Wednesday, May 27, 2015

buy physical collectors

a new Developers' Blog post about yesterday's Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XXI that aired from Paris!   Looks like by next week as its live in the japan psn store. What tom said when are we getting the psn download? or at least a 59$ ver of the COLLECTOR'S EDITION for ps4 you offer it for pc. i mean i'm wondering how long you guys are going to mess around? if the games not ready push the date back or get everything in order since for now ps4 players are getting the short end of the stick. I'm hoping they release an upgrade to collectors for like 19.99 because I didn't have the cash flow to buy physical collectors buy FFXIV gil .

Not really.. It's not like you can play until the 19th anyway.. Apparently it's live on the Playstation Store in Japan, so I'm assuming another week or two (probably the week before early access starts) it'll be in the NA Playstation Store.  If it makes you feel better, Steam users are in the same boat. Not allowed to get a physical copy because they are apparently different, yet no ETA on cheap FFXIV Gil release. Well Clement it don't make me feel better just makes my point about how there dealing with stuff.

You realise that you don't need to fucking upgrade now? GTFO dickhead. Who are you talking to Mathew? and why are you cussing? if you feel the need to act like a 9 year old then don't post no body wants to hear you. No but he has a point, it doesn't matter if you pre order now or on the 18th of June you can't play until the 19th. I'd like to have it sooner rather than later, especially for a digital copy. Rather not have to wait til the 19th (worst case) to buy it, then have to download it for hours to days depending.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Dragon Quest Monsters remakes in America and Europe

If they would put 8 on steam... yesss Please release the Dragon Quest Monsters remakes in America and Europe! Lots of people want them and you aren't listening! You will make money from localizing them!! I just bought Dragon Quest IV DS on the store, so glad you made it available again! I hope we get more Dragon Quest games, especially the 3DS ones we've been waiting for. Can we get some PSN discounts? Like, ahem, on the Drakengard 3 DLC? I want it but I am not spending that much.
My copy is still in the plastic because of buy FFXIV Gil that!  You guys need to bring Star Ocean Star Ocean: First Departure and cheap FFXIV Gil Star Ocean Second Evolution to PS3 in HD Collection format so people don't forget about the work you did for it on the PSP. I bought all the star ocean games except for the gameboy one I missed and the original one for Super Nintendo. You guys need to bring Star Ocean Star Ocean: First Departure and Star Ocean Second Evolution to PS3 in HD Collection format so people don't forget about the work you did for it on the PSP. I bought all the star ocean games except for the gameboy one I missed and the original one for Super Nintendo. Jrpg sell great in the west the only reason dq6 didnt make money is because you idiots didnt promote. I didnt even realize it was a thing until it came out. So give us dragon quest and actually promote it like dq9.

Since I can't post to the page, I will post this here. With all due respect for Japanese people, Square Enix should realize that most of the current FF7: G-Bike players are not Japanese, which makes the current event's schedule completely absurd! At least repeat the event during the day........ Waiting for the announcement of co-op or multiplayer at launch then I'll be super excited. Nice try kiddo, but a fail troll, will always be a fail troll grin.

Man, this summer there are so many big releases on PS4, I can't wait anymore, Remember, when anybody tells you otherwise, ya gotta buy this game "Just Cause"! With awesome movie voice: From the company that sold Rise Of The Tomb Raider to Microsoft for a ton of money to make it a timed exclusive and over other platforms comes this multiplatform title that they do want you to buy, Just Explode, uh i mean, Just Cause.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

explore new territory in Draenor

As we continue to explore new territory in Draenor, it should come as no surprise that new battle pets and new battle pet rewards will be found. Thus far, Draenor has contained a great deal of DFO Gold diversity for pet battlers, and Patch 6.2 will be no different. Let’s take a look at some of what’s in store for your collection.

 It's definitely worth while content to some of us. I'm looking forward to these new pet battle challenges! No, it's real content for those who pet battle.

Ah, but what am I talking about? YOU don't pet battle and that's all that matters, isn't it? When there are already over 500 pets in the game, but people can't do dailies, new bgs, new arenas, and don't leave their Garrison there are bigger problems than reskinned pets that buy DFO gold have the same pool of abilities.  More than likely they aren't the same team that does raids, bgs, arenas, gear, etc. Meanwhile the art team and animation team still have to make all the stuff work and look good, or do they sit on their thumbs? Travis Rogers. Just cause a small group of players do pet battles doesn't mean ignore them. Since add the pet battle content what else do these players really have? Now look at all the things PvP have.

Mike, when 2.9 million subs leave in less then 5 months I would be worried about the other 90% not the maybe less then 10% of pet battle lovers, they don't pay all the bills with that less then 10% sub numbers. Plus if people want pet battle content so much go get a 3DS and get pokemon.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

hwo to collect FFXIV scrap metal

I’m not a farm boy i make my money doing whatever work i can get that includes window cleaning gardening shop work decorating (Painting and wallpapering) odd jobs working on a removal van and even collecting scrap metal to sell cheap FFXIV Gil so you keep on banging on about how your life is so hard when you sound like you have never done a hard days graft in your life cheap DFO Gold.

