Tuesday, August 4, 2015

ffxiv recruiter

 That's weird, I was the recruiter and I got it. Maybe they should send that request letter from the postmoogle. there's an option to request undelivered mail on the post moogle cheap FFXIV Gil . I already requested and got it today in fact. Along with my gold feathers.

 I did know you hadn't gotten the feathers either. I'm happy now.  I did know you hadn't gotten the feathers either. I'm happy now .  I'm seeing adds for this expansion already reduced $10 and now this.... sounds like its not doing so hot its only been a month since xpac dropped right? I myself personally already unsubscribed. Not doing well? Hahahahah servers are constantly packed n have ques. Servers are almost all locked off from make a new toon by 8 am daily. Its doing just fine FFXIV Gil n no one even noticed your gone.

 PSS anyone let me recruit them?You get bonuses to. Win win. Help me get this video famous please, it has tickled me, I think it deserves fame ... 

But I still adore them. Kupo~ The best was the one where you had to kill the thing, go back talk to moogle, kill ONE more thing, back to moogle, KILL ONE MORE THING, BACK TO MOOGLE, THIS BETTER BE THE LAST THING MOOGLE!! It killed my soul a little at a time when you'd have one side mission left, and you're like "Yes! Finally! I can get back to MS quests, or back to dungeoneering!" ONLY TO HAVE 10 MORE POP UP AFTER YOU COMPLETE THE "last" ONE T_T

Moghome drove me insane.