Friday, April 26, 2013

Starfury Weapons are not enough for RS

Level 90 non-buyable equipment, forgot to add that part in. Obviously I don't want maxed-tier equipment from the Squeal wheel, lol. Your reaction was pretty shocking though. It's just a game, you need to release some steam and chill out.
True but it's still ridiculous even if it is 2 handed and slower (not that speed matters anymore with abilities) I'll edit my post to point this out though.

I welcome the addition of Valentines Day Part 2, even if it seems a little... Less thought out, as it were. I'm actually having a hard time deciding if I really want what will ultimately be another cosmetic weapon over flat experience. In the previous event, I actually skipped the weapons in favor of the emotes and skill pendants.

That said, my input: Since the focus lately has been on updating D&D's, and the backstory of this Squeal event involves ore from swarms of shooting stars... Why not bring Ivar and the ores back as additional rewards for freeing the Star Sprite?

Both stardust and ore flake off the crashed star, and then you can get more ore along with the other rewards for handing in the stardust. Maybe an alternative to the chance to mine an additional ore?

I dunno. On one hand, I actually like these weekly Squeal promotions, but it's too bad so many that would work well outside the Squeal as a permanent addition simply aren't implemented as such.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

New Alpha works well for me

 The new interface system is brilliant! Very useful tools that can be customized to different people's playing styles and activities. So many great features! I'll have to give this a thorough going over this coming weekend as I spent just a short time in and was instantly able to navigate the controls with ease!! Awesome job guys!! I am really grateful that I buy rs account to join Gold Premier Club.

I guess a work around on this with the resizable window is just stretching the game across both screens, but i envisage problems with the character being centered therefore lieing split between the two screens! + issues with screens of different sizes / resolutions. I hope more players can buy rs account to join it so that Jagex can make money from Runescape accounts selling and then release better version in the future.

To summarise... Optimisation for dual screening would be awesome! 

Runescape update Alpha is fantastic

Runescape was actually a very hard game, it's only been since 2011 on that it's really become insanely easy, even taking half the time.

I remember when you used to pay for member and they boasted about 25K+ hours of gameplay compared to 5k for f2p. Now you don't even see that cause the time it takes has dropped drastically due to the "youngins" complaining about the length of geting 99s and such..

Literally among the top 3 best updates ever. Jagex must earn a lot from accounts for sale runescapeSo proud of you guys, it must have taken a lot of work. Thank you so much!! I am gonna hop on there and check this out!!!! If you want to access to this update, just buy rs account to join it.

There are a few little glitches but this is fantastic. Loving the new camera ability, and the way you can make much better use of space and the way you can filter each individual chat, like Friends Private, Clan Chat etc, so you can have trade on/off or game messages on/off within each of the different chat tabs, it gives such a broad range of options, it's really great, there are some little bugs like I said before, the most prominent one is that there is no ability cooldown overlay so you never know when an ability is cooling down or when it will be done and second is that when you hit w,a,s, or d the camera moves even when you're typing or trying to use abilities set to those keys. (Abilities also wont activate under these conditions).

For more news, just read New interface system Alpha is now available

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

interview of Zach

Your character has had to deal with very difficult scenes in Season 4. How did you prepare for Matt heartbreaking moments in "Stand by Me", especially one in which is crying alone in his truck? Many viewers spoke glowingly of your performance on Twitter that night!

Zach: (laughs) I should probably check my Twitter more often. To be honest, I saw the live episode tonight. In fact I saw recently because my sister talked me into it. Regarding scenes, it requires a few days of preparation. There are all kinds of processes used by the actors, but for me, much of this comes from my true feelings for that person. I want to Steven McQueen. I love all my co-stars as brothers and sisters.

Speaking of Steven, did the cast and crew something special for his departure?

Zach: No, because in this series you've never really gone.