sigh you think idk what you do as a man as a father or whatever you are my dad works at a matress factory sewing matresses working for freinds on different house prodjects and selling scraps of metal and other junk he has for money and yet were still poor were barly surviving so like i said dont judge others until you walked a mile in there skins.  well why aren't you working to you are old enough work is always there you just have to look for it never rely on others.
like i said you walk a mile in my skin and then you will find out buy FFXIV gil but for now sit down and shut up if all your gonna do is rant rant rant. well it appears all you are doing is feeling sorry for yourself and i know that your next reply will be well i am Disabled just don't bother i have had these discussions before and that's what EVERYONE of them have said i know guys who are in Wheelchairs learning difficulty's and even Down syndrome and they have all managed to find work.

i have none so you are wrong my legs are perfectly fine i have no problems with FFXIV Gil my brain or in emotional problems you are off the radar if you know what i mean. then it appears you are just a lazy bum who lives with his parents and just wants to complain about how unfair his life is. nope its not entirely sure the thing i am wondering is how do you know me if you never met me? if you never met me then you dont know who i am.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

DFO Crashing Cross

Crashing Cross has always been pretty awkward to use. The buff is nice, but it's very finicky as an attack skill and really out of place considering everything the crusader does has solid AoE coverage. Perhaps an equivalent that has you form a large cross of light and swing it through the enemies around you? In similar fashion to spear of victory or something. Could even tack on some sort of MP recovery option since Battle Saders have a rough time with that.

Alternatively, you could make Crashing Cross pierce through enemies buy DFO gold.Seems like it should anyway.

And, if I can be a bit greedy, Support Saders might as well be given something that can bolster ally's elemental resistance and damage. Complete coverage and all that. I would like an big extension on common skills, the first time when i was playing DFO cheap DFO Gold. i notice consumables like bomb, oil, tree fruit, rock. Yes, they suck, and useless, other than killing your teammate(oil+bomb). Remember Arsonist Bentinck? he's the bro at Ghent Outskirts, i was hoping you guys can make consumables more useful, by adding throwing moves like Arsonist, or throw in mid air, and all types of other skills like making some kinda trap(in one of the nightmare quest dungeon at Iced Wall)and combine with new and more powerful/useful consumables. and enough to clear dungeons without using any other class skills, i mean, it's like an unofficial class, bounty hunter or something. i would be cheap DFO Gold fun combining these with other class skills, like brawler, or spitfire, or blablalba.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

What if FFXIV was a fighting game

What if... FFXIV was a fighting game? It might look something like this! Take a look at "ULTIMATE FIGHT," a video created by main scenario writer Maehiro for fun in his spare time!

 I smell a potential gold saucer mini game buy FFXIV Gil ....! FFXIV gilWord would go to the gold saucer just for that mini game. Main Minfilia if she's playable.. if not her then Hildibrand or Flame General Raubahn Aldynn. With the positive response from this video there's no way they aren't thinking about it! For an actual fighting game, this had ultra movie counters, mid ultra move, with no inputs or anything, and literal minute long finishers.

It was fun to watch, but it wasn't really designed as a fighting game. there is a reason its a parody u know xD. they didnt made this for game its just for fun if they want to add something like this to cheap FFXIV Gil game we will see something totally different. Still why not it can be very fun.  If this was a gold saucer mini game I would totally play!

Minfilia taking the spot light as usual.... Why is she not playable though, even in the new dissidia they choose Ysadola as the main for ff14. I want her to be my frickin main. whats wrong with Minfilia? for an anime cartoon basically shes pretty fuckin sexy. Minfilia as a playable?! .*wipes tears* What is she going to do? Have her Lv3 limit break be a quest that she gives, then gets kidnapped, and we see "quest fail" in big bold letters? buy FFXIV gil Hey...actually that could work as an insta-death... Minfillia has no other job than to be the "damsel in distress"

she's essentially the "princess peach" of FFXIV. Wrong. Even Peach can be a hero when she dons her fake mustache. Minfilia's a complete waste of server data.

cake-fat chocobo

Can u guys please do something to encourage other players to do
I don't need any other flying mount now... I love my chocobo mounts! Final fantasy fan fest london. I remember this being talked about when a guy shouted it out. Looks like the Fat Chocobo is flying! And Happy birthday Yoshi-P.
Can u guys please do something to encourage other players to do FFXIV Gil out of way one time duty's again or make it so if you wait do long u can skip one that's mandatory for one time no point dungeon. FFXIV gilJust wanna finish hildabrand quest but 4 hours into a 13 minute wait in duty finder is just dam absurd. N a pf gets no where.
It must be a muntain chocobo they can climb everywhere! I really hope the collectors edition fat chocobo mount can fly too, not only some new "cake-fat chocobo"
i think it will be a "upgrade" from the actual fat chocob, maibe a quest or something, since makes litle sense to add a second fat choco separated to the actual one, the expansion of added stuffs of ARR CE whas because of the ps4 version aparition, probably on ground you go around whit the ghysal green and on the air you go with the cake. there is a separated fat chocobo right now, i think its called parade chocobo, the only difference is buy FFXIV Gil, that it has a crown on its head. its for the commendation achievement. thats why i am worried a little. buy FFXIV gil  I am just plain stunned. Oh my's actually happening...THIS IS AMAZING!
You do know this mmo has a huge following? He's still figuring out grammar. Asking him to grasp the obvious is too much. so since liking and unliking several times in a row doesn't make any extra notifications, would doing the same thing over the course of a day produce different results? LET'S FIND OUT.