Friday, July 19, 2013

ideas to change the idea of RS quests

Name: Basic Prayer (Medium/Hard)
Description: Build a prayer altar in the baseroom and fill up your prayer points
Levels required to complete: 74 construction sell runescape accounts
Other content required (if known): -

Name: Tales of Old (medium)
Description: Complete an unabridged fremennik saga at Skaldrun
Levels required to complete: At least 6 dungoneering
Other content required (if known): Freed Skaldrun and found one of the memory items.

Name: The latest fashion (Easy)
Description: Wear a complete set of any armour (Helm, body, legs, boots, gloves, shield, weapon) sell rs accounts
Levels required to complete: None
Other content required (if known): -

Ideas by clanmembers: (Credits to Darkbarbossa, Nightgunner, Wahisietel)

Name: Huge hole
Description: Obtain a Huge lamp in the Sinkhole D&D
Levels required to complete: None buy runescape accounts
Other content required (if known): None

Name: Needs bigger maul (Easy)
Description: Defeat Rammernaut using only a novite maul.
Levels required to complete: 35 Dungoneering
Other content required (if known): -

Thursday, July 18, 2013

May I ask who supports Seren from the Jmod team

May I ask who supports Seren from the Jmod team?  This game cannot be hacked instead if u hacked this It turns out banned.  Glad to see Runescape is taking mittens off of its models. But I like fighting and causing friction between people. I'm lvl 200 with full buy runescape accounts  Pernix I'm a nerd come at my keyboard noobs. Why keep to ourselves when we can all join forces and make better technology?!!!! Seren ftw. She has one of the noblest goals and also sell runescape accounts was a close friend of my favorite god guthix. We will stop the destruction of glienor. Your Corporation is Horrible You Provide Crappy Customer Service! Read Emails About 1xmagicianx1 already.... Its been 2 Weeks Since you've read anything if not longer! Where is Mod Andrew when you need him...

 Does anyone else find seren's whole motto kinda irritating? 'Lets keep to ourselves' Yeah, because that wont spark racial, cultural or religious difference like it already has, and cause wars in gielinor like it already has.  I join Seren because she was the closest God to Guthix, and he is dead and always wished to have no followers. reverse sexistism- Wow Steff, I bet that male character is a girl irl. LOL, yea I'm sure he is. According to the timeline, Seren was one of the first gods to visit Gielinor, in the First Age with Guthix. Then she was primarily the goddess of the elves, and her influence also        sell rs accounts extended to the gnomes I believe. When was seren released I haven't heard of it. free acc with 10mil in bank lvl 180 plus with alot of gear and high lvls inbox me for login info ty.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Jagex could have ignored the petition

I finally understand now why you used the 200 million figure. Although I should add that, given that I didn't see the rationale for it back then, I don't think D4 did either.

Actually, as far as I know, the OSR vote wasn't due to sell runescape accounts the now defunct private server that was scrapped in January. It started with So Wreck3d, who started a petition to bring back pre-EoC servers (mainly for PKing) at the start of February and he gained support from a great deal of other YouTubers as well. I believe the petition on Change gathered well over 40,000 votes before the OSR vote was announced. And Jagex could have ignored the petition, were it not for the fact that they (correctly) predicted that OSRS would be a reliable revenue stream.

I'm not going to talk about the argument between you buy runescape accounts and D4 (if only because I don't understand a great deal of it), but as far as I can see, Jagex will only listen to us if 1) they were already looking for feedback in that area or 2) it is financially beneficial to them. Vocal minority doesn't matter.

As for MMG, I've only seen two reasons for the things he says. It's either to paint a rosy picture to outsiders, or make false promises to hoodwink the players into staying subscribed. Cannot stand his lies. Cannot sell rs accounts stand him.

As for your pure, good luck with that. As far as I can see, exp is being passed around like hotcakes to new players in the live game so it's no issue to level up.

Edit: mistakenly typed "again" instead of "back then"

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

some estimate statistics about Runescape

After reading quite some pages of comments on this, I hope you won't say "we've seen that most of you like this and the feedback has been great". I just hope you have the guts to say "Following your feedback, we decided that we wasted time and money and will not be implementing this update". Perhaps with an added "And because of the strength of this feedback, we will review our current stance on lodestones".

1. Stop thinking that your in-game achievements are nobel prizes. It's a game. That's all this is. It's not real life, and has no effect on it whatsoever, so stop bitching about it.

2. Don't like it, don't use it. If not that Runescape accounts for sale, 2007 or quit.

3. Don't like that other people now have the easy way out? Tough cookies. Things change, and you can't stop that. Saying that "oh noobs have it so easy now" is exactly how the previous generation feels today IRL buy runescape accounts.

Remember how in school or someone told you there were 3 words in assume? yea, besides that. Just did a rough count ( I will even invite you to do a count yourself):

Roughly 72K accounts logged in currently.

Rough estimate of players in EoC: 44K sell runescape accounts

72-44= 28 x 1000= 28K

That is a rough 28K discrepancy in player count. The only sensible solution to that would be 07 is included (FYI- the foreign servers have a negligible amount of people on them).

