Monday, February 22, 2016

blade master and Kung fu master

I agree their isnt much to the end game really its just dailys and then thats it once i do my dailys to get my gold and soul stones im like so what now?

Well initiate pack worth nothing Blade and Soul Gold as its benefits are clearly applicable in alpha and CBT, which is why a lot people opt for the master pack, even myself I dug a hole in my wallet just for it since the ncoins were probably worth it. But I do agree the premium benefits are somewhat lackluster and I'm contemplating whether I should extend it.. Was a member in runescape and dam that was all neat, the bank spaces probably is the only takeaway I can think of that can be implemented here.

Then buy expensive games or try donating to charity maybe that will solve your problem? So you expected to be p2w and payed some money and now you cry about it on facebook. Dumbass..Who said anything about pay to win? There's nothing to get out of the game at all, whether or not you're p2p or f2p. That's my main point.& cheap Blade & Soul Gold ; How about you unlock the stupid purchase limit that hasn't been reset for me still after HOW LONG?! You guys have some trash customer service.

People bitch about blade master and Kung fu master being OP. It won't stop anyone from bitching about warlock. This is nice since I really wanted to play the class, hope it comes before my sub ends so I can get the exp bonus. Now everyone can buy with realcash virtual gold basically in the game which straight away it kills the game... Oh no, im in pain waiting for it to be released, and you still keep the "soon" troll on us?... Cmon nctroll, give us a break!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Blade and Soul launcher.

I've been trying for hours to log in, before I could get into game, I get dcd.... can't you fix it please? Or the launcher.... waiting for hours for it to start the game, oh and the instant Buy Blade and Soul Gold dc when trying to log my chars... great. so after the last patch my frame rate suddenly dropped and now i play with about 14... while i had 60 at first. can someone help me with this?

Might be a driver conflict thing. Uninstall and reinstall the gpu driver then do an update to the latest driver.  Blade & Soul Gold I'd like to spent money on this game, but the class I want to main is not available(who knows why, because they are TEASING it with weapon drops and saying on the live streams that they only need to flip a switch :P) and I don't want to buy anything since everything is character bound.

Warlock. Obviously. But that won't be for another few months because NCsoft. [sarcasm] Makes all the sense the world to dilute the loot tables in the mean time, of course.[/sarcasm]

This could have happened years ago....but no...we had to get wildcrap. still, i cant wait for this game to catch up to the current release.  There is no lag but huge fps drops on i7 4790 8gb ram gtx970....not normal at all for those outdated graphics.  I heard its common , and i wasnt gonna do anything about it myself , i was hoping they would. I have a gtx 860m 4gb ddr5 and i run the game fine in 1080p. But there alot of areas that give huge fps drops. Especially in tomb of exiles.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Blade and Soul female characters

Do you have a problem with it? Gender equalities right there. What if a guy enjoys wearing "girly" clothes? What's with girls dressing "like a guy"? If somebody likes that, even if there is being transvestite or transgender behind it, none of your business. I think it's a great start. Couldn't say that about the many over sexualized female costumes tho Buy Blade and Soul Gold , but well, it's fanservice. Most players are young straight boys with the thick wallet of mommy and daddy anyway.

Good think they think of people with different tastes. There could be more "guyish" clothings for female characters too though which my friend would really love, and I would prefer more "girly" clothes for my male char as well. Overall, Cheap Blade & Soul Gold I just love the idea, that they are thinking of different tastes and they try their best to please them. I also think it is great that people have different tastes, likes, which makes the world more colorful.

We are currently experiencing technical difficulties affecting Blade & Soul European Servers. The issue started approximately at 2.55pm UTC / 3.55pm CET. Our teams have been made aware of this issue and are currently working on a resolution. At this time we are unable to provide more information on when servers will be accessible again for everyone but we will make sure to keep this thread updated as soon as we have more details to share.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused. We are having issues again to log in. My character does not log into the game as per right now. Well, it's not early access, and 2, if we get them as rewards later they better be scared if it's widely known across the community. Too many MMORPG's have gone down the drains, because of dishonest cash shops.