can pull big numbers on MCH with ammo but I guess I just need better ammo management T.T

Jake Peirce is right. The very first alex Savage clear had mch in it. Drg only had buffs to missed positionals as people it was better to just use full thrust (not the devs intent). This was highly noticeable on stuff like rivana ex. My statics Mch does 940+, so its nothing wrong with the class. Just pratice your rotations, youll get the hang of it. Yea I've been working on I do 900+ and I'm not even 170 yet haha. I thought I heard that they was gonna make thunder smoother to use, not just a small dmg increase. Why on earth wouldn't you use your free thundercloud?! Curtis, have you found out that keeping thunder up and risk loosing Enochian and not use a Fire 4 instead of a thunder is better? As when I tried on a training dummy, my dps was consistently better with a nonthunder rotation versus including thunder.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

FFXIV recruitment codes

Hey! since ur new, wanna exchange recruitment codes? i found gladiator the hardest to lvl (taken me a year coz i got bored fast with it) so slow compared to my marauder, i have just leveld to 50 on my paladin about an hr ago, once past lvl 40 and got shield oath it was more fun to play!! When will you release realm reborn for Mac Version?!?!?! still cheap FFXIV Gil waiting for my astro relic and AF. *sigh* here comes the maintenance... Then the hotfixes FFXIV Gil... Then the hotfixes to fix the hotfixes... Then an emergency maintenance.... who cares they always do the maintenance at a very reasonable time and this 1 is on reset day. if you are staying up late enough to get booted from the game because of maintenance. you have issues and if you are getting up at say 6am just to play the game. well you have serious issues .

Time zones don't exist, your regular game hours are wrong. And Paul, what about those of us who work the night shift? Thanks for being considerate. I always seem to want to play starting at 10pm PDT and that is when they do the maintenance. Pisses me off. Lmfao I'm a fucking gamer, I stay up till about 7am every day. On top of that, what time I go to bed isn't up for you to debate or judge... frankly, it's none of your fucking business. so you complain the servers are down for a few hours on a Tuesday for reset boohoo lol its 1 bloody day of the week every week. at least they do the patch's at same time. and this is not just maintenance it is to add additional stuff. do you want to progress in the game or not or just lets it fester on the same old stuff. at least it's not like psn when they do it when every they feel like it for it to still go down.  I complain because this isn't the ONLY time they do maintenance after maintenace after bloody maintenace... IT's constant thing, sir. I pay for a service that they can't seem to get right. I've played an up todate MMO that has more down time than this game. I love this game dearly, but this expansion has had a TON of maintenance time... Sorry if that rustled your jimmies, and I'm sorry you feel the need to dispute this from behind your computer screen "Because you can" but drop it man. It's MY fucking comment, i don't go onto your posts and throw muck at your opinion...

Rather have them do upkeep maintenance on the game then just them saying they will and never do until they have to. they let us know in advance. it is a few hours at a time most of the time it is over with early. that sub you pay. don't just pay for content it also pays for them to service the servers which is what they are doing. i have never ever noticed any downtime because it is over with pretty fast.. unless you are on ps4 then you are screwed because that has been down what. about 4/5 times this month or unless you stay up until 7am . and so because you stay up until about 7am. this mean SE have to cater for you and keep the game up. that's not called a gamer it is called get a life dude.

Monday, July 13, 2015

FFXIV in game minion bonus

The emerald and topaz carbuncle plushes (with matching in-game minion bonus codes) are now available for pre-order! Order yours today!  More plushies should come with an in game minion bonus. 1. Why is the Emerald Carbuncle clearly Blue with a Ruby forehead?

2. When can we get Obsidian and Ruby Carbuncles like Alphinaud? Instead of ruby we ended up getting ifrit buy FFXIV gil . with any luck though, obsidian may hint that we are getting another summon... ravanna maybe. Don't forget Urianger's Amber Carbuncle as well! I want them all! The boss for the lv.50 SMN quest also had a Black Ifrit-Egi (I forgot the name). But they don't feel as powerful/useful as FFXI summons. You're not getting more summons they done said that. They're going to add a glamour option eventually. Joe Penta the black Ifrit's name was Belias. In XI, the Emerald version of Carbuncle was in it. He was a Green Carbuncle but had a blue aura around him, which hid the fact cheap FFXIV gil he was green unless you looked at him close enough. In XIV, it looks like the devs just seen the blue in XI's. There's a such thing as blue and green emerald.

You promised me that you loved me when we married, and now, you have to prove it. Buy me thisssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!Nathan Stone. I see you be liking my status, boo, but not commenting.....And this is some of my business;) A like ain't an answer, cutie pie! Brittany Ching, girl, has my back!!! dude buy that wife of yours a carbuncle!  She will get the topaz since she is a tank.

Ohhh, I would love to buy... But $40 each is a hefty price! I can see the in-game cosmetic pets being $5-10, can't justify the extra for the plush. Curiosity's sake, how big (long/wide/tall) are these plush and quality (is the stitching well done, external/internal materials)?

