Tuesday, May 23, 2017

play an FFXIV with a very nice community

We’ve released an exciting new fan kit featuring the latest job art by Akihiko Yoshida, CG art of Zenos yae Galvus, and the Dragonsong artwork to commemorate the end of Heavensward!   It hurts o hear "the end of heavensward". Dude i just started 3days ago! ?????? btw, a BIG shoutout to those nice people who gives advice to me in comment sections, and in game. Also for those few giving me tips from Gilgamesh and Coeur (not sure) servers. This is my first time to play an mmo with a very nice community. FFXIV Gil Kudos to all! Best of luck to you in Eorzea! Get yourself ready for Ala Mhigo and Othard!  Im still doing quests in udah, is there a particular lvl where i can have a chance to explore other maps? Btw thanks! I still can't believe that HW is over, I can't accept it ??ARR is pretty nice but I'm sure you will love HW ?? Good luck in your journey and if you need help you now have a friend in Siren or Sargatanas.

Wow.thanks.was planning to create also ng to explore diff servers.Except if Mentors give you advice on how to properly play a job when you're an Ice Mage, you should really listen.   Buy FFXIV Gil Wow. Thanks for that long but i know its going to be helpful in the future. Actually im a very hardcore mmorpg player ever since. But, its my first time to encounter such friendly community like i said. Coz in my prev games, even youre just starting, you already have a few enemies trying to harass you and trashtalk you. So thats why i was amazed that i havent exp even a single harassing from anyone here and when i said people who gives me advice, they are usually around lvl58 and 60 so i guess they knew a lot already and they can ignore me if they wanted but they just keep on talking and explaining things, which i find nice coz atleast im getting an idea on how things work, unlike other games i played, if they wont ignore you, they will just kill you instead. Haha. So im happy with things here in ff14. Its worthy of my money. And i think im going to be staying here now. There might be some people who will be like rude type, but im feeling that there are majority of good ones. Thank you again.

Also everything is beatable at minimum Item Level lmao. If Alex Savage can be beat at minimum, you can beat irrelevant face roll dungeons at minimum.  Михаил Бурмистров There's always exceptions of course lol. I'm talking more about the elitists who try to tell you when and how you should be doing your rotation(s) etc. THOSE are the chumps you should never listen to unless you specifically ask for their input :)

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Blade and Soul DC Universe Online

Read details regarding the upcoming North American data center relocation: Loving that 2-day downtime 1-day subscription extension. Yeah, I know, it's like fifty cents we're missing out on but that's not the point. Just because it's not that big of a deal doesn't mean it's suddenly fair.  Just be glad they are giving us something. Buy Blade and Soul Gold I used to play DC Universe Online and that game would be down for a good solid day or so after an update and we would get nada.   Caroline Crean I wouldn't really care if we didn't get extensions. It's the fact that they're making a point to mention the extension, but it's quite literally half-cheap.

Quite literally giving players a better experience and there was always an expected 24 hour maintenance they are giving the day sub extension for the 2nd day which wouldn't normally be expected. Jared, don't apologize! Enix has been pulling this crap for years! I don't even remember being compensated for the countless "emergency maintenance" after EVERY new patch update!  Can still play on eu servers on those days right? Curtis James Kokesh Aye it's just the North American servers being moved I believe. Blade & Soul Gold You're complaining about them fixing the data center, that has been an issue since ARR launched, and upset because they're only extending your subscription one day? You're not even doing anything. I'm surprised they're even extending us one day.

Same thing every post. Gamers expecting some kind of hand holding because they feel they're doing the company a favor for playing the game.  Being them, i'm surpriced that they are giving gametime for free.  I'm not against what you said, please don't think that!! I'm just saying that they are at least giving us something.  The game has gone down for 24 hours before with no compensation. Its after 24 they start to feel things are unreasonable I suppose. They dont HAVE to reimburse us for anything. Also theyre giving us 3 weeks warning. Thats plenty of time to find another way to spend an evening.

WoW gave me a free week of gameplay simply because a purchase didn't go through on their end for a WoW token. Squares customer support is trash. We getting 1 day because na get 48h downtime and the rest 24h downtime so they compensate the difference...  The fact that they need 24h for maintance is a joke, while mmos w/o sub (less budget) can do updates without making the servers offline. And then that 24h counts in your subtime. And yeah SE customer support is the worst I ever encountered.Marco Hafid They're moving the data center. That's not a "patch and reboot" operation. It's a huge deal. Two days isn't a huge amount of time to do it.