We are excited about the prom! Who is Matt? Will it fare better than the dance of the Originals?Zach: Matt definitely going to pass much better than the dance of the Originals. Going with a couple of very good friends [Editor's note: Caroline and Bonnie]. I can not say much, but it was exciting to wear a tuxedo and see my co-stars in their beautiful dresses. In addition, Matt has fun and even lends a hand to save the day.

At the end of the day, Matt is usually the hero.Zach: (laughs) The human hero who hit.

Aww! Well, he's been amazing this season.Zach: Yes, Matt has definitely taken more than one function. He has to. Now you are in the circle of trust has to get involved or stay out altogether.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Saradomin Pack

Saradomin Pack - A set of Saradomin themed cosmetics:

• Holy tiara (head slot)

• Holy armor top (armor slot)

• Holy wings (cape slot, yes it may be aviantese)

• Bane of the darkness (main hand)

• Holy armor bottoms (legs slot)

• Shimmer of light (gloves slot, yes it can be shimmering light)

Zamorakian Pack - Released as Demonic Armor featuring K'ril inspired cosmetic.

Guthix Pack -

-Druidic crown (like the wreath, but leafier, with birds perched in it)
-Gaia body (Earthen with green plants hanging from it)
-Gaia legs (similar to the above)
-Gaia boots ('' '')
-Benelovent gloves Runescape accounts for sale (Earthy with small butterflies fluttering around and occasionally landing on them)
-Gaia cape (Spire of rock draped from the back with water flowing around it and from it to the ground)
-Judicer's staff (Wooden staff adorned with vines that glows a vibrant green)

Special set affect- Plants sprout briefly from your footsteps, fading away quickly when you leave that square runescape sell accounts.


Alternative packs:
Elven (seren)
Ancient (Zaros)

Eastern (Kitsune foxes, please!)

Task frequencies and effigies

Task frequencies and effigies

Task frequencies are based on a sample of 10000+ assignments from Kuradal which I was assigned in the combat beta.

The effigy drop rate of monsters is simply assumed to be 1/4 of the drop rate prior to the nerf. A formula for the drop rate before the effigy nerf was determined by xp-waste research and it was fairly accurate. Taking effigies to buy rs account be 1 quarter the previous drop rate is not accurate but effigies are so rare and have little affect now that this isn't a big problem. I will runescape sell accounts however continue logging effigy drops to improve the accuracy of the formula.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Discussion on Runescape

Now, sending your discussions to Jagex, to be honest, really isn't a good idea. Their job is to run Runescape, and it is pointless to "Run your discussions by them first, before posting." Discussions should come from the heart, not be nit-pick, loop-less topics. Nobodies topics can, nor will ever be perfect. That is what General Discussion is all about though. You have to defend your opinion, and always, your topics, and replies, will be flawed. You must not go by what some big wig company says, but what your own heart says. 

You can  buy rs account to join runescape, if you are satisfied with it.

General Discuss is available for Runescape players

Now, sending your discussions to Jagex, to be honest, really isn't a good idea. Their job is to run Runescape, and it is pointless to "Run your discussions by them first, before posting." Discussions should come from the heart, not be nit-pick, loop-less topics. Nobodies topics can, nor will ever be perfect. That is what General Discussion is all about though. You have to defend your opinion, and always, your topics, and replies, will be flawed. You must not go by what some big wig company says, but what your own heart says.I think if starts earlier, more players will not quit selling runescape accounts , and more gamers will willing to
buy rs account

Nothing wrong with the forum, only thing I miss is the DOTW.

In my honest opinion, I think you are trying way too hard. Yes, long paragraphed discussions are definitely good reads, (For those whom have the patience, of course) but from experience, they are barely discussions to reach pass two pages or so. Not because it is necessarily a bad discussion, but because some members here do not enjoy, or like to read such types of discussions. [Note: In no way am I belittling those of you, who do not enjoy long paragraphed discussions!] I believe the case for this, is that people take breaks from real life, school, homework, parents, etc, and come on to Runescape, and in most cases, Runescape Community, to just escape from all of the complications in real life.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Runescape 3 optimization

If you can try some new features in runescape, you can better enjoy it. Log in now if you have joined Gold and Silver Premier Club. If not, buy runescape accounts to join members, and you will get chance to have a test of Runescape 3 in the coming weeks.
If you have any comments to help runescape 3 get improved, you can post your ideas to runescape forum. There is a thread for you to leave comments. Click,295,176,64905427.

