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Runescape membership benefits

Some players think it is not necessary to buy runescape accounts to be member of runescape, however, more and more updates, releases and special offers are now only available to Runescape members who have paid for runescape accounts.

More Quests, More Rewards and More Skills

Few quests can be finished for free, but members have almost 150 or more on top of these. If you want to complete more quests, you have to buy runescape accounts. Moreover, it provides better rewards or more challenges than those free players. Numerous of specific holidays quests and particular quests are only available to members, too. So you have to join as members if you wish to experience all of the adventures and stories in this magic Runescape world.

Members are available to train in other skills, like agility and even building their own house by using the construction skill. Slayers can defeat powerful monsters and thieves can stole gold and items from monster, which give more ways for members to enjoy the world of Runescape and more abilities/strength and strategies when use it to fight with their enemies. If you want to own more skills once fighting, you’d better buy runescape accounts.

Free Runescape accounts can't build their home on Runescape, and this house is an unique aspects of this game. It is full of fun to design and decorate your own Runescape home, and it provides something different from the normal questing and monster slaying.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Join the Runescape membership

RuneScape Premier Club

Runescape accounts for sale are in great demand this year since Jagex released the latest Grandmaster quest, fresh bosses galore, breathtaking skills and a monumental update. As Jagex has promised this year is a big and best year for players to experience a feast in Runescape, a new release is available from the end of this month to Feb 4th, which committed to benefits more gamers to be membership of Runescape. If you don’t want to miss any amazing updates from Runescape, it is suggest to buy runescape accounts as soon as possible, there will be more prestigious quests, skills which are only available for members.

There are three available gorgeous membership options, each of which are packed with massive bonuses and benefits. If you get your skills trained with these special offers you increase you chance to earn a fair amount of profits by runescape accounts selling.
I is time for you to join the Premier Club to benefit from your membership even you pay for cheap runescape accounts.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How to beg some items in Runescape

Do you know that many players beg for items in Runescape? Actually, it is not so necessary for players to buy every item in game, sometimes you just need to beg for them. If you are lucky enough, you are able to make your cheap rs accounts become expensive and sell runescape accounts to earn money if you train the skills meanwhile.

You can beg some useful items according to below methods. If you think it is a shame, just skip and look for runescape accounts for sale cheap.

Go into a spot where most players can watch you, and wear the best clothes or armor that you have.

Clear your inventory into the bank to make sure you have space if someone give you a lot of items.

Say“Does any members have items only for paid runescape accounts, I am a new member, I will appreciate if you can send some to me.”
Never say "please" to make yourself pitiful and poor.

Beg for a little, and if no one responds to you, then go to another place.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Three steps to have a membership Runescape account

Jagex proceeds more game updates this year, so more game players are interested to join runescape membership, how to be a member with legal Runescape account?

Only three steps you can become a Runescape member.

1: Create a free Paypal account. Go to If you have already a paypal account, you can just skip this process. Paypal account is important is because Runescape uses Paypal as a payment method for becoming a member. Paypal is a trustworthy third transaction platform as we all know.

2: You need free cash to put on your Paypal, right?  There are 2 websites for you to get the money for buying. runescape accounts. It is quite easy so that you can make your runescape accounts cheap as you can earn money for free just with you great creative thoughts or story.

Log in to make your free account. Now to make money by accessing to send stories, video and pictures for some cash to your Paypal account. But you have to send good inforamtion and facts.

Go to Triond, simply send Triond stories, pictures, and/or audio. Now remember, these things have to be created by you. Triond reviews the things you send to them and if they are really funny or interesting, in fact, you get paid for it by the end of the month.

3: When you earned more than 7.95, it is time for you to get a Runescape account to join the membership of Runescape! Just follow there instructions on the office website and it works.

Do you think it is easy? If not, just buy Runescape account from Farmer100, a trustworthy websites with a great many runescape accounts! Or if you have valuable runescape account, you can earn some cash by runescape accounts selling on Farmer100.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Farmer100: Your RS Money Making guides

Have you ever been troubled in how to earn your first 100K money in Runescaep. I guess many rs players are wondering on this headache problem. Now, I tell all you guys a good news I have published a series of blogs on Farmer100 blog about how to earn your first 100K. Players with paid Runescape accounts can easily find useful guides to earn the first 100K. And if you have read all guides on Farmer100, f2p will be amazed how many ways to earn rs money are also possible for them to reverse their cheap rs accounts.


Not mentioned to find some useful guide to earn your first 100K, I, Veness, will continue to updates new blogs about how to earn the first 500K, 1M-5M. Low level and free-t0-players are welcomed to this website.