Sunday, July 5, 2015

go back to FFXIV

I'm installing now and joining Asura,gonna join the reddit LS,there are a few new people there so im sure we could work something out together! Odin had 1600 last night on a Thursday night, 787 now at 3:30 pm est.

If the game went free, why would SE keep it going? Anything that requires maintaining servers needs to be cheap FFXIV gil paid for in some way. F2P would probably need a real life shop, which would basically mean anyone who is willing to pay lots of money would have all the best stuff. F2P games like that always end up failing, as its just not fair. Stop being cheap and play the game. im not cheap. It was a suggestion, rift went f2p, world of Warcraft is free to play now as an option, u buy game time with the games money.

By the way, anyone having issues running windower 4 on 8.1. I'm hoping they reduce the sub or make it free if you have an active XIV  FFXIV gil account once the last part of RoV is out. With the story of them going mobile and the closing of the 360/ps2 versions it does not give the PC version any hope of lasting any longer either. I just hope they let you transfer your character from 11 to 14. How exactly would something like that even be possible? They're two separate games.  As close as possible such as converting the jobs to their closest counterparts on 14, character identity as well, certain items. what happens when they drop it on pc and just make it mobile...what point is it to play then? It is impossible to transfer. better start playing ffxiv now if you want to be caught up for the expansion. 14 is a complete wow clone and blows balls.

Negative, good Sir. Two different games. There's nothing to transfer except for a name. 2 diff games, youll just have to let go and say goodbye thats all there is to it. I doubt you be able to transfer anything from XI to XIV vey very different and its easy to level on XIV so come on over. The game isn't closing shop any time soon. Why would they close shop on pc and switch to mobile ? This game is PC based not mobile lol. Mobile will just be an on the go type of experience that's all.

I literally wasted time updating to get on to like no one. 400ish people on my server and pretty much all where afkers from what I saw. Fun! I so wanna come back now. Not really reather go back to FFXIV.

FFXIV selling content

People need to shut up this game is still amazing this game still has good times in it. I miss it. I plan on playing it when I have time. IDC what they say I love this game. People need to stop lingering around and unlike this page if they don't like it any more.  if you cant afford the 11 bucks every 30 days you should probably focus on getting a job. or suck less

at life. F2p is not popular in Japan. With more than 50% of the game's population being Japanese it would be a terrible business decision to make it f2p. Besides, plenty of people are willing to pay for the game. So why would square pay attention to the desires of people who don't even play the game anymore?

Not to mention they're stopping major development. F2p models depend on having one-off things people will pay for, or content that you have to purchase to gain access to. FFXI isn't set up to support a f2p model and even if it was, all these people wanting something for nothing would probably be pissed if they had to pay for existing things like level cap increases, trusts

, event entry, etc.

That being said, I think if they could do it, I'd support FFXI selling content that doesn't affect gameplay, like certain trusts or cosmetic items (but not all, at least not all the time) that are only available through events.  It dies for xbox/ps2 next mach... lets be honest though, if youre not on pc. Youre doing it wrong. We Haven't played since early 2012 and just started back up this week.. so much new stuff to learn and get used to. Absolutely loved playing and looking forward to all the new content. On Asura toon: Taelare and Gandalin.  Ppl still play this? You killed it for 360 players...  I was gonna come back too and take a break from's a shame that 360 players either play on PC or just bow out. 360 still has like a year of gameplay on it. Double exp? Are you fucking kidding me? That right there is enough to ward off true XI vets.

Friday, June 26, 2015

16 different websites lose access to heavensward

Maybe if you didnt have 16 different websites to manage your account... How do I get my game on time without customs deciding they needed to investigate the package? lol.. (seriously.) I love how so many people complain. They could just shut the servers down buy FFXIV gil . And say have a nice day.... Should add receiving pre order bonus item codes after early access has already ended ( The page still works but I think people need clarification ) I was worried about it at first since I have less than superb internet and haven't even been able to play yet. #DataCaps. unsure. Gotta go borrow someone else's internet to get the latest patch.

can se sell twintania mount as optional item in mogstation like sleipnir mount? really want to buy that mount..  I ordered collectors cheap FFXIV Gil, now its in customs... So if they dont release it before the 27th then i lose access to heavensward!!!? The PS Store was easy to pre order(: I did the same thing but still can't access heavensward. For me it just downloaded the game and theme. I booted it up. Another update and bam! How do you download the Mac digital copy? Bought it but don't have any idea where the download is. I want Collector's Edition. Fork over $120 and you can have it. You can do it by their store or collectors over your gaming platform (ps store or steam I would guess) I wish they could have done a digital upgrade for it cause i would have baught it after looking at the mounts in game. I baught the normal edition cause it was really the only one i could get. Woah, that new Alphinaud voice actor. Super awkward after jumping into HW content right after finishing the Beofre the Fall stuff.

 If you're joining for the first time, you can start a free 14-day trial! Use one of these Recruit-A-Friend codes for 20% bonus EXP equipment and other special rewards!! I'm annoyed with the constant maintenance !! It's like June is pay to not play!!!! Get it together already.

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