Wednesday, March 1, 2017

I went to do this FATE

 Maybe it is just a story thing. But it IS on the logo. Yes it might be related to the Kojin, but frankly it looks way too elaborate for that. Awesome that they put so much detail into Yugiri even though she only appeared in the last second of the trailer. They even got the scales on her face. I have a question.... when we see people with jumbled up names fighting enemies while invisible/through walls and bogging the PS3 frame rates down as their is allot of them in one spot is it worth reporting them to SE if we have screenshots as proof?  just take down names and submit a report through the ingame function. that's about all you can do. Cheap FFXIV Gil they ban the bots in waves, not individually.

Somehow rmt's have figured out how to access company chest without the need of being in an fc. I need to take some ss's of it on account it's been more than a few times I've seen it. Aren't they cutting PS3 support? About June or July Tony, someone mentioned it on a Japanese blog, that's still a good 4 months.  I went to do this FATE and as I got closer I saw two Spotted Mudpuppy and thought *don't tell me they spawn here too, they'll agro in this FATE* as I got closer... well the two images will show... This was taken today, time is none daylight savings NSW/Vic time.

If you're stupid enough to keep on playing it on PS3 after the initial ARR release, you should be expecting these things as the norm. Upgrade to a platform that can support it properly or don't bother. Buy FFXIV Gil I'm legit thinking that Beastmaster is going to be a class in this upcoming game, what with the hawk weilding character in the trailer. Samurai and redmage are the next two jobs.  As simon said, the two classes are samurai and Red Mage. No Beastermaster, sadly. Perhaps in a way later patch or another expansion.

Really sad to here. I played ff11 for only a month and met absolutely amazing ppl. Ff14? Im close to a couple ppl after 3 years. Havent logged onto my main to play for 3 weeks now. Leveling an alt is helping with this severe content drought though. Chioni AJ with FFXIV I found it is not as easy to make friends as it was in FFXI. In XI it was completely necessary to have friends. There was no duty finder. You had to work together. I had the most amazing weekly static for Chains of Promathia (back before they removed the level cap and made it solo-able). Those days were so fun! I'm still in touch with those people. XIV community is definitely different. I wish you all the best!

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