Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Occupational characteristics of Wizard

Magician with high injury group to kill the magic known in the basic attributes, the intellect is preferred, it can enhance the Sorcerer's injury. At the same time these professional magician also has the following characteristics:

Range attack
Battlefield will be summoned to the big killer magic cover - Master of attacks can inflict damage on the crowd, the diablo 3 account buy beam can rely on the skills of the more recent inflict more wounds on the battlefield and those people will be hesitant master summoned rockfall hit deflated.
Protection Magic
Although compared to other occupations, magician physically very fragile, but they can use defensive magic to protect themselves. Whether it is to their own armor to wear diamonds, or create mirror to confuse the enemy, sell diablo 3 account or even slow down those who dare to provoke attacks and their stupid creatures.
Master of Elements d3 account
Magician has completely mastered the sanctuary of the world power of the elements. Fire, lightning, ice and high winds are in the hands of them, they can find out the opponent's weaknesses and targeted attacks.
Endless Energy
Master them little light energy. Prop extremely fast recovery blessing arcane energy, they can be very free to cast spells, and as experience grows better control of these forces.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Baidu and Google join hands to reject spam links

These days, Baidu and Google almost simultaneously on spam links, especially the sale, exchange link network platform, a heavy hand combat, but there may be more follow-up action.

Outset that although known as spam links, but I do not think this word is to be given to what derogatory. The so-called search engine spam links just stand point of view, after all, the nature of those non-voting link will seriously affect the quality of search engine rankings, search engines want to affect long-run jobs, so belonging to crack down on the scope. I have 4 years experience on SEO. Once I committed to diablo 3 account sale. I usually write guides for d3 players about Diablo 3 account skills training and d3 gold making. I earn thousands of dollars per month. I like this job so much and I willing to write some blogs about SEO and SEM.But for SEO, the large part of the sale, exchange link is normal, even With the purpose to improve the ranking of the small, nothing hidden, nothing more and moral judgments, although the word sounds like rubbish to say the bad guys . (Black chain is another story altogether)

SEO stands on the position, what kind of links will be treated as junk or cheat it? Can consider two:

1) what are, in moderation, no problem, sale, exchange are nothing, but the scale is large, and even fast as pipelined operation, and it may crossed the line.

2) was clutching it means cheating, not being grabbed is a good kind.

Back to the topic.

February 20, 21 or so, Baidu green dill on-line algorithm, the main fight is trading links

Friday, May 24, 2013

music contest of rs

I've checked it out, and that's some nice hard Dubstep he produce, for how long does he make music now runescape gold for sale?

My dj name is "en-Wout", but I don't make Dubstep: My music taste is very loud and I make hard stuff like Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, etc but also extreme music like Terror (hence my rsn), Speedcore, Extratone (3600+bpm), Harsh Noise, etc
I also make Horror music, which is a down tempo of Hardcore called Doomcore, and I make some interesting stuff like Gabberstep which is a crossbreed between dubstep and Hardcore/Terror (it's a sort of extreme Dubstep genre, it doesn't need to have buy runescape money a lot of bass like Dubstep does but it uses very harsh sounds and a lot of noise, shouting, distortion, etc)

Finally a music contest, but sadly I will not be partaking in this one, I'm a parody artist and comedic singer, I guess I could hum it runescape account lol... If you decide to do a completely original music contest I'm all for it . I was thinking a double ended contest in the future. Compose your own Runescape music and lyrics and perform it then whoever wins that,buy rs accounts use the song as part of a video contest. Idk...  

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

guide for DH in diablo3

A quick update:

I'm a dumbass.
Inbetween Shadow Power with Gloom, and Strafing, one needs stop for a moment to level Diablo 3 account, or else the Life Steal will not be in effect.
Now that I can actually use it right -- hopefully -- It's much much easier to let go of some EHP.

How to do that...
Well, the forums are a reliable source of information - I've pretty much crept into all of you.

So first of all, alot of you guys are using craftable items. Shouldedrs, Amulet, Gloves and Bracers.

~300 dex, ~60 Resistance To All Elements, ~100 Vitality.

~200 dex, ~8 Critical Hit Chance, ~80 Critical Hit Damage.
This gives me 200 (or more) dex, in addition for the Crit Chance and Crit damage approaching the square.

~200 dex, ~7 Increased Attack Speed, ~8 Crit Chance, ~30 Crit Damgage.
A slight gain in dex, and more attack speed.