Runescape guide on Farmer100

Many low level runescape players are dreaming about earn the first tons of rs money. As it is not so easy for beginners to find appropriate way with low level cheap rs accounts, here I provide a good blog for all players, no matter you are high level player with a paid runscape account, or you just buy cheap rs accounts from websites or you buy a monthly paid runescape accounts, even you just created a free runescape account to play, you can easily find useful blog to earn rs money.

This blog is on Farmer100 where there are many money making guides, skills training guides, some updates release from Runescaep community and almost everything related to Runescape that you can find. All you need to do is to click the Farmer100 blog.

Hope you can find useful articles to help you become stronger and tougher in runescape. If you have any comments, pls feel free to left on the right blog, we will reply you at earliest convenience. You critical comments are highly appreciated to encourage us do better in the future.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

DotA: TEMPLAR ASSASSIN — Lanaya | Item Build | DotA

DotA: TEMPLAR ASSASSIN — Lanaya | Item Build | DotA: Templar Assassin is one of the great Carry hero you can play. She always play in hard lane at middle so he can go around the power ups and...

Runescape Promotions made by Jagex in 2012

Look back on 2012, there were too many giveaways and dozens of promotions made in 2012. the Festive Aura and Winter Weekends goes right for the members with paid Runescape accounts. Although Sizzling Summer gave away too much, Jagex just committed to blance the Squeal of Fortune with good intention. 

Jagex will be more careful that big events will bring the community together and feel special. So more interesting events will be held in a less frequent way to ensure player's hard-earned achivements don't go away.

We hope all these improvements can attract more f2p to buy runescape accounts to join these game. Cheap runescape accounts are okay and monthly paid Runescape accounts are highly appreciated. As Jagex, these calculated mony will be spent on Runescape technology.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

DotA: ROGUE KNIGHT — Sven | Recommended Items | DotA

DotA: ROGUE KNIGHT — Sven | Recommended Items | DotA: Starting Items  for Rogue Knight— Sven: Clarity Potion Healing Salve (2x) Gauntlets of Strength (2x) Ironwood Branch Early-game Ite...

Money making for non-members without paid Ruenscape accounts

Even though, there are tons of ways to make money in Runescape, the useful ways is really hard to find for free players who don't have bought runescape accounts cheap due to the limit of free version world.

However, you can link to to find many useful tips to earn rs money. Making money guide for players with free Runescape accounts is a article that written by vertans to make millions of rs money. 

If you find it is not useful for you, there are many cheap Runescape accounts for sale with a decent discount on Farmer100 for you to join Runescape membership.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New release for Runescape member: Construction Training

Jagex has released God Status to allow artists to build creative statues all around the Gielinor world. This week, construction-boosting prizes will be be available in store on Squeal of Fortune, which is anther new release for players with paid Runescape accounts in recent months.

This is a great chance for players to work on their own houses. Construction training material packs, including all resources, are awaiting for players to win. In addtion, players can buy spins in Squeal of Fortune or by clicking ‘Add Spins’ next to the wheel in Squeal of Fortune, which is also available for players who buy Runescape accounts to join the game. And more discount are only for members!

For more details, you can refer to below link.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Earn money by killing monsters in Runescape

There are a decent number of ways to make money in Runescape. The most efficient way to earn millions rs money, I think, is to kill monsters by selling their drops. Even though killing monster in Runescape is quite dangerous and have risk, it is considered to be a good way to earn millions in short time.

If you are members with paid Runescape accounts, killing monsters to earn money is definitely a perfect method to earn billions in Runescape. If you earn money from a new Runescape accounts, you may have to cover your expenses in runes or arrows.

However, if you use earn millions in runescape guide, you can easily learn how to earn millions by monster killing. This is a good guide and easy for both high level or low levels to earn money, or if you are interested in it, you can buy runescape accounts to earn money and then sell runescape accounts to earn money!

 Good luck for every players! 

More guides about Runescape are available on Farmer100, hope you can find useful guides for you level-up or training!

Angie Pye: Do Something That Scares You

Angie Pye: Do Something That Scares You: Do something every day that scares you".  Every day?  Really?  Every day.  Hmmmm.... Do I try to find massive spiders in my kid’s rooms e...

Friday, January 18, 2013

Runescape Guide: Gain Valuable Items

Items are of great use in Runescape, you have to take some items when completing a quest and you have to equip strongly when defeating monster. Getting valuable items is quite important for both free players and members with paid Ruenscape accounts.

If you are rich and full of courage, staking is a perfect choice to get valuable items. Stake someone your coins and make them stake back. It is quite simple to win and get items. However, it is a risk way to get coins as you may loss more compared to you earn, therefore if you are a high level, you don’t need to worry about losing money in this process.

