Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Square Enix give a strike on these unofficial translation

Why do they keep putting the same game for discount multiple times? Square Enix give a strike on these unofficial translation as like you does on the fanremake of Chrono Trigger please buy FFXIV Gil .

Sunday, March 29, 2015

If the 360 had there own server it would be empty . I just don't understand why people need to jump on posts and whine about hating the game? Why don't you trolls move on is it because your lives are pathetic and meaningless or were you just not breastfed FFXIV Gil? You may need to read my comment a little more carefully as this post can be applied to any game regardless of my feelings towards it. Their lives are pathetic because they don't like the same games as you?
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Thursday, March 26, 2015

reducing the number of players in Duty Finder

Actually, the amount of health someone hasn't doesn't necessarily mean they're a newbie. They could just be leveling up a new class-- for example, I've finished the entire story and am in endgame content now. I just started leveling Archer a little while ago, so if I go into a dungeon as Archer, it will show me as being level 22 because that's my level for that particular class. I'm far from a new player, though.

I concur with the earlier posters who point out that all too frequently veteran players seem to forget that they were once new to cheap FFXIV Gil the content, or to understand that some players (often Final Fantasy fans, unsurprisingly enough) really appreciate experiencing the game narrative in context rather than watching it on YouTube or in the Inn.

Fortunately after one awful group I managed to get a party of helpful players (notably tanks and healers) for the Praetorium who said that they watched the cutscenes when they were new without being locked out of battles and encouraged me to do buy cheap FFXIV Gil likewise.

Unfortunately if people are overgeared they can basically rush through everything and even ignore most mechanics. Instituting iLvl sync would help, at the possible expense of reducing the number of players in Duty Finder.

As suggested, Party Finder and making friends in the game is the best solution. Recently I was in a learning party of people on my server for Turn 1, and it was great!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

pay for ffxiv game play

 That's the view point of somebody not doing the end game raiding.

For those of us that are & like to have all the content cleared before it gets nerfed & goes in to duty finder, then the months spent grinding gear isn't 'wasted' when the new patch drops, it puts us a step ahead for the new content.

We grind & grind & grind gear to be i110 and to have beaten T9 so that when patch day comes and our gear is made 'redundant', we're ready to hit T10 and have it down in a week or two.
buy cheap ffxiv gil

So for us the grind & gear swap isn't a waste .

Both. The three new classes will all be 1-60, not like the classes we have now.Free trials have some limitations in place. Buy the game and experience all that FFXIV: ARR has to offer .  if you buy the game you get 30 days and no limitations. that is why your friend hit 40. but if you get the 14 day free trial you get a level 20 cap to buy cheap FFXIV Gil.

 I have subbed the game lol im lv 50, but a friend of was on free trial and got lv 40.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Dragon Mount Figure is sweet along with the in-game goodies

I preordered the PS4 version.. that Dragon Mount Figure is sweet along with the in-game goodies. I enjoyed the 1st Collector's Edition too. Goodbye money.. at least until June.   whats the point in me geting this when i already have FFXIVARR installed on my PS3? i dont see the point. so its a collectors edition. big deal.

That's all well and good, but what about people from Australia who can't order the physical edition because of the blocks the store has placed on players for our nation buy cheap ffxiv gil ?

 To be honest I think they ruined the hype for many people.. The UK furious about the price, the Australians that it's impossible to find, the Americans over shipping prices and the people that want the digital version.. This really should have been thought out better FFXIV gil..

So excited!!!  you get so much more here than with the collectors edition Warlords of Draenor. Fair price for an awesome game thanks for making this game!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

my SCH was one Low Level Roulette away from 50

Earlier today, my SCH was one Low Level Roulette away from 50. I queue up, got Cutter's Cry. In the area before first boss, one of the DPS, a MNK dies to Shrapnel Bomb. They respawn and makes their way back. Before the MNK could even get back and me buffing the PLD, the idiot immediately pulls the boss, locking the MNK out. Adds come out,FFXIV gil I place Selene in middle then start kiting the adds.

