Friday, April 29, 2016

FFXIV Lightning gear, Minfi glamour, Bennu mount

Gamer Escape caught up with Koji Fox at PAX East and grilled him on all things lore for the latest episode of the Aetheryte Radio Lorecast! You'll want to listen (or read!) buy Blade and Soul Gold this!  So Lahabrea looks like a guy wearing a dark hooded cloak and a scary mask because he doesn't want to freak out people? Damn. New optional items are available on the Mog Station!  I would still love to see more previous final fantasy character outfits. Blade and Soul Gold FF7 remake is coming out soon and I would love to have a Tifa themed outfit or Aerith' dress. I would also love to see some things from FFX/X-2

 I am replaying FFX-2 now and I would love to have the girls outfits... Provided they are dyeable! Squall, Edea, and Zell outfits would be welcome too! I got cancer the first time I tried X-2... Don't want to know what I will get next time I launch that game. i'd like the tifa FF7 outfit not to be genderlocked i mean its not very "feminine" so i wouldn't see why lol. please no; i dont want to see a male roegadyn in Tifas attire.. 

What's the best server to be on if you want to find people to play with!? D: also, the housing items look amazing! Got the now item just love that big moogle so cute. Passed on the new outfits just not for me but the housing items are wonderful. I normally like the optional items released on Mogstation (like Lightning gear, Minfi glamour, Bennu mount, Valentione etc) but besides the Cid outfit (which doesn't even help me because I have a fem miqote) nothing else appealed to me this time 'round. The housing items were cute but it's only 1 item for that price which sucks.

 I play on PC and PS4. Like Michael says, you will need to tweak your UI settings on the PS4, but they won't change your settings on the PC version. There is no "transfer" between the two consoles. All you need to buy the game for PC and PS4 and register each platform to the same account. Then one account can log into on both.