Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Summoners nerfed a lot in blade and soul

Hmm... Summoners nerfed a lot, but still strong if you know how to use your skills correctly. Haven't done pvp yet with these changes, but it does take a little time to get used to.  Seriously???!!! And I was about to upgrade to premium.. They did it last time too from what I remember, since I remember people complaining about no daily dash before Buy Blade and Soul Gold . Then there's those daily dash things where you only are able to go around once, but it runs for weeks.

As a person with a summoner main, the switch of Huzzahs functions took me a few minutes to get used too, and Doom'N'Bloom now only healing 50% instead of 100% sucks ;~; Like I ACTUALLY NEED TO WATCH MY HEALTH NOW?!? I don't know, I'm sure I'll get used to it. Everyone's crying but it's really not that bad. I just want my 100% flower heals back ahaha.

Though I do like the new functionality of Huzzah, really it makes us Summoners more like healers, Blade and Soul Gold and it's gonna be MUUUUCH easier to heal a party now. This causes me to watch my cooldown a more and be more careful on what I'm using next. It seems I'm still doing a lot a dps and true friend helps a lot.

 Very true! I think people just need to see that we can still do a ton of things, and heal better now! Yaaay. I have yet to use Moonfall yet ;~;. How did you activate it? When someone grabs an enemy it enables it. Then you can just hold down F and it will spam it.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

rewards for BNS costume design contest

Let me explain once again for people who did not quite understand what I said: My issue is not with the participant taking "inspiration" from stuff. Of course, the Alice in Wonderland theme is very unnoriginal, there's no denying it. BnS itself even already has an outfit with that theme (which was a contest winner from last year in another server if I'm not mistaken), Buy Blade and Soul Gold but that's not my point.

My point is strictly directed at the blatant copy of Lucina's Marth identity mask from Fire Emblem: Awakening. And don't tell me it was "inspired", if you even take the time to look at the overlayed pic I posted of Lucina's face with the art on the contest entry, it gets very clear that it was blatant copy/tracing.

There's a very clear difference between inspiration Blade and Soul Gold and plagiarism. I'll even pick and example from the runner ups to talk about it: Horchatai's design. It was inspired by the Bonemask Tribe from BnS itself, and the design was very well crafted. It looks good, and I have absolutely nothing against it, even though the outfit has a theme that I personally don't like. But it was well done nevertheless.

The mask on the winner's design, however, was not "inspired". Even the colors and their placement look the same for god's sake. Just because they changed the middle section and took away the thin strips on the mask doesn't make it a completely different design. Now, I'd absolutely love something that was inspired by FE:A in BnS because I'm a huge fan of the game but not like this.
I'm poiting this one out because it's infringement of the contest rules, even if BnS just opts for "Nah we're not even gonna use that mask so it's 'k".