Because we are down a DPS and the other DPS, a Bard, wasn't great, it took much longer to hurt the boss. More adds come out, much more. Somehow, Selene died because I was running around and can only Swiftcast/Adloquium so often. With Selene dead, a crap DPS taking forever to kill boss, and me too busy running around, PLD dies then BRD and I'm all alone in a pit infested with angry ants. The boss still had about 25% HP left.

What do I do? Just kept running and spamming Bio and Ruin II with a huge and growing train of ants after me. The PLD tells me to just wipe. Fuck that. I'll show them not to wait. The PLD rage quit, I eventually kill the boss, the DPS cheered, I ask an LS mate to queue up in progress, we finish the whole dungeon faster than that PLD's wait penalty, I get 2 commendations and hit 50.
Also got Demon Robe of Healing later that night.
*Puts on Ice Cube's "Today Was A Good Day."*

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

some pretty split opinions on chain pulling

Seems like there are some pretty split opinions on chain pulling.

It does make sense to buy ffxiv gil me to keep things moving and to give the tank a chance to build hate on the next group without making the party wait for it.

Then again,

It does have a high chance of using up TP/MP reserves, depending on execution.

We're able to see everyone's MP, so the tank should be able to watch that to see if it's safe to do.
We don't get to see everyone's TP (yet..?) So that aspect's a bit more of a guess. Unless a bunch of Goads/Songs are being tossed around. Well, even then, still blind.

I'll be sticking on the side of caution for the most part (not chain pulling regularly).
Unless, of course, the party's just eager. Then it's John-F***ing-Madden time!

Any healer-mains want to weigh in on this?

Monday, March 16, 2015

most effective and profitable ways to make ffxiv gil

Here are some most effective and profitable ways to make ffxiv gil.
1. Know when is the best time to farm ffxiv gil
If someone tells you that there is no secret to get more ffxiv gil by investing same effort, it is not true. The reason why he says so, is because he either does not know the secrets or reluctant to share them. If you want to survive in ffxiv and make some extra ffxiv gil, you need to focus on getting your character up to a stable level where they can make decent amount of ffxiv gil before wasting all of your play time on farming ffxiv gil. Remeber as long as you have enough ffxiv gil to meet your basic needs, do not hurry to make ffxiv gil. Only focus on farming ffxiv gil when you are a higher level, not only because it is more safe but more rewarding to farm ffxiv gil at this level. You are not jeopardising your character and moreover it saves you a lot of time.
2. Know how to farm ffxiv gil with certain crafting skills
Once you have a little extra ffxiv gil, it is time for you to invest these extra ffxiv gil for more rewarding activities. There are all sorts of crafting skills in ffxiv, if you know which crafting skills take and use to make ffxiv, you can become much richer than you are now. If you could take and learn the best crafting skills, you will be able to make huge amount ffxiv gil very easily. However, do pick up cheap items which you can sell quickly and make profit faster.
3. Know how to maximize your ffxiv gil income by Auction House
After the second step, you must have certain amount of extra ffxiv gil. If you know how to use Auction House to buy and sell items, you can make even more and become much richer. For detailed information about how to use Auction House to make more ffxiv gil, I opened a seperate guide link for in depth discucssion.
If worse comes to the wotse, the easiest way to make FFXIV gil is buying it online. One of my buddies bought some gil earlier, he said it was amazing. I haven't tried yet, but I am considering it. He said the site he have used is very safe and professional. Maybe you want. clik link http://www.ssegold.com/final-fantasy-xiv-gold, you can buy cheap ffxiv gil!
You can have a try. Hope my answer will help you out.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

beast tribes in FFXIV

After months of doing ixal before and after sealants I've had enough and decided to do the other beast tribes which I totally ignored beforehand.

if your at the point you don't enjoy them and don't need the oaknots then just drop them, even if the gil is still good from selling sealants it isn't worth you getting overly annoyed at the game for.

you can always go back to them in the future if need be....

I feel the same as the OP,

Don't really feel like we can complain about Ixali quest though, Oaknots open up a lot of BiS options and expensive mats, the quests there are fine imo.

At the very least maybe it's time they give us a beast tribe allowance cache, similar to how to they did levequest in 1.0 (at the beginning, leves were a 'use them or lose them' daily allowance just like the beastmen are atm).

Let them save up to 24 allowances or something, that would add a little flexibility too