Tuesday, December 13, 2016

AION bring old-school servers to west market

Will AION bring old-school servers to west market like in Asia is? I mean Basic AION 45-50 max lvl. That would bring back a lot players, me including. Just wondering .. agree, and disabling of x64 client is pure idiocy, its now absolutely unplayable, it keep crashing with "out of memory" on x64 systems.. Thank you.. i see ncsoft wanna terminate aion fast, so doing this idiocy to ppls leave.  Is this like that petition of players to have *Legacy Servers* thing like WoW? Cheap Blade and Soul Gold Hmmm a lot of people are asking for such things lately of old mmo's... Interesting but extremely risky... I think its better to move on... or embrace the changes, than to expect gaming companies to do such a huge investment to bring back old content...in my opinion.

There are still few twinks mostly are from Siel elyos, I'm one of them but I rarely log it because no much opponent to fight for. We get the same twink asmos most of the time it gets boring if you don't see new faces to fight x.x yes I hope NA implement that old school Aion. Those were the only days I felt the fun in Aion and the real pvp. Ozrhyel Harbinger It's understandable if it won't be implemented because Aion is dying and they won't make much money on that since gears and ap are so easy to farm nowadays. Its just difficult not to reminisce those days since thats where we all started.

4.8 was good fun but now it's got lame and boring all the best areas deleted and were stuck with dead maps. Wow Aion NA is still alive? I thought they close it... Shame what happen to this great game Buy Blade and Soul Gold ... so much potential... I wonder is NCSoft has in the works Aion 2 in secret... What would help this game for a while is if they made the Balaur a playable race...maybe, just maybe.

This game has without doubt the best class, unique skill rotates and chains, and graphics. It went down hill once they made rifting safe for noobs, and the lack of real battle grounds. But truely the best designed characters out of any game I've ever played or seen. cant login aion NA even the web cant accessible....its maintenance or something happen ? Well, lots of us are DPS/ Healing classes (chanters, clerics, bards) .... I had all my inerts for dps even though I mostly support in my chanter. You guys only replaced 6 stigmas. You are making me choose between healing and DPSing when I was able to change to either of those when I wanted... Why not replacing all the stigmas I already had 1 for 1 instead of making me choose one spec or the other?