Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Blade and Soul NA Rumble in the Realm finals are live

 Im from Greece,Servers are at germany and i have 40-80 ping also the ingame MS count is bugged in every region so i wouldnt take it seriously. moonstone price ll rise like hell why this change in plain. Battle ground is so much fun!!!! Are people near server still getting 250+ms I quit cause of it. Sometimes my ping went crazy but that doesnt stop me from playing . i have 76+ ping at times. im from cali btw . Buy Blade and Soul Gold sure i get mad when my ping is high af but i didnt quit playing lol.

 Tonyy Trann use your resource manager to see what your really getting. and if ping makes a game unplayble why would i hang around,  do you pvp with it cause its unbearable. why so lagg in my PC?? is it my comp. or my monitor.... Blade and Soul Gold It isnt only on your PC... Mine too and i have a Nice PC...

The NA Rumble in the Realm finals are live on Hi Blade & Soul I love your game an all but when are you guys gonna do a better job removing the gold spammer's i mean its hard to find people in shout or in whisper when you have gold bots cutting you off, hence the reporting doesnt do much since they keep coming back aside from that keep doing what you guys are doing.

Well, in my server it not that bad, not as it used to be. They used to be 10+ per day. Blocked them, another 10 will show up a day later. Now I'm blocking maybe 3? Sometimes I see 0. Hi. Are you guys doing something to help us from SEA improve our ping? SEA to NA/EU is limited by geographical distance. So...no matter what you do ; using ping booster etc , your ping will always 150++ ms Knowing BnS is heavy ping dependant...truly sucks don't have sea server.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Blade and Soul NA servers gives you Chinese server ping

SEA server please. Coz the lag in NA is too much to bare. I'm a Lyn Blade Master... 90-120 ping ms is a must specially when fighting Kung Fu Master with 90 ping ms... SEA server please. Buy FFXIV Gil Coz the lag in NA is too much to bare. I'm a Lyn Blade Master... 90-120 ping ms is a must specially when fighting Kung Fu Master with 90 ping ms...your game will never be an e-sport when people within the eu have 200ms on the eu servers with 20-50mbps connections. get a grip and fix your servers.

NA here, 70mbps connection, cheap Blade and Soul Gold 200ms. Quality servers indeed. it's the servers that are the issues and server location, to be a decent esport they would need to add more servers and actually pay decent cash for good ones. Actually many already organising esport tournament in NA there's big $$ ahead of the winners.

 Who can let me know how to decrease ping in BnS NA? :( I can't PvP or solo dungeon with huge ping. With EU servers receiving NA server ping and logging into NA servers gives you Chinese server ping? Okay... I don't know if I should put money in this game. Unless you guys could make me confident. ping based game. lol. where all the top players live in the same town as the server.. FFXIV Gil why would you do that to yourself???

This game is so dead. lol No match for other eSports games. BnS is too fast for me, it's the reason why I don't PvP as much as I should. I'll just stick to 4 man Asura. BnS is too fast for me, it's the reason why I don't PvP as much as I should. I'll just stick to 4 man Asura. BnS is too fast for me, it's the reason why I don't PvP as much as I should. I'll just stick to 4 man Asura.  Aion is relatively slow in comparison to the more action mmo rpgs. how i can play competitive with 350 ms? and random crash in loading screens...

Blade & Lag or Blade & Quests?

Blade & Lag or Blade & Quests? We deserve something better than what we have been presented. Especially those interested in the game since 2012. And today, unfortunately, is something frustrating. The essence is good. The impression is that neither the company expected way the thing evolved. Dollars continue to be won. However, lack planning. That make an inference needs, analysis of data from all servers. The gain would be much higher.

It has passed the time to develop an evolution of the game. But, instead, develop a mobile version? At a time when more care is MOBA, a MMORPG still have the amount of admirers as B & S have? FFXIV Gil My opinion: could have more respect for the product B&S and its customers. More caring, right? Are missing the opportunity to receive dividends from a single product for more than a decade, for sure. I, for example, could spend with a premium account. But I refuse. I deserved better after years of expectations waiting for the game to be released in the West.

 I about to get back into B&S after hearing that the bot issue is no longer a thing; however, it takes FOREVER to download the game. from 1.5MBpS to 200KBpS. Is there a workaround for this because cheap Blade and Soul Gold I'll I see from users is "suck it up, everyone had to do it"? Buy FFXIV Gil Fix ping issues, fps issues, log issues, and various other issues.
Why not introduce territory wars? The maps are large, why not introduce territory war? That is an opportunity for Co op with clans and etc.

Need more and better servers around the world, plus this game highly needs to be optimized; massive fps drops, random crashes, server disconnection smh. this game will never be truly optimized , the problem is the game engine is outdated, and stuck at DX9 unable to upgrade , so theres not much room for optimization asides from players spending more money on better internet.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

FFXIV Expansion

I concur with red mage being sword dps. They could use rapiers to keep it weapon exclusive. And samurai could definitely be the tank. Samurai used to tank all the time back in ffxi. Since they switched DRK from dps to tank (from 11 to 14), I can see them doing the same here. I also saw that IDS could be "Idol Singer". I saw this on a random reddit post, so take it with a grain of salt, but the idea would be that it is more along the lines of a dancer.

 Wait, I am confused. FFXIV Gil So there is nothing going on Sunday? I thought Friday was badge pick up day, sat full event day and Sunday was events and closing? Thursday is registration and Friday Saturday is the event. Gina Dahlstrom ah okay then, ty for the info! I thought it was different last time I went and got confused!

Really hope that merch finds its way online. I would love that tapestry, encyclopedia and calendar. I think they said it will after final fan fest concludes.  buy FFXIV Gil Play Asia already had pages up for the encyclopedia and the calendar, so those two will be available later for sure. I believe it said December release dates. Expansion will probably be the first thing announced like last time.

Are these exclusive only to the attendees, or are we able to purchase merchandise online as well?  Chocolate materia balls Nope, attendees only from what I've heard. If we got the digital fan pass, are we able to purchase these, too? I live in Vegas, but didn't get hooked until two months ago. It's sold out.... noooooooooo!! At least they got Susan Calloway this time and not some random from youtube, she was absolutely horrible.