Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Alexstraza is not a warlock

Because that is Alexstraza not a warlock.. i want my warlock to look like a dragon queen Dragonkin class for players with Loremaster, 15,000 achievement points, and all classes at 100, please!

It will be the final challenge and the biggest reward. Something to keep players subscribed 12 months of the year. If I were on the Bachelor and she was a contestant I would pick buy FFXIV Gil her without talking to the others. It would be a quick season. This is a really FFXIV Gil accurate cosplay, she did an amazing jo.

Looks like elastic straps to hold the leg armor up. Talented. I wish I could pull something like that off! She finished the armor right before her flight left so she never had a chance to do a test run on the body paint. How do you make something like this? That's awesome! I want to make an Ironman suit for my husband. Hands on hips or something on hands would look better? Needs something like garters to hold the leg armor in place other than the black strip across the front. Otherwise beautifully done, bravo!!! 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

DFO is so awesome

 Why DFO is so awesome until i get addicted. more Fatigue during weekend will be merrier.  It's pay to win crap that ruins real gaming. It needs to be wiped from the face of this earth. I enjoy the game,but the community and developers are terrible. Again thx for the game but I'm going to


 This comment literally makes no sense, I think you posted on the wrong game page, The game isn't even pay to win anyway. So your post makes literally 0 sense, Chris.

That's precisely what it is. You have to buy Avatars or the whatever to purchase them, Ya know I stopped myself here because if you can't see that his game is a quarter pumping machine you are blind. You make zero sense. Gl buying avatars for 100 mil gold or spending real money to

get them gl with. You don't HAVE to buy avatars. Avatars are 100% optional. They are not required. It has been proven too many times to count.

PvP is "Skill-to-win" or ""Spam-same-combo-over-and-over-again-to-win".

So again, you make no sense.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Irina Sykes

I had my fingers crossed for a side braid. I wanna do an Elsa and a katniss glamor so bad... Is leviathan considered to be amongst the top servers? Population/activity and progression-wise cheap FFXIV Gil ? Nobody uses /yell and /shout (those are zone chat no?) I see alot of people but no-one is talking...

It's mostly in Mor Dhona that I see people shouting. My FC and friends mostly talk in our linkshell. Hopefully they'll have more than 2 new ones for female miqote. Longer than midback hairstyles please? Cmon break the traditional MMO standard of hairstylesFFXIV Gil !

Loving the pigtails. They'll look awesome in rolandberry red with icy highlights. I'm busy trying to go for Irina Sykes on mine though XD. hair isn't that great in this game. Maybe one day (along with bard gear).  I hope there is more, those seem kind of boring except the Japanese themed hair style...

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Does WTFast count

What about players who are completely innocent of anything an have worked hard for their gold that have been hacked? What then? I've sent in a ticket twice with no response DFO Gold . I lost 2 million gold, 4.5k clear cubes and more. (I got all this due to farming corrupt temple and got lucky with a shooting star drop). 

My game won't launch when I press "PLAY"..."DFO.exe" is in the background session but nothing shows up (neither the game or the hack detector)...Tried reinstalling and rebooting, didn't help. SOMEONE HELP. Hacking is for lazy assholes and gold buying destroys the game economy look buy DFO Gold at elsword for more proof.

Neople, What is your Take on DFO Hud mods? I know a lot of people enjoy the personalization and it doesn't harm any aspect of the game. Would you classify that as hacking? And if you don't condone it what are the consequences of using those files?

 Does WTFast count? It's the only way to get on with my college wifi or else my character or servers won't load.

Monday, April 20, 2015

release Dark knight on the Xbox one

It will never release on the Xbone because Microsoft won't let Squeenix use their own servers. M$ demanded that they want to use their own servers, which Squeenix doesn't want. I switched to the 360 with ffxi when it became available for Xbox live and loved it... Wish Microsoft would be open to it.