For more information about this news, you can refer:

Hope you have fun in Runescape.

Do you have Super rare items

Have you won any of the super rare Squeal of Fortune items so far in our 'Super-Rare a Day' offer?
runescape accounts

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How do you think about these questions about Rare items

Below are series questions from runescape forum, you can vote for it.

Question 1
Update some of the training obstacles, such as pipes, at various agility courses to allow multiple players to use them simultaneously.

Question 2
Improve the pathfinding/routefinding code to prevent the bugs where players run back and forth and dance around large npcs when trying to fight them.

Question 3
Some additional OldSchool worlds will be added, with F2P restrictions applied so that clans and PKers can engage in PVP combat in the Wilderness without members’ items or abilities. The worlds will remain accessible only to RuneScape members. Players who do not wish to use these worlds would not be required to visit them, and the world-picker would not send people to these worlds who had not manually selected them.

If you don’t F2P restrictions, you can buy runescape account to join membership.

Question 4
If you cast a second alchemy spell while a previous alchemy spell is still in progress, the second spell is queued up to run when the first one finishes. This would not queue up more than one spell at any time.

Question 5
The list of activities (e.g trading, Castle Wars) from the themed worlds forum post will be added to the world select pages.

Question 6
If a world is full, players trying to log into it will be placed in a queue, rather than having to repeatedly login until there is space.

Question 7
Players will be permitted to return to Ape Atoll without claiming the Defence XP reward of the Monkey Madness quest, allowing pures to attempt the monkey chapter of Recipe for Disaster. If you can level high runescape accounts, just make money from selling runescape accounts.

Question 8
Holding down the mouse wheel button will allow you to rotate the camera, like the arrow keys do.

Question 9
While you are trading with another player, their chat messages will be copied to your Trade chat tab so that you can read them more easily.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Comments on Runescape EoC

Joshua you are a joke. Have you noticed how empty the EOC has been lately? W2, W18 edgeville pking is dead, when they all used to be full. The fact is RS is much more empty since the EOC came out. We won't stop complaining until they fix it - just like free trade.

If you want to play it but don't wanna buy membership, then you aren't a paying customer and your opinion doesn't matter. Kinda like the kids at mcdonalds that ask for 10 water cups. Whether to buy runescape account or not is up to you.

If you think about it people are leaving because the're stubborn. they don't want to have to use abilities... in all honesty in the future Jagex could implement special attacks into EoC and you'd all still cry. EoC hasn't ruined anything it's still rs. People just choose not to play as for what i mentioned earlier, they're all stubborn. Now, there's nothing wrong with EoC i quite enjoy it long with many other people.

If you really don’t want EoC any more, you can sell runescape accounts to Farmer100 where you can sell and buy runescape accounts.

Friday, April 12, 2013

feel strange about RS 2007

Your f2p model was wildly successful in 2007, so why wouldn't it be now? I understand that you asked members their opinion first because they directly fund the game, but free players still provide you with income through ads. Adding new servers would cost more money, sure, but if you don't bother to find out how many free players would play then you're potentially losing a great deal of potential funds. Do you honestly think you'd be where you are now if p2p was your primary business model, runescape accounts for sale competing with WoW?

Now I know you're going to mention that the main game is still free, but I can vouch for at least 20 players that I personally know who would rather play 2007 than the modern game. To be honest, I think you're restricting RS2007 because it would quickly become the more popular game thus making Jagex look foolish for implementing features like GE and EoC. Then again, maybe you want to force "free" players to deal with microtransactions selling runescape accounts in the modern game on the off-chance they'll toss some cash your way.

tl;dr: EA won Worst Company in America because of the same business practices you use.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

April festival for Warcraft

The cross real feature was designed to give it a more Vanilla feel. I started near the end of BC and often had to wait just to log on and when i finally did, it was still loaded with people. Even with the cross server, there is still not as many people back when I started playing WoW.

