Tuesday, January 3, 2017

FFXIV new stormblood expansion

My N64 version works just fine. Try it on your 3ds instead. It doesn't look like the disc will fit, but it will. Dude's either trolling or he's trying to use his PC disc(s) on his console thinking they'll work since both systems run M$ software. Jason Johnson He probably IS trolling, or sending some kind of message to Square Enix.  No, Buy FFXIV Gil My disc says "Xbone" so it should work. Final Fantasy XV you are really letting us XBOX players down.  XV IS 15 NOT 14. And if anybody is letting xbox players down that would be Phill Spencer not square Enix. You must be confused, Paul. You probably are playing the wrong game.

Playing the wrong game yet I linked the official store to you proving the game is not on xbox lmfao. Clearly you are a very poor troll.  I'm sorry, Paul. I think we are missing each other here. I'm trying to get my copy of Final Fantasy V to work. What are you going on about? It's on Xbox one now? When did this happen? Digital only mate. We dont here anything about digital games.  So it's in the Xbox live market? The Xbox One copy isn't currently working, Matthew. I am trying to get FINAL FANTASY XIV to look into fixing this, but who knows when they will get to it?

Ignore Robert Dionysus Secrest he's trying to troll and failing at it lol. Just look on the square Enix website and you will see its only on ps3 pc ps4 and Mac. Don't trust Paul, Cheap FFXIV Gil Matthew. He has the eyes of a madman. Any news on that XBOne port yet? My brother is really eager to get on this game but all he has is an XBone.  I don't think their will ever be an Xbox port as far as we all now, it's just really not that demanding on xbox. Adrian it's nothing to do with demand. It's Microsofts stupid policy with cross platform and xbox live subscription ontop of wanting exclusive content just for xbox.

 Why have the ps3 version for sale still lol. It's going to be obsolete when stormblood lands. The ps3 is holding the game back lol. They Have the free ps3 to ps4 upgrade back on because ps3 is getting dropped in the new stormblood expansion which is pc ps4 only . This has been news since before heavensward came out also pointless owning a ps3 for online games because Sony are also dropping support for ps3 on psn same as Ms are dropping 360 support on xbox live. Buy it cheap on PS3 and do the free upgrade to the PS4 version. Cheap on ps3 lol. Look at the ps4 bundle compared to the ps3. Yes they have a free upgrade offer from ps3 to ps4 version.