DRK using pole-arm and sword? Or is that sword just considered another pole-arm because of its size? But it also shows the DRK using a pole-arm in most of the trailer footage.  .new dragoon armor looks pretty sick. Guess I can cheap FFXIV Gil start using mine again, lol.

buy FFXIV Gil

Damn, looks so nice... just wish we didn't have to wait now. I have FFXIV on PS4 and PC, would I need to get Heavensward for both?

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

playing FFXIV on PS4

Anybody out there on the Malbro server?  I need some friends yo!  Still refuse to DRG. Got to 50, got relic for title then have not touched since.

 Brace yourselves... There will be an invasion of FFXIV Gil LOLDRGs, all falling from the sky like comets to spam Ring of Thorns in Mor Dhona/Asgard!  It doesn't really provide much information as to the actual content of the game is what I mean. A load of dragoons in a floating castle attacking flying creatures - very pretty but I just don't really know what to make cheap FFXIV Gil of it.

 Hey everyone!! I hope this post is not too mundane, but I could REALLY use your help! I'm currently playing FFXIV on PS4 (long enough to become a level 40 conjurer). Having to use the remote to "speak" to other characters is terrible and in combat situations nearly impossible. Is there a secondat keyboard or some other way to type text/converse while simultaneously using the PS4 remote?

lvl60 passive ability of drg "if you are dead upon completion of a duty, you instantly roll 99 on the drops."  Dam this gonna be the longest few months waiting for this to come out!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Fatigure points in DFO

Gregg J. Kleinmark accidentally drowned his children so he could play gameboy to buy DFO Gold
Alexandra Tobias accidentally shook her baby to death over farmville
Rebecca Colleen Christie let her child starve while playing WoW.
These three were in the US. All mature adults. All made their own choices Tim.

Fatigure points= limited gaming=a life so yeah. keep em. abuse it by making 12 characters its not that big a deal especailly with DFO Gold fatigue potions. As my attention span is bad, so i still haven't even finished a whole bar besides my M-Fighter first run.

 I have 12 characters....and I'm completely fine with the FP System. It allows me to spend equal time with them, though I only focus on 2 at a time. Maybe I'm cool with not having a life.

Monday, April 6, 2015

how to affor FFXIV

 If you can't afford FFXIV, don't play it. FFXIV gives consistent updates, frequent new content and is always working hard on hotfixes for issues in the game to make more enjoyable. It's not expensive, it is damn cheap for what it is FFXIV Gil. I mean you can buy a brand new copy of ffxiv online which includes a 30 day free sub from around £2 for the ps3 version. The game, 30 free days plus a 6 month subscription will cost less than a generic new game.

If you can't afford it then clearly "playing games" shouldn't be your priority anyway. Free to play games are full of idiots, pay to win players, adverts, hackers and give rare updates. Free to play games are NOT free to play. They will be earning money by either adverts or by the pay to win system which will rake in the cash. If a game was truly free to play then it wouldn't last a week due to buy cheap FFXIV Gil development fees, servers and a while host of other needs. Somewhere along the line SOMEONE needs to pay. Clearly this game is not for you, and you are missing out. I for one would leave ffxiv if it suddenly went free to play as it would no longer be the game I fell in love with.

"what's the point of making it so the masses of fans can play" Thats exactly the point you seem to forget SE is a company and they have employees to pay and need money to buy FFXIV Gil produce more games so ofcourse they are going to make a game with a massive potential for sales.

no people are hating on me for speaking my mind so in terms people are hating so dont act smart james.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

FFXIV minion battle system

 I know it's fake but a minion battle system would be so cute!  Dang it you got me xD first one all day hahaha I wish this were real xD. Just gotta copy pokemon battles.

Can't really copy wow since they didn't really come up with the idea.Your right it is Pokemon copy. However every mmo has companion npc that are just for show so wow adding the 2 together 1st makes them the original. Guys, make it real! Too fun and idea not to make real. This April fools joke is actually pretty bad... Having Minions battle would actually be pretty fun cheap FFXIV Gil. Also. The FFXIV fb page isn't run by JP Square Enix. So news of something actually use full here is really low.  I totally would have fallen for this if it weren't for the mention of the wind-up vianga at the end.

I hate April fools.