A simple but efficient way is to work hard. Diligence is always useful. You just need to cut down as many yews as you can. It doesn’t require so much money and high level only you are hardworking enough.

If you don’t want to try both of them, just buy runescape accounts with valuable items, runescape accounts for sale is ongoing on Farmer100.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

DotA: TIDEHUNTER – Leviathan | Item Build | DotA

DotA: TIDEHUNTER – Leviathan | Item Build | DotA: Tidehunter plays the role of a Support in all of his game. His AoE skills really is a good aid to his allies. That is why Leviathan is al...

Sunday, January 13, 2013

What's next after the end of the world?

Making a comprehensive survey of the development of human society, we go through from walking upright to slaver driver, and from enlarging our house to landlord stage. We are not willing to own some wealth and slavers only, and then we started wars to generate more wealth and slavers. At last, we use technology to interpose our world, making the plan of wealth extensification become more explicit. According to the common sense, we human beings have own the world after the exploration of the world, however, we have the plan to own the universe. It seems like more knowledge we have, more abilities we enlarge our ambition. Only if we think it over, we will realize this fact.

Ambition followa up with horizon. A man without broad horizon can't have the ambition of conquering the world, even without the willing of conquering his neighbour. And the width of our horizon is proportional to the expansion of our knowledge. Knowledge is necessity, but it encourages ambition. Hitler is an exception. There is universality but no conclusive in this world.

After thousands of years, the mysterious force is tired of conducting the human evolution. From hundreds of thousands years to several thousands years, the wisdom of human from the latest one hundred years has exceeded that of the past of several thousands. The explosion of war and greed may not reach its summit, if it goes on, the new great world war is on the verge of breaking out and global plague will starting spread.

What will happen is out of imagination, in short, it is hard for us to build a wonderful world after the continuous expansion of our greedy heart. Even though the prediction that 2012 is the end of the world turns out to be wrong, it does not mean there is no end of this world. 65.9 million years ago, the reign of the dinosaurs came to a fiery end so that the reign of human may also has an end.

In this case, we have imagined how worse the world may be after the prophecy fails, haven't we image we might go back to the original society?

When our environment suffer great threat from different natural disasters, the scared human give up the power of technology. you live on original means of making a living. We fish for our food; you cut wood for fire making; we combat for gain constitution, etc. In this world, you can create our own wealth but never destroy the environment. We become strong and powerful by our experience and magic creation. Our modern people don't undergo this original existing way of life, but we can buy Runescape account to experience this kind of life. There are fantastic quests and thrilling adventures waiting for us in Runescape!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

My brother: A successful man who sell runescape accounts

What makes people succeed in business. I deem there's no doubt that characteristics determines your future. When we are pupils, our teacher tell us your personalities determines your life. So what makes my brother successful?

When he was in university, he got interested in Runescape. It was 2007, Runescape was so popular and he spent several hours playing it. Some of his classmates didn't understand why he became so conscientious in class.

What does he learn from Runescape?

Social pressure appears to be growing. RS is a good way to release tension. We can briefly avoid pressure in our life. He can relax ourselves by killing people, especially for boys who don't talk with each other so much, and couldn't discharge pressure by crying or shopping. When absorbing in RS, he became strong, and can do whatever he want. On the contrary, in reality, we don't have chance to create our life or improve our lift in our own hands.

In RS, you may encounter all kinds of people, good or bad,  young or old, literate or not. Games are just games, nothing deserves you loosing temp. In games, even if someone hurt you, it is just worth a laugh if you are broadminded person. To remember, the one who can hug his opponent is a real successful man. If you always keep broadminded in games, you can do it well in reality. Particularly, our world is full of jealousy and resentment,  a generous people can go through for the better or worse.

This age is a information age, and communication seems so significant in a rapidly developing time. And we lack of face to face communication, basically, we keep in touch with cellphone and chat online. Online game makes contribute to improving our interpersonal skills. We can build good relationship by teamwork or charting.  As well as, some people find their lover when playing this game. Since they have common interests and mutual understanding and respect, they can get along with each other. Some people find their cooperative partners because their they have similar goals and strong spirit.

As refer to cooperative partners, I have to mention teamwork spirit. In games, we can find those who have tacit understanding with us. When playing with these players, we can complete some tough quests and we should form a group and keep cooperative so that we can bring into full play the initiative, wisdom and power of the masses. When we go to work, we will recognise how powerful team spirits work.

