Friday, May 27, 2016

FC house update in FFXIV patch 3.3

I am glad about the increase of the number of Wards but am worried too, considering I have spent the past 2 months or so saving up Gil, first I wanted to save up for a small house, then I had enough for a Medium and might make enough for a Large one. The problem is, I find the increase in numbers a bit small, the houses will be snatched quickly and I could be anything that people owning 2-3 houses already will get another one or two while others can't get their first one. Many people will be working Buy FFXIV Gil when the servers go up and we won't really have much chance of getting a house despite having the money.

I know I will not be popular with this opinion, but as long as the number of houses is this limited, FFXIV Gil I would not permit more than one house on a server for an account. Just make that you can set other characters on the server in the same account as owners as well if you wish.However, giving us way, way more houses would be a better solution. A good number of people even have multiple accounts to buy more houses. It's pretty crazy how many people enjoy abusing this stuff.

The only way anyone can own more than one house (not counting FC house) is if they have alts. Only one plot per character. It wont let you own more than one plot. If it did I would still own my small plot.  Yep, that I know but if one is filthy rich, they can make several alts in advance, ask a friend to help trade them gil and buy houses with them.

And then try to sell it for 10-20x the price or just sit on the houses. That is why I said that I personally think one should not be allowed to have more than one house on a given server with one account unless we have more than enough plots for everyone. Edit: You don't even have to be filthy rich for it, you have 10-15 million gil, you can buy 3-4 small houses with alts.

Monday, May 23, 2016

get a bunch of new content every 3-4 months of FFXIV

I love how we get a bunch of new content every 3-4 months. Really helps keeping the game fresh, even if there`s not many amazingly innovative things. i know right?! xD It's just hard to find people to play with.  What awaits? More badly organised housing where it all gets swooped up by networks of large FCs and rich players, FFXIV Gil and those who barely have enough gil for their first small house miss out.  For the record I quit for a year after some asshole stole our FC house and kicked us all out.

Soo I have been playing ff14 for nearly 3 months now and I dont own any crafters, I found the best way to make money if you need is farm minions or ask a crafter on your friends list if they need help farming materials. Then they give you a cut of what they make. Ive had enough gil to help pay for half of medium house in Phoenix.  Mark, if you quit over a year ago, I don't see the point of going on to here and whine about houses being unavailable and/or expensive.

They did introduce an eviction system for inactive house owners. He's complaining because he can Buy FFXIV Gil, the housing debacle is a bit ridiculous, but so is bitching on a Facebook comment thread assuming it'll change anything.Completely agree, The dungeons in 11 were much better, it was all just free roam, No duty finder waiting for ages... I don't want 14 to turn into 11 but they could take some great ideas from it.

Depending on server gathering is good Gil. Also there will be apartments soon a lot of them.  Robin Bergman I'm going on here to say that people who never got the chance to acquire a FC or personal house should be able to do so without having to compete with players who are buying their 3rd, 4th, 8th, etc. plot. I can actually afford a plot, nowhere did I say I couldn't afford it. Nathan Kaminski Soon? You mean in maybe 6 months? And how long have people waited for it... 6 months? try like 2 weeks bud, apartments and new wards are coming out for 3.3 and a whole new housing district in ishgard will be out 3.4 when they finish the dragon song war. do some research.