Either Strongarms with ~250 Dex, ~40 Vitality, 8% To Life, 4.5 Crit Chance or a similiar craft, ~5 Crit Chance.
A trade-off of 250 dex for 8 attack speed.

Like wise, I'll have to make adjustments in other slots.

New Mempo of Twilight with Socket, 250+ Dex, ~40 Vitality, ~8 Increased Attack Speed, ~75 Resistance to All Elements, ~11% To Life.

New Natalya's Reflection, with 4+ Crit Chance, ~8 Increased Attack Speed, 150+ Dex
A trade-off Critcal Hit Damge for attack speed.

Inna's Temperance, 2 Sockets, 160+ Dex, ~45 Vitality, ~8 Increased Attack Speed, 1 Critical Hit Chance.if you are high levels of diablo 3, you can sell Diablo 3 account to earn a lot.


Note, the changes are given in rounded numbers - thus accuracy is impossible.

For DPS:



Looks good eh? A net gain in DPS by 71k.




A loss of 76k in EHP diablo 3 accounts for sale, with disregard for Dodge. Note though, that since I've increased my Dexterity by ~850, the Dodge chance is increased.

Now I have a long thermed plan: Crafting... Alot. However, I think the trade-off is worth it. It's almost a 1 to 1 trade-off.
I'll try highter MPs now.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

All of the diablo games are the best games

All of the diablo games are the best games and soundtracks if other people can't see that those people have dumb ideas... yea you guys really screwed over one of the best pc games ever made diablo 3 is an insult to the trilogy if i had billions of dollars i would buy you out fire you all and rehire blizzard north crew to make diablo 3 RIGHT! freaking nubs in d3 account.

These people who still keep posting comments about how much they hate D3 need to see a psychologist. it is not normal to still be posting hate about game after one year. women who got raped and people who got stabbed or shot by a criminal stop posting hate about the criminal in less than a year, while these people keep whining and complaining for one whole year for a $60 game that did not live up to their expectations. FYI diablo 3 is a good game and diablo 3 account sale. you just compare it too much to its predecessors and you overhyped yourself thinking that it would give you the same experience as the previous games.

 seriously asking money for celebration that's just wrong man wrong can i stay awhile and listen if you killed off decard cain in the stupidest way possible to a power ranger looking vampire chick in act one?? seriously wtf blizz。

i remember some games came with an audio disc with the sound track. not having to pay for it. so ill just boot the game to listen to the tracks.

Friday, May 17, 2013

identify spam in Search engine

 Many people think that, there are many websites rely on blog spam message to improve the ranking, the effect is good, the site did not punish. However, there are two things to consider:

1) we see a large number of spam is not necessarily the cause of the website ranking. To reduce manslaughter, search engines usually ignore junk message, and will not be punished stay spam website, or too dangerous, and can easily be used to framed competitors' sites. The ranking of these sites is likely to be the reason we did not find, for example, there are some very strong external links.

2) does not punish, does not necessarily mean no punishment. Said the punishment is actually not very accurate, accurate to say that when the search engines find these spam, remove the weight of these spam links and voting power, the decline in website ranking, seems to be a punishment, but in fact only website ranking back it should have place. Since I need to submit bookmark about diablo 3 account sale and runescape account, it has problem . If you want to solve it, insist on reading my SEO blogs.

Search engine how to decide the spam? May have the following method.

Look at the time of the message. Within a few seconds with a blog, for example, appear in different posts message links of the same site, this is definitely not normal. Or the same site spam links appear on more than one blog, in almost the same time period. For a single blog author can not see, but the search engines detect these easy. I have years of experience on SEO. Once I committed to selling Diablo 3 account. I usually write guides for d3 players about d3 account skills training and d3 gold making.

Whether the message contains a URL? URL just text or make a hyperlink? Spam software or stay spam ambition, not satisfied with leaving only the signature, still leave the URL in the message content. Spam filter, I often see several pages of garbage. This spam, I guess no matter how stupid the search engine can also be judged.

Message length. A lot of spam is often only good article, good, top that kind of thing. This short and without meaning, will increase the possibility is suspected.

On the the blacklist IP and website. The anti-spam software will collect those garbage sites and IP addresses. Once on the blacklist, directly filtered out. I believe that the search engine has a similar database.

Speed ​​of spam links. Meaningful message left with a real audience, and the bulk software are quickly leaving a large number of links, search engines can also detect this.