Honestly I don't mind the cross-realms so much, EXCEPT for when holidays roll around. Scale it back, remove it, or apply to the zones affected the same rules as the Brawler's Guild area. It kills the ability to participate. I saw so many people just camping one spot waiting for eggs. After a few minutes of trying (and even jumping to two other areas), I gave up on the holiday. Flat out gave up. There is no way to do this one without camping, and I'm not going to be paying to sit in one spot for hours.

Agreed but it's also nice being able to connect with friends crossrealms! then it should be like you have to group up to see eachother

There already have been quite a few petitions to remove it started by players, but unfortunately, they're only on small threads scattered about the internet, and cannot capture the attention of the entire populace of WoW. This is something Blizzard has to do if they want to maintain their profits next quarter.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

final chance to apply for the HTML5 beta

Jagex, make more room in castle wars. there are only like 10 ppl in game when there are up to 40 in the waiting room. I waited for 72 minutes before i was allowed to join, and that was in an open spot for no reward, on the losing team.....

Got a bug report... I haven't been bothered enough by bugs like this before to take the time but this one is just a letdown. Not sure where to submit a bug report though.

If you don’t want to miss this, just buy rs accountto join rs members.

Which RS Boss Monster do you like defeating the most?

Delrith was my onest boss beaten !

HTML 5 gives RuneScape a stunning new look

Looks way more amazing that I was thinking. I love graphics on RuneScape, I can't wait to dive head first into beta when it's released. Gold Premier members here, instant access yay!

I have played runescape for a year, but I like writing Runescape guides very much.  And I update many rs guides on my blog every day.If you want to know how to sell rs accounts,you can read my articles on Runescape.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Klaus is concerned that there out there a BE ABLE TO KILL


In this interview Joseph Morgan talks about Klaus's love, their faults and the pilot of "The Originals".

Question: Klaus and Caroline are now officially "friends". At this point, what can be said about Klaus's feelings about it?

Klaus is still very fond of her. Look, when he was dying, he called Caroline. Not his sister, or his brother. That says a lot about his feelings for her. In that episode where Caroline was dying (Into the Wild, 4 × 13), she said "I know you're in love with me." Klaus wants to believe, that is capable of love. We'll see how it turns out.

Question: It sounds like Klaus is softening.

Softening?? Not at all. We'll explore more of her vulnerable side, for example in the American Gothic episode 4 × 18. The thing about Klaus is that just when you start to like the character because it seems to be turning into a better person, go and chop 12 hybrids with a sword or kill someone's mother. I think I always see walking around in the same circle, sometimes vulnerable, sometimes feared.

Question: In the series we see Damon goes from being a psychopath insensitive to a tortured anti-hero. Could be the same with Klaus?

For the story in The Originals meant redemption of Klaus, I doubt that people forget as Klaus killed Aunt Jenna and the rest of people. It takes thousands of years to do so, to get what they want in their own way. I wonder how that can be redeemed. I doubt that will happen as with Damon.

Q: Not long ago, Klaus was magically trapped in the Gilberts house when he left there and was determined to get revenge. Is all this anger past history?

Of course not. It's been 500 years chasing Katerina. When you're so old, the perception of time is different, and therefore vengeance need not be immediate. Klaus still remember what you guys did at the end of the third season, and has not yet forgiven. So no, Klaus is not leaving the soothe his anger.

Question: How does Klaus has hit the small meeting he had with Silas?

Now it has been discovered that Silas can get in your mind, you can manipulate it at will in a way that no one has never been able ... A Klaus always likes to be the one who handles the situation, the alpha. Concerned that there is a being out there not only able to kill him, but thinking it is dying. It seems that she does not like to feel controlled, as we saw in American Gothic.

