Thursday, December 31, 2015

have fun Blade and Soul Beta Testing

Like our Blade&Soul NA fan page. Come hang out with Tangent Gaming as he plays his Blade Dancer! Name Reservation begins on January 11, 2016 at 6pm PST For NA servers, and 7pm CET for our EU servers. i thought u guys were gonna do it at 12pm EST again.. im still at work. 9pm EST is great, thanks heart emoticon. Blade & BNS Gold; Soul Just to double check, name reservations are via character creation, right? Go in, make a character, give it a name, and that's yours?

Servers are down. They won't be back up until we launch on January 19. Yes, characters will be deleted, you can save their appearance though if u did that. I'm pretty excited for this game! I've been looking for a great new MMORPG for ages. One thing I wasn't able to find on the Blade & Soul website, though, is the system requirements. Will it be available for OS X? Because there was another game by the same developers, called League of Legends, that was only playable on Windows. Not available for OS X unfortunately. Maybe you can virtual box Windows? Jeez, that's a darn shame! I'm beginning to doubt it was a good decision to get a Macbook... In the last month, I've discovered that SEVERAL games I was looking forward to will not be getting a release on OS X Buy Blade and Soul Gold . That aside though, what did you mean by, "maybe you can virtual box Windows"?

loving this game, gonna miss the beta, the story for Blacde and Soul gives me the feels. Did you guys have fun Beta Testing? Did you miss BT but still excited for launch? I'm going to be starting a fun guild off the get go and hope many people will partake so we can all play and learn and have fun together. I won't write to much on it but you can find the details here.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Reman Taguchi well

Reman Taguchi well! OK. so rude! grin emoticon grin emoticon stupid? sorry for your lack of education :)) laught at your face :)) And sorry for my attitude, My behavior is the reflection of yours. Tien or what so ever to pronounced that stupid name, I don't think my behavior reflects others, its either you are born with arrogant behavior or your family raise you that way. Most of these errors happen when you actually don't have access to beta.

I'm from ph and im playing w/o any problems ping is 200-300(depends on your ISP) . even my friends play it w/o any problem as much i know there is now IP block on BNS (ph country). there is NO IP block, and to clarify, if u bought a founder's pack and have it activated on your account, you're in for all the beta's. If you received a Closed Beta key for the weekend of the 29th to the 2nd, and activated it to your account, you had access to this past weekends beta, unless you were simply having trouble connecting, in which case, it is simply a matter of being able to connect normally, as opposed to having a connection blocked. As far i know, no OB just release after final CBT. No Open Beta. Full release sometime in Jan to Mar 2016. But at a guess, probably January.... Tks dude, i want so bad this game Buy Blade and Soul Gold . I played a russian server and was awesome.  Cheap Blade & Soul Gold i just bought the Blade & Soul Founder's Pack: Master Pack early today , how can i download the game?

So this failed to connect to server is just because I don't have a key or anything? because I was just being sure when the open beta is release there will be no ip block. hey can u tell me where i download blade & soul on pc? Fk the warlock ! I want more dungeons! Don't speak for urself and put it as "We" ! GTFO.. Muhammed Shaolin U need beta access in order to play, if u dont then u cant. Same I will start playing when they release Warlock grin emoticon.

Monday, December 7, 2015

we are in the cClosed Beta period

I agree, I want a release date... and I want it now! (jk, but that would be very much appreciated c:) We're lucky Arenas are equalize, hit LV 45 and do Arenas till i die of a heart attack that's my path.  hi guys can u please tell me if the game is available ? i dont understand this stuff about beta open or beta close its really annooying Cheap Blade & Soul Gold Log into your NCSoft account. Go to Blade & Soul, then to the Support page. Download link is there.
Cheap Blade & Soul Gold

And I hope you realize that we are in the Closed Beta period, so you will either need a Beta Key or a Founder Pack to play it. can i set up the korean language??

because, i was used to play wow in here.. also i can play korean to all of us player too. Unknown at this time. In a Livestream over a month ago, the Producer did say they would supply a work-around to allow players to self-install different languages, but that probably won't be available until launch. Also unknown if Korean will be an available language.....Log into your NCSoft account. Go to Blade & Soul, then to the Support page. Download link is there.  I'm a twitch streamer, any chance I could get a few extra beta keys to give away to my viewers?  i have a question:D what we need to do to get NA server account with characters data be transport to EU server Blade and Soul Buy Gold ?? or it will be automaticlly transport data? The Blade & Soul Arena offers the ultimate in skill-based competitive play.