Friday, June 26, 2015

16 different websites lose access to heavensward

Maybe if you didnt have 16 different websites to manage your account... How do I get my game on time without customs deciding they needed to investigate the package? lol.. (seriously.) I love how so many people complain. They could just shut the servers down buy FFXIV gil . And say have a nice day.... Should add receiving pre order bonus item codes after early access has already ended ( The page still works but I think people need clarification ) I was worried about it at first since I have less than superb internet and haven't even been able to play yet. #DataCaps. unsure. Gotta go borrow someone else's internet to get the latest patch.

can se sell twintania mount as optional item in mogstation like sleipnir mount? really want to buy that mount..  I ordered collectors cheap FFXIV Gil, now its in customs... So if they dont release it before the 27th then i lose access to heavensward!!!? The PS Store was easy to pre order(: I did the same thing but still can't access heavensward. For me it just downloaded the game and theme. I booted it up. Another update and bam! How do you download the Mac digital copy? Bought it but don't have any idea where the download is. I want Collector's Edition. Fork over $120 and you can have it. You can do it by their store or collectors over your gaming platform (ps store or steam I would guess) I wish they could have done a digital upgrade for it cause i would have baught it after looking at the mounts in game. I baught the normal edition cause it was really the only one i could get. Woah, that new Alphinaud voice actor. Super awkward after jumping into HW content right after finishing the Beofre the Fall stuff.

 If you're joining for the first time, you can start a free 14-day trial! Use one of these Recruit-A-Friend codes for 20% bonus EXP equipment and other special rewards!! I'm annoyed with the constant maintenance !! It's like June is pay to not play!!!! Get it together already.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

read about FF14

I can't wait for my griffin! Trey Vacovsky III, says the troll posting on fan pages. Already done. Not in love with Bard changes (yet...?) but I AM in love with Heavensward! It's simply gorgeous buy FFXIV Gil. Bard limit break nuff said. only peeve with bard is the volley -> rain of death chain is no more lol. bard limit break is awesome tongue. first time i fired it off we were like wow.  They wanted to emphasize on bards single target and DoT's, machinist took over the AoE damage role. Besides, bards is no longer low tier dps, they get up there now with ninjas and monks.

My gripe isn't about more or less damage, it's about a complete change in playstyle after 50 levels and almost 2 years. Almost feel like I may as well play BLM now...

Besides the data center errors, it's been a wonderful experience and I've just leveled up to 51 with my main and rolled an astrologian which is at 47 now. Plan to hit 50 tonight before the servers go down. Hey how about you idiots fix the log in issue before constant promo of the new expansion. Three days and we can't get in buy cheap FFXIV Gil .  Beautiful! From everything I've heard and read about FF14 it seems to be on absolute fire right now! WoW and certain other lame titles seriously killed my desire for MMO's but now I think it is definitely time I return and give 14 a good go. ff14 is the best mmo in my opinion i may be little bias due to huge fan of the franchise.

This is my first mmo and I love it!!! I play(ed) many mmos and I agree this is the greatest one for me. I still absolutely love this game, expansion is also well done.  Yeah I've played every final fantasy except 1,2,3 and the two mmo's. I need to do it.  just be warned its heavily story based... and expansion is gated behind story but in saying that... the story is amzing even more so in the expansion XD. I could never really get into MMOs but this one is definitely worth it! I've put so much time into it, way more than any other game I've played.

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Friday, June 19, 2015

Let us look Heavensward

Hey y'all! It is almost here! Quick question: I bought the CE from PSN for PS3. I'm downloading the patch now, but when do I choose which account I want to use? After patch? Not sure how it works cheap FFXIV Gil, but if you had to enter a code, that's when you should choose an account.  should help, I hope. I love what you guys are doing to control network congestion upon release. AFK auto-kicks and field instances. That is simply great. Happy to pay to play! Let us look Heavensward! The StormRider rides his mighty battle chocobo Cyclonius to Ishgard!

 If I buy it from psn tomorrow will I still get early access? from what ive seen you can still buy early access or pre order until the 23rd and im downloading already. I can't say 100% but I don't think so early access codes have to be put in before this maintance is over.. because early access starts tomorrow and the game is live to everyone on the 23rd ^ Once the servers are back up, early access codes can no longer be entered. That's not correct. "Early access will end on Saturday, June 27, 2015 at 12:01 a.m. in the time zone for the registered account’s region. Please register the full registration code/promotion code for buy FFXIV Gil FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward before this time to continue playing after the early access period."

I'm actually a bit pissed off about the nerf to black mages flare... Can we still buy early access at any time? You had to pre order it. Some places gave you a pre order code for it. Most place is not giving it anymore. From SQ store you surly can. Anyways the server are most likely to be laggin during 1/2 days. so no worries about this, wait it out bro. Not after preorder start time ala 2am, then everyone has to wait until official release.

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Sunday, June 14, 2015

everything in FFXIV Heavensward is dragon related

Gimme my ps4 code already >:0.  I called SE and they are making everyone in NA whom ordered physical copy's wait until the 19th... Oh seriously ? That kinda sucks. Thanks for the info though cheap FFXIV Gil Zachery Palmer. That sucks, EU over here got it right away. That's the thanks I get for paying close to $140?  midgardsormr pet maybe? mayyyyyyyybe? just ifrit titan and garuda? oh, well damn.

I seriously think they need to make more egi, but only allow us to have 3 on our hotbars at a time. Kinda like chocobo bardings? If that makes sense. No, it will break game balance. They're giving Egi glamors but that's it. New summons PALEAASE. Older Looking man, in a pink bow and frills/ winged garb? I see the artist is playing the internet game. Well played artist. My most favorite minion. This has got to be my favourite so far, lol. Does this mean SMNs will have some dragon-based abilities? Their new AF gear looks draconic (same as DRG's new AF) and there's 2 drakes in this pic - not to mention they're able to enter Bahamut Trance and perform a skill that looks like Akh Morn. I'll be on vacation most of the first week this is out, but I'm looking forward to this! But WoW is adding flying back huehuehuehuehue. Guy knows how to buy FFXIV Gil rock a miniskirt and stockings. New Egi confirmed? 

Their new skills channels the power of Bahamut, so there's the dragon component. Also, everything in Heavensward is dragon related.  Steven Vaschetto the theme is about Ishgard and Dragons but it seems only DRG and SMN gets the dragon treatment.  That is is one assumes the floating purple poo is bahamut....