Question: Elijah and Rebekah returned to Mystic Falls with healing. How is the family dynamics? How do you see your brothers Klaus?

At this time does not take particularly well with Rebekah. He can not understand that her sister wants to be human again. Their relationship worsened since she ended the way to create new hybrids. However, they will like to see Elijah again. Also comes from his brother pearls bring healing to shake off Silas. I always say that this family can do terrible things from it, but you do not someone outside this.

Question: Can you give us a preview of the next chapters, especially the chapter The Originals and help us continue the pilot of the spin-off The Originals?

The next chapter will be devoted specifically to the original, we will see Klaus and Elijah gathered. We will see who believes that Elijah would be more beneficial to give the cure. We will also see that it is leading to Klaus to New Orleans for the chapter of the spin-off. This chapter contains scenes in Mystic Falls. Wake up with Stefan, Damon and Elena, but amid march become clear as the new series. It will be epic. At TVD we see the story of a small town, but in The Originals see the world on a larger scale. The series will focus on a war between two species and the dispute that exists there. Klaus will see much more on screen, which meant more work for me than I do in The Vampire Diaries. It was a fantastic new challenge.

Q: Finally, why they love hearing Klaus hates? Are you surprised that your character is a favorite?

The truth is yes. I never expected that my character had so much to tell. I knew there were parts of it with which I was identified and tried to emphasize. I tried to have a reason for everything he did. He had always been the least loved child and least favorite of his father. To give the character roots, reasons and motives as these, was giving a strong substantiate Klaus as such. So, yes, I was quite surprised but I got the chance to show their most vulnerable. It's a flawed character and I can boldly say that we are all imperfect in some degree. Nobody is perfect. I hope you have small portions of Klaus with which everyone can identify ...

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Earning money from trading rs items

Generally, we know it is of little profitable to sell rs gold and rs items. Compared to sell runescape accounts, they are time-saving and not so skillful. Actually, if you can learn how to get some rs items and trading at appropriate places to target players, you can earn as much as runescape accounts for sale.

There are numerous Water Vials filled with water in the general store. You can sell them to Grand Exchange to make a decent profit.

You can buy Green Dragon Hides and sell them after tanning them.

It is easy to buy oak logs for 6GP each and sell them for as much as 30 GP. Perhaps, you may have to store them in bank till the demand is high.

The ideal place to buy some cheap armors and weapons is World 1. Then you can head over to different worlds to sell them.

There are too many methods to sell rs items to earn money. You should know market demand and the prices to be a good salesman.

Saving money tips

If you are wondering how to save money for a trip or for gifts on big festivals, you need to find some methods to save money in your daily life. The below tips are my advices for your reference.

Shop on-line. Electronic-commerce develops so well now, you can easily find things online are much cheaper than real store. This is because businessmen have to pay tax, rent for real store, so they have higher cost than on-line store. With the fierce competitive counterparts online, the price goes down. If you have enough time, you can search what you want in different websites so that you can find the cheapest one.

Play games. It is really amazed me when one of my friends told me that he earned thousand dollars by playing games. He is good at runescape. When he feels stressed or has leisure time, he plays it to give a break from stressed work. Firstly, he earns some money by selling runescape accounts to beginners. Then he will buy runescape accounts from online site which are paid but low level. He train skills and level two or three hours a day. I really think it is a good way to earn money for those who get addicted to games and are super gamer. You just need to buy runescape accounts cheap enough, train skills, level and sell them at high price.

Buy second-hand stuffs. I don’t mean you buy everything that are second-hand, but for some stuffs. Second-hand books are good choice for you, especially novels, as you don’t need to take notes or do exercise. Even, you can borrow books from library, which will save much than second-hand.

Go shopping after holidays. A big secret is that businesses use tricky way to make promotions when holiday is coming around corner, and they raise their price and then sell them on sale or provide big discounts as too many people deem. While if some businesses don’t sell as expected, they have to sell them by losing money. If you go shopping at this time, you can get at lower price.