Which makes a software that can avoid the above mentioned may be suspected, you are a master.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

how do you know your ex over you?

Are you curious how can your ex boyfriend or girlfriend over you? This article is good for you.

If you have a boyfriend or a girl friend, it is no doubt you will have some special moment to recall your romantic experience with each other. However, if the romantic relationship has ended, can you keep moving on in short time? If occasionally, you break relationship with your boyfriend, your relatives or your friends, how can you make yourself back to normal life again? Or how should you know he is over you or not?

If you have a comprehension of the mental status of your ex-boyfriend, and you want to get him back. You are right here to read this article. There are some signs for your reference.

He was angry if you manage to move on. When you are communicating with other men, he shout at you or annoyed and sour that you have tried to keep ahead. He is still not over you as it is difficult for him to forget about you. He hardly pretended not to care about you.

He hasn’t prepared to have a date. If he begins to date, it is obvious he is over you as nothing has stuck him for another girl.

If this sounds like his situation, the more likely is that he is not well prepared to dedicate yet as he is not really over you. Even though, he is attempting to move on, your carelessness hurt him, which makes him hard to have a date with other girls or appreciate other girls.

He still buys something for you that you need urgently. If you are a gamer, he buys Diablo 3 account for you. He pretended to say it is cheap or free as one of his friends give to him. Don’t trust him. It is no doubt he is not really over you. Maybe he searched forwhere to buy Diablo 3 account for several days as he is a fool on game. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

diablo III is still making me excited

I guess Blizzard decided to celebrate D3's first birthday the same way they celebrated its birth: downed servers... Happy Birthday?

I wonder if you are seeing this Blizzard, 8/10 are rage comments, yet you don't seem to care and still posting this trash on the forum with your Diablo 3 account. In the past year, a lot people have quit this game, if you don't do some thing, than you can celebrate your birthday by yourself next year. All we want is a game that is beatable with self find gear, but than.... 199/200 rares that we found are useless, and 9/10 legendaries we found are crap, is itemlization really that hard? or you just want to troll your clients.Like this new Diablo 3, just diablo 3 accounts for sale?

To all the flamers, trolls and haters out there with an issue. Make a game yourself and then see how easy it is to support and make something everyone likes. Sure there are issues but still if you do not have any Dev Cred.

Casuals nerfing the game into a braindead clicking marathon, no innovation/no creativity, item dupe, gold dupe/2beez, essence trading, unsecure in-game trade, barb exploit, wizard exploit, scammers getting away, no pvp/ridiculous brawling mode etc.

Good work!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

the characteristics of Demon Hunter on diablo 3

Assassination artists

Mercenaries (Demon Hunter), also known as the Demon Hunter, Diablo 3 additional occupation. The hunting magic specializes in the use of various types of bombs and traps on the battlefield shadowy; his archery shooting skills, is that the hell demons were panic-stricken.

Occupational characteristics

Diablo 3 hunting magic set of long-range attack and limited capacity and a perfect inherit the advantages of the Amazon and the Assassin. His battle full of artistic sense, sense of rhythm and sense of operation.

The hunting magic energy source very special by hatred and precepts. Hateful value recovery fast, and can be generated by the skills, mainly for the cast harmful skills (such as multiple shooting). Precepts relatively slow recovery, mainly for the cast restrictions and dodge class skills (such as barbed wire). Only good balance the precepts and hatred to hunting magic to survive diablo 3 accounts for sale.

Team positioning

The hunting magic the continued deceleration ability to stun many, also has a good move output capability, and the ability to protect themselves. Hunting magic remote occupation, and Smart skills on Diablo 3 accounts, it may be difficult under the safest career.

In addition, do not underestimate the ability of hunting magic damage, remember WOW Hunter terror hurt you?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

