Monday, April 10, 2017


RUNESCAPE evolves more. Sadly. i have to agree with this, only time i bother to log now is for raiding, and even at that, the raiding is stale now. I only do raids and dungeons for style items xD this game is too grindy. Although i do agree. I still enjoy this game but then I play with a solid group of people (most of which have been playing together for 10 years since FFXI) FFXIV Gil so its more laid back for us. We used to grind the hell out of dungeons and get the latest tome gear asap be we learned early on that you can take your time and just chill. Come next major patch all your gear will be outdated anyway so why bother grinding fully (unless you need it for raiding)

If you played since ARR you should had known the structure moving into hw lol. The word up there is "evolving". Things can evolve. Just because it's been one way doesn't mean it always has to be. As I said, even RUNESCAPE changes. I was talking about your complaint at having to grind tomes. But SE wants to play it safe. That what brings in the subs.  Nothing changed from 2.x > 3.x and nothing will change for tomes in 4.x lol.Ok? I never said it would. It's nominated for most evolving game and I explained why it's definitely not. That's it.  The game is constantly adding new content.

You do realise that ever since the Calamity that was 1.0, I'd say Enix have been trying to be cautious in how they've made 2.0 onwards, in terms of how the game has been handled and how content has been made. With the huge success it's been with ARR and HW in the past 3+ years, I'd say they're willing to step it up with Stormblood and the following patches. Cheap FFXIV Gil  We can only wait and see.Jeffery Steinke Yes, those hard modes of the same things we've been doing are totally new. And so does every other MMO, by the way. That doesn't AT ALL qualify it for "most evolving game" Excuse thrm for not taking risks. Its not like the game bombed once already.

 It's been a few years now, Michael, and the stats prove that this game is a success. In an MMO they can release content that is unlike other content as a sort of trial run. If it bombs, scrap the idea, if it succeeds implement it on a wider scale. Yeah, there's always grind stuff to do, but at least there's a variety and plenty of choice to give people in order what they wanna get. Grinding is an essential rpg and MMO formula. Can't help that.And, no. 1.0 is the same game, just with a massive overhaul. Same maps, re-purposed, areas are snipped and made neater, all existing content was made more streamlined and easier to navigate. But it's still labelled as the same game, just as an expansion.