Compared to shopping after holidays, I recommend you plan vacations ahead of time: Usually, we spend a large sum of our savings on vacations. Some people just consider vocation as a necessary part of their life. Then you should avoid traveling on holidays. The tickets are without discount and hotel charge is much higher than usual. So go ahead of time, which help you save a lot. Also, you should not buy souvenirs at scenic spot, which is definitely expensive than outside.

Hope you can start to save money from this moment!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How to make full use of rs gold

Perhaps, you are always searching for good ways to earn as much rs gold as you can. But you may ignore it is of great importance to make full use of rs gold. If you are good at making most of your rs money, it is not so necessary to be eager for rs money making skills. If you read some articles about how to make full use of rs gold before, you may know it is great use and profound meaning in the long run. This article gives a brief elaboration on this for free players so that you don’t need to buy runescape account with millions of rs coins. Though runescape accounts for sale become cheaper and cheap, you can save money from buying rs gold.


It is relatively expensive for free players to train high level of Prayer. Sometimes, you need 100 thousand gp to purchase bones to train Prayer. The idea place to buy cheapest big bones is Varrock west bank in world 1. What is funny is that you can gain much prayer xp from burying each bone. If you are excellent prayer, you can sell runescape accounts to earn money from runescape accounts for sale.


If you are ranger in Runescape, you can go to Lowe’s ranging shop to buy arrows, dragon hide armor. It is located in Varrock World 1 and you can buy almost everything there with lowest price.


Like Prayer, it is really costly to train high level Combat. On one hand, the amulets, food, armors and weapons are not cheap at all. On the other hand, Combat is considered to be the toughest skill to train high. As if you can train high combat, it will never be a dream to become a successfully businessmen by runescape accounts for sale. The perfect place to buy weapons, armors, amulets is Varrock west bank.

All in all, it is useful to make full use of rs gold.

Monday, April 1, 2013

How to make your blogs included fast and favored by search engine

Many SEOers are searching for good ways to make blogs included fast by search engine with the popularity of search engine optimization and convenience accessibility to internet. This article is committed to blog included for SEOer beginners.

First, make some strategy plans for your blog. Such as the name of the blog, try with contain keywords significance, mainly to nouns, words not too much personally think that not more than seven words appropriate. Moreover, once the name is determined, it is best not to go to change frequently, because it will appear in the title of the page html code label can be regarded as the most authoritative description of the blog, Baidu Spider also as a personal brand, a description of the trademark, if even this is often changed would have been questioned. In fact, in our real life it is not so. There is, the various sub-sections of the blog arrangements, of course, with the forward to future needs can also be added to the section name will also improve the user experience and search engine.

Good content is the basic requirement. A new blog already has a crisis of confidence is even worse if the contents do not do a good job. Blog home address written articles Baidu Webmaster platform.

The webmaster tools inside surface the url submit channel ( submit up, it may be faster included. Recommend pre Bowen is best not with external links inside. I used to sell runescape accounts online, and I usually write some articles about runescape account for sale, guides about rs gold farming, runescape accounts leveling. If the guide is of great use, it will appeal readers to click and bring much flow to my blogs when I share to my twitter, Facebook and Google+ and attract gamers to buy rs account from my websites.

Otherwise vulnerable to the resentment of the search spiders as a period of time, after a certain amount of content and also started a collection of slowly do outside the chain, but the article should not be too much, one or two better.

Blog personalized domain name blog name keywords Pinyin is a good choice, the two will be a plus in the experience of the user experience and search spiders. Domain is determined after do not have to change is also a commentary on the use of the length of time sentenced standard, the way the address submitted to the search engines, to shorten the recording time.

In several weights portal website a blog, and slowly architecture sprocket they have an unexpected effect, which is to improve the ranking.

Should blog well attract search engine spiders frequented by a long-term adherence and trial and error process, not instant success accomplished overnight.