runescape quests guide

The reward: a quest point, stun rods (Blackjack), 15k thief experience desert mask (Desert disguise), 500 gold coins, and Addy scimitar.
Mission requirements: 30 thief skills, ability to kill 75 bandits
Goods demand: Shanty Pass, with water-water (waterskin), at least 1,000 gold coins, and a bucket. Most items in local stores buy runescape, can also bring some food and prayer potions to deal with 75 bandits.
1 of Shacheng (Al-Kharid) with Ali Morrisane, speak to open the task. They are located in the Oriental Jewelry. In conversation, he will let you to help him find his nephew, Ali. Ali lived in a town called Pollnivneach, located in the south-east of Al-kharid. Do not forget to take before into the desert water package and desert clothing. Also from Ali Morrisane that buy a hat (cap) and false beard (fake beard).
2 to that is located in the the Shanty Pass south-east, called Pollnivneach town. If you see a wall, it would have been to go east to the city.
3 to speak with the child playing in the street (street urchin) All 4 things to talk about.
To the southeast corner of the town, walked into the pub, bought from Ali the barmaid that 3 cups of beer, and then speak with drunken Ali, he will let you give him wine to exchange the required information. 3 glass of wine after he finished, he will tell you the nephew Ali Morrisane, disappearance may be associated with the gang in town.
5 go to the west side of the pub, with a purple and yellow tent sideways Ali the operator to speak. They are Menaphites help. Asked him if the bandits to help (Bandits) and gave them a camel, they will not stop the war.
Then in the north of the town to speak with a bandit gang, also asked the same questions.
Then to the middle of the town to find camel sellers to buy two camels, gave him 1000 runescape money, he will give you two camels receipt (camel Receipts).
8 to help a camel receipt, but it did not do its role.
9 Now you find that you have to add a help. To speak again with Ali the operator asked him whether you can add into their gang, he will test you. First of all, you need to steal three runescape gold (villages).
10. The first residents with a common approach to steal. Prior to steal second residents back to Ali the operator asked some advice, he will let you to disturb the residents, and then steal. Now to find a playing child in the street, give him 10 gold coins to disturb a resident, and then to steal the residents of the head with an arrow. Prior to steal third residents back to Ali the operator asked some advice, he will give you a stun rod. A residents stunned with the stun rod, and then to steal rs gold. If too many people can not be on the first lure the residents to a place where no one, and then start to buy rs gold.
11 Ali the operator of the second test is to allow you to steal the mayor of cheap rs gold.  He will give you the keys of the house of a mayor. Hat with the fake beard to make a mask, and then bring it with any kind of gloves. Hiding in the the mayor room next to cactus behind, such as when no one entered the room with a key.
12 on the stairs, on the search bedside a picture, you will find a safe box. The password is 1,1,2,3,5,8. Password as a table runner from the right 1. Steal the jewelry back to Ali the operator to complete two test.
13 Next Ali the operator allow you to find a traitor (the traitor). With Menophites Thug another person speak, he will tell you that the traitor must be Traitorous Ali. Talk to Ali the operator to speak, he will let you go kill the traitor.
14 to the the Kebab seller want to make a sauce (hot sauce). To the camel shop facing the camel food with sauce, then loaded camel dung (dung) buckets. Green manure is loaded up, the need is brown feces.
15 and then back to the pub. In the back of the pub there is a person playing the flute of the snake dance (snake charmers). Put some coins, and then he will give you a flute and a basket next to him purse. Western to the town some desert snakes (desert snakes), automatically snake flute snake got into your basket.
16 with feces and desert snake to find Ali the Hag hill next to the Item Store, and then she will give you a bottle of poison to kill the traitor.
17 back to the hotel, the barmaid asked Ali about Traitorous Ali's case, he told you Traitorous Ali toilets up his beer on the table. Beer with poison, and then back to Ali the operator.
18. Ali the operator allows you to find their leaders speak, he will appear in front of the tent. Talk to him after you decided to kill him, he will release a 75 fight with you, and killed him.

Monday, May 6, 2013

what quest do you want to complete on RS

Because nothing reflects the strong and detailed lore of Gielinor as Mexican wrestling masks. 

I'm sure that the families of those killed and wounded in the Battle of Puebla runescape money (the reason for Cinco de Mayo) would be thrilled to see it celebrated with such blatant type-casting! 

Hey, I know - lets also add a sleepy Mexican emote to the Sombrero. Everyone knows that they're lazy, right? 

Whenever I think Jagex can't stoop any lower, they always manage to prove me wrong.

Friday, May 3, 2013

many players tend to play RS old School

At the moment, there are 26.6k people playing old school, and 70.6k on eoc. Not sure where you pulled this "more people playing old runescape than new" statistic out of, but it's obviously not true. Try at least checking the homepage before pulling numbers out of your ass buy rs accounts.

But at least we're in agreement that this streak of SOF/SGS updates needs to stop

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Quest Art Competition

Don't forget to check out the BTS video associated with the competitions. Your views Will help determine which of the three quests gets made next!

You can still join this  Quest Art Competition.

buy runescape account

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