Adventurous spirits was so poor in this easy world, we are not willing to take challenges or take risk in new things. RS gives you chances to challenge you life, you can play different roles in different ways. If you succeed in upgrading, it will bring much sense of satisfaction and achievement. These make us be proud of ourselves, and be more confident.

At last, for those who have great crush on investment in business, Runescape is also a good basis of your future career. There is a huge exchange system for you to learn how to conduct financial transactions. It cultivates your creativities and inspiration to gain more coins, experience and upgrade.

In fact, some disadvantages of online games will do harm to our mind, but only if we have good self-discipline, we can learn a lot of it, and you have great potential to build good career by Online. Runescape is just an example of my experience, world of warcraft has the function. If you are not so sure about whether you have abilities to create your own business, you can buy Runescape accounts to train your courage and insight, also build your excellent personalities.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Make your winter holiday meaningful

Winter holidays are always greeted with festivals and it involves family and friends reunion. But except for this, what else can we do to make our winter holiday more meaningful and make the most of it? As yong students, youth will never come back when it goes away, we should cherish this gold time to fulfill our life and do as much as we can, which will help build our career and fulfill our life value.
I suggest below activities that we could do on winter vocation.


Although, Christmas and new year are perfect time for miracles and sympthy, we should do some volunteer work to share sorrows with those who need help. There are lots of orphans need to be taken good care of and some poor students need be taught, we can talk with them and share our happiness with these people, letting them feel this wounderful word and kindness from us. Your nice help will give great warmth and bring bright for their cold lives.

Take exercise
Health is key to our sucess, we can't achieve our goal without good health and we will feel painful even though we get great success but we have serious diseases. So as yound students, we should utilize winter holiday to take exercise. Skiing is a good choice and running keeps us fit. No matter what kind of exercise we do, it contribute to our body,which can prevent cervical spondylosi that is a serious disease that many young adults have.

Learn a language

For those who want to study abroad and like traveling, learning a language is a good choice during winter holiday. In fact, many overseas students are eager for finding a part-time job to earn some money as their daily expense (not all overseas students are born in rich family, many of them earn their flight fee during holidays). You can contact some overseas students to teach you their native language, usually it is much cheaper than you go to a training shool to learn a new language, by the way, students are more honest and responsibilities than teachers in training shool. And maybe you can build good relationship with your language tutor so that you can enjoy learning in the next holidays. Languages learning become intensively important in this globalization society.

Travelling is a meaningful way to widen your horizon, if you are rich enough, you can go abroad, or if it is not affordable for you, you can take a trip on some cities that you never set foot on. It is thrilling that you may encounter unceitain challenges and you can enrich your life experience. If you are luckily enough, you can make some lifelong friends or meet your future boy or girl friends.
At last, winter holiday is precious for fun, you can play some online games to relax and release your study pressure. Selling runescape accounts is quite cost-effective during this holiday season. You can have a try and get a lot of fun.

May all guys a nice winter holiday!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Four key factors that makes runescape popular

Unique intimate design: 

The details determines success or failure in business. Its magical 3D effects create immersive graphic.

Powerful and friend buddy system: 

You are randomly assigned to different gaming serves which makes it more suitable for your abilities and powerful level. Today you are in USA , and maybe you are in UKtomorrow.

No Matter where you are, you can add all players in its super 171 severs to your friend list.

Vivid expression system: 

Its expression system can be compared to WoW. Its plentiful face expression and lively map can show the diligence and perfect pursue of designers, which brings you gorgeous visual attract.

Autonomous exchange system: 

The Grand Exchange is a commodity commission system in runescape for both members and non-member.

Runescape accounts for sale on Farmer100 helps you experience this great online game.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bots and cheats will be strictly banned in Runescape

Yesterday, Jagex banned a great number of bot users, including some high level players.And Jagex will continue to make measures against those who was confirmed to use a bot script as part of ongoing battle on botting.

Commitment to the Runescape community will be reconfirmed that Jagex will take actions every day to get rid of any bots. Nobody can be exempt from this, no matter it is a new Runescape account or a paying maxed-out player

A small number of players were also detected that they had engineered an exploit to abuse the God statues content yesterday. Except for adding extra security to code, Jagex has permanently banned those accounts that took part and associated with those users. In Runescape community, such exploitation is definitely unacceptable and tolerant with such behaviour. Finally, it is those who use bot scripts and abuse exploits that harm toward the economy of Runescape.

A strict policy will be released that those who buy runescape accounts to cheat other players in RS will be punished or banned playing forever.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

runescape news: Kalphite King,

Jagex has published a news about Runescape updates in 2013, though it may not release it as expected, but it is worth waiting Kalphite King, the new update. 
If you want to have fun with it, you can buy runescape accounts to enjoy it!