Thursday, February 9, 2017

Run Blade and Soul on Windows

Unable to execute the game, i've send a ticket.
No software changes from yesterday to the current time, i was able to play without problems yesterday, after update i'm being unable to run the game on both modes, 32 and 64bits:
-I tried deleting both "bin" folders from game directory and do a file repair, no progress.
-Deleted BnS folder on documents (user config files), no progress.
-Repaired all game folder Buy Blade and Soul Gold and files permissions with icalcs, no progress
-Run game as admin, no progress.
-Run game in compatibility mode (win 8, win 7), no progress.
-Disabled all 3rd party application like keyboard and mouse utilities from system start, restart system and try to run game, no progress

-Run Windows with driver signature requeriment disabled, no progress
To be clear sometimes the game just got stuck on splashscreen, sometimes popups a notification about something that happen and can't execute the game, and sometimes produces a BSOD (GSOD on latest insider builds)

My OS is Windows 10 Pro x64 Insider preview build 15025, my nvidia drivers are version 378.49 .when i click the game launcher, it say the launcher no longer be able to use and require me to delete it, then i have no launcher now to go in the game. so what should i do? i have sent the ticket. My game run fine with my lappy MSI GTX960m core i7, with window 10 12G ram.. cheap Blade and Soul Gold Just fps n ping suck 500ms. WOW with 8gb RAM and a GTX1060 6GB Asus the game in 64bit always crashes gz BNS. Apparently garena TH is on route to open BNS but whether they want to open to all SEA region, we don't know. It works fine for me too but the option 32 bits its not in the setting options of the launcher , so I dont know if the game is running in 64 bits or 32 bits.

64bit means you will need to redownload some parts of the game, or most.  "Only the most coordinated and p2w players will be able to attempt Skybreak Spire" I don't know about BnS, but in GW2 the 64 bit client is just an exe file, the data is all the same.  I already have the 32-bit client; will I have to completely download the game again?