Friday, March 18, 2016

Black Desert sucks

Black Desert sucks? Read all the posts here about BnS. Sometimes the answer is right in front of us. Hai Nguyen LOL! Why is everyone commenting here? Cuz they care and can't leave the game of BnS. Doesn't matter if it's a negative or positive comment. You guys seriously need to fucking fix the problems on hand RIGHT NOW You guys seem to not learn a damn thing NCSoft from your flop with Wildstar and then getting rid of such a good game like City of heroes/villians. cheap Blade & Soul Gold Do you guys even give a damn about your community?? Wtf is going on here?! It's like you guys are just punching holes into your sinking ship on purpose!

Balance opvp and faction population. Literally opvp is one summoner and one destroyer spinning and mounting everyone Buy Blade and Soul Gold . then there's the fact that bots just join the losing side of the faction war and puts that faction in the perpetual defeatism mentality because literally 50% of population is bots.

All I hear is people bitching about bots. Having bots comes with great perks. Easy win arena matches and faction misty wood dailies. i am done with this game, arena plagued with bots, yes they are easy to beat but it gets tiresome when 80% of the time you face destro botters, went to play the division instead, and I am loving it.

 "new capital city"? What's the old one? Hogshead hamlet? Mushin tower? Those are the only places I see the most people lol.  Blade and soul... You know why i stop playing the game: A lot of bots everywhere!!! And you know what? I dont see you want stop that massive disaster!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Blade and Soul PvP

NO MORE BOTS IN BNS!!! OMG NCSOFT!!! The arena Have BOTS 1800+ score damn!!! In cross-server are full too, bots everywhere!!! How about you guys fix this bot problem? No? Oh well. And here i thought you guys wanted to be an actual game. Game launched with mediocre content, still has mediocre content... we need the 50 level cap to reduce the soul stone and trans stones price to a reasonable level.

Lol prestige idiot idea you need kill boss at only one camp onthe fcking open world . And what if on arena the gear is useless? I think that's great with that system nobody have advantage over the other. Honor.... There's Open world PvP. Battle Ground, and Arena 1v1, and 3v3 Tag. The game is PvP based, and the system works well Blade & Soul Gold if you can understand it. You get prestige points through killing players, and it's not just limited to misty woods. You can pvp anywhere in the game.

Actually play and understand it before you critique it. The endgame crafting system is heavily dependent on keys and materials which you have extremely limited access to as a F2P player. Yes, you can technically acquire all the things you'll need without paying, but you are talking literal MONTHS of grinding compared to a player who just whips out his credit card and gets it all INSTANTLY. The T3 transformation stone alone is several weeks of time saved just by paying.

These items make a huge difference not just in PvE but PvP as well.Buy Blade and Soul Gold Some people will say it's not P2W because you can just grind keys and dungeons for months to get this stuff, but realistically you will never, never keep up with the players who are paying. As new content comes out, you will fall behind even further.