If you do not want to do the rough count yourself, then all blame is on you for not putting in the effort.

and in all honesty, using the "market excuse" for a voice is ambiguous. It can either be the same few people buying their products over and over, creating a false positive (inflated opinion), or in the less common case, everyone buying a small share in their product.

But, notice what I said about the vocal minority being a representation of the whole community. nice try in trying to twist my words.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

having your face mashed in by Vorago

Take a break from having your face mashed in by Vorago and enjoy the latest Community Round Up! About time haha, I've heard 6 hours after release no one killed it :lsomeone got the wand and sold it for like 7b or something ridiculous like that... am i the only 1 or are there other people that have loading problems in htlm 5 beta? Runescape is ALWAYS addicting no matter what , it's been 1 full year I haven't been on and ALREADY I got addicted again rs accountts selling!?!!

sell runescape accounts

Yeah. Problem was, it would've been beaten but the servers were crashing on final phase. Also, wand was max cash stack, even when there wasn't a single wand in-game. Really low now.Jagex - I know you rarely ever listen to your players, but could you stop with the barrage of updates and do something about the real problems in this game?

Thursday, July 4, 2013

I believe that lodestones are a great idea

To be quite honest, I believe that lodestones are a great idea, but I don't think they should be free. I think that the Lumbridge lodestone should be the only free lodestone, as it has been that way for years. However, I believe that a good thing to introduce would be "Charging" lodestones. A player can bring up to 10k law runes to store in a lodestone. Each time a person uses a lodestone teleport, a law rune is used up from that lodestone. The player would receive a runescape accounts sell notification in the chat telling of how many teleports they have left for that particular lodestone. To check how many teleports they have left, they can right click on a particular location and click "Check Teleport", or something to that extent.

Introducing this idea could be helpful in several different aspects.
- For one, it makes law runes more important once again. Because of the current lodestone network, law runes are relatively close to sell rs accounts pointless, though there still are some good uses for it.

- Second of all, this would help some of the community not feel like lodestones are a completely free network, and that it would actually cost someone to go there. This could help reconcile both sides of the community by giving more lodestones, as some people want, but making them cost something at least, which would bring the other side to rest cheap runescape accounts, as it would no longer be a free teleport across the entirety of Gielinor.

Please take this into consideration. The only downside that I can currently think of is that there would be a spike in the value of law runes, at least for a short while.


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I wish I could get on to play on Diablo 3

The only thing i feel will happen is they'll do some horribly screen locking if you're playing 4 people locally, so you won't be able to fan out to find elites if you need to get valor refreshed asap. They don't care about Diablo fans Diablo III accounts all they care about is Pocketing the money they make off wow and Ah cut on D3.

 I'm glad the most popular comments pop up so fast. Now blizzard can know and ignore how much we hate them.Well, I guess they still have Starcraft ... They went from 3 Amazing games, to now 1 great game and 2 wtf game buy Diablo 3 items , When the game that is about 10 years old (+- a few years) is better than what they just made thats just sad lol.

I wish I could get on to play on Diablo. I asked that my account authenticator be removed and also explained how my mobile number is no longer valid. Since then I haven't been able to play. I get fed up in the endless cusotmer service loop Diablo 3 gold for sale when trying to speak to a person.Hmm might be a nice local casual beer-drinking with your buds kind of game. The last console game I was able to play co-op with my wife was Champions of Norath which was so much fun so I for one am looking forward to that experience again, I just wish I didn't play the PC version first. Danielle Nicole Farrell-Stewart. blizzard ruined diablo. good job guys.we waited all of this time for d3 and it sucked! wasted my money, could have payed a phone bill with and they named him : "Bender"

Monday, July 1, 2013

Demon hunter guide

 I think it's quite easy, atleast with the proper gear and skills. Here's my skill list, try it sometime!TYe!acYcbZHow do you have 70k dps? Is this your single damage or did you multiply your % of skills in it?
because I have 33k dps and 43k hp and around 380  cheap d3 gold resistances. But the end of act 2 is hard for me!
If you don't have hp and resistances you cant stand still and you cant fire! So you are notting than with a lof of damage, I think!!
Mayby you can post a screen shot of your equipment? :)

so you're full of ____. And also it's easy to get dps high but I find that stacking some resist and vit can really help and by help I mean get 2 or 3 hits instead of getting 1 shotted every friggin time. People often mistake with all resis/vitality for dh means tanking. No, it just means you get to survive 2 or 3 more hits instead of getting 1  Diablo III gold hit everytime so you don't spend 30k on repairs. Also with zero all resist and minimal vitatlity you get one shotted so much that at some point the elite HP gets reset because you have the wait time before reviving. And please don't act like you can beat all elites with glass cannon build past act 1. You just simply can NOT.

The thing is when u try to balance HP and DPS u become easy target, as a DH obviously u cant tank cuz u r ranged so dont focus 2 much on HP focus more on DPS< for example with my DH being lvl 53 on Hell i got 16k DPS and 20k Diablo 3 items buy  HP and trust if u have high DPS u simpy kill the mobs befeore they come clos to you with the aid of templar a companion(in my case a boar) and a turrent its easy gaming with DH