Wednesday, July 27, 2016

a crab mount for FFXIV

 Jennifer Thompson The money from sub goes to support the game already. Will people ever stop white knighting this game so much?  Mika M?ki-Kauppila Yeah I mean if theres even 1,000,000 active subscribers (which I'm sure theres more)... thats at LEAST 13 million dollars per month from Subs ALONE. Servers dont cost that much. FFXIV Gil Thats enough money to develop an entire triple A title. People are ridiculous.

I crumbled and bought it.It's amazing except for... are those nipples on its back? Bad design choice imo.  Oh my God, Bayla, Kelvin - why has no-one told me of this?   Too bad it costs a fortune. I'm hoping it goes on sale later like Sleipnir did. I don't even play this game and I love this so hard. You guys are no fun. Too expensive with the price of the mount I pay two months of membership.

Why not a crab mount? It could walk sideways! So easy. You're welcome Buy FFXIV Gil. As a mount collector, I will be buying this mount lol. I'm sorry but who the f*ck comes up with these ideas? Just stupid and awkward lol. These are the same trolls who decided to harass me due to not liking it either lololol.  I wish I could play again but I only have it on ps4 but I want it on pc.

I have it on both but ps4 seems more enjoyable for me.  I got to the heavensward expansion but I just dont like the controller and ui stuff for ps4. You know you can play with a keyboard/mouse setup on ps4, right? Samuel Chesney would it be just like pc or will it have the same layout and stuff of the ps4.