Tuesday, November 24, 2015

GET A REAL JOB in Blade and Soul

Ferentinos Agreed, I like freedom instead of being bound to random shortcuts to bypass. You are part of the problem with the world. Wanting everything to be censored just so your oh so sensitive little feelings won't be hurt. And with the way you wrote that last comment, I'd say you should loosen your fedora too.  Did you really just call me PC? You're the problem with the world, jobless, settling for next best, so you complain when you don't get something for free. GET A REAL JOB! And actually support the devs, instead of hoping everything would be free. But why only in2016? I mean, the gamw is up since 4 years ago...

Anyone knows if the characters that we already have are going to be deleted? Eli Cottyn well when i played Tera CBT they did not delete the characters thats why i asked. Buy Blade and Soul Gold Beta is not the final game. That big of a headstart really wouldnt be fair, now would it? I love this game and I 'm hoping since I announced in 2009 I am very happy that already has release date and have played each day to the fullest beta and I have enjoyed much, thanks NC for announce the date of B&S Blade & Soul

Will the players from Latin America get IP BLOCKED? osea por suerte saque una key de la semana pasada y jugue totalmente bien.  Catalina Vallejos Inostroza que tanto se siente el lag? O sea no safamos de 220-250 ms y cómo la base del juego es el action RPG se necesita reacciónes rápidas. Se disfruta el PvP igual? Soy argentino, jugaba toda la beta totalmente bien y libre, creeme no van a bloquear ip, así este juego es Free to Play así disfrutan...Premium only provides you with extra exp(10%) and some extra bag space and stuff. Nothing like +200 power and etc. why did you play it without me? You're so rude friend. Hahaha just kidding, I think my pc can have problems trying to play it. Sorry, I did not know you wanted to play... I played russian server didnt understand everything in the shop but most of the items were cosmetics. Ha ha of course pay to look cool! Pay to win is different but cosmetics are pay in anygame, Blade and Soul Gold even moba like LOL or Dota2.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

FIFA 16 Ozil

Eriksen is good but he a level below Ozil. No comparison. Does matter all Tottenham need is Harry Kane/.  Ozil's just in good form this season but overall Eriksen's better buy Aion Kinah. He was one of the best players in the world when he was in Madrid, he's not that player anymore so don't get carried away. Last season and 2 seasons ago Eriksen's better. It's not all about the stats, it's their overall impact in the game. Right now Ozil Aion Gold looks better cause he's on good form.
I can't wait to get non rare contracts. Ozil is better bc is can shot strong and dribbling. I never understand the stats the ea show. Average sprints per 90 minutes 57.9km? Doubt Ozil sprints that often and definitely isn't nearly twice as fast as anyone on the planet lol. Don't think you get ozil's game he's not in the team to be a speedster he's got plenty of that with the players around him, he's an intelligent player who reads the game brilliantly with just one touch he can unlock defences and yet he still manages to cover a lot of ground in every match. U need to hire someone to sort out those graphs EA.

Eriksen 100% and this from germany.  Andrae Munroe Andrew Munroe of course Özil would lose the "average sprints per 90min" category. Lazy ass.. Özil breaking marathon records every game Özil play world cup. All cup. Artis. Chiristian god England. The one behind the color bars idea is not an arsenal fan for sure. Tem idade pra ser pai dele tbm. Tem 27 e bem mais bagagem jogando e mais horas de sono em campo tbm. William msm com o Chelsea na merda se sobre sai , e não seleção tbm , tá jogando muito melhor. No momento Oz >>> William. Sabe que é a verdade. Da nem comparação.

Friday, November 6, 2015

FFXIV CoP missions

Ahh shouting in jeuno for CoP missions where does the time go lol. Christmas music in jeuno, that first adventure to jeuno and let's not forget those crazy Lvl 1 mule runs just for fun! XI was VERY special. So many memories..... Killing Jaggedy Eared Jack 20 times and never getting a drop. Tanking a God with my 75 Ninja. Beating the Summoner quests. Buy Cheap FFXIV Gils I still think about going back to XI, but I know it was more about the people who played. Most of them have moved on... and with all the server changes.... I don't even know where my character would be now. I was on Kujata.. FFXIV Gils .it was shut down a long time ago. Thinking of trying FFXIV again though.

Id have loooooved to play it but at the time i was too young for a job. Ahh yes.. the "I did this and you didn't so I'm better than you" post. Classic. Where exactly did he say it made xi players better? It just means one game focused more on one aspect than the other. I had such a love hate relationship with that game. TBH I have way more camaraderie with ppl in FFXIV but whatever.Love the blog title, put a lot of hours into XI and enjoyed it a lot. By far the best community of any MMO I've played, killed it with matchmaking in XIV imo.

You could always get a premade, go into a dungeon with friends. I actually made friends (enjoyed being with them a lot. Did not go too far because, well, different servers.). Most of my dungeon runs were full of banter and fun. Until I moved to Tonberry. Then uh, language barrier. Daniel Speight "Everybody helped each other." Incorrect. But even if I grant you that, the same thing is done in FFXIV with linkshells and FCs. There's virtually no difference there. On the same token...XIV is still in its infant stages. Who knows what drastic changes may come in the future. I for one am not a fan of the duty finder for leveling, and I wish there were subterranean zones that connected the world. I wish 6 man parties would be brought back for zone leveling.