Wednesday, March 29, 2017

BNS luster Tormented Weapons

Do something about these lack luster Tormented Weapons. Been trying to upgrade my alt's weapon for over a month now. It's ridiculous.  Let's have Tormented weapon chests drop more often in 4man where you can barely do?? nice logic NCSoft. My main doesn't even need those anymore and I got it all the time but my alts struggle to get them in 6man because the drop is just retardedly low. Also they should replace Chromatic with Tormented since you don't even need those anymore. Blade and Soul Gold lol i've been getting a lot of those chromatics. seriously making me mad.I don't see any sacred oil.. what is the meaning of this..

 only wish i had gotten the sacred oil bundles or the ornements bundles but nada :')  I got all the gems and outfits this trove! Went from 642Ap to 823Ap!! Trying to hit 850 before end of trove.hey im login game but i cant login blade and soul web site. Why :S -Something went wrong on our end. Please try again in a few minutes.- write but 2 days same error . better file a ticket with the support, i had the same problem they fixed it in a day.  Premiums gey screwed during trove, how about you fix their benefits during troves. unfornetly u stop selling keys on the 21st and i get my salery o nthe 23th.

Fix the damm bugs and the other problems. Fix your computer lol ?? fps are hardware type of problem. Technically they changed their system requirement to new one and this game came out last year ago for this country, I mean NA/EU. It might be ur graphic card. Definitely, plus it might be lack of ram and old well mostly all can be old xD But those two are one of most important for gaming. This game is cpu heavy. Changing "old rams" to new ones won't do much. Also getting high end graphics card won't get you much of improvement.Buy Blade and Soul Gold You need amazing cpu to play this game well. But overall Korean mmo games are always badly optimised.

 maybe you should share your specs. Not really......I mean you're not good at being master troll. Nice try... hey PM m
e... i cannot dowload .. i cannot sig up..!!   it said account creation failed. 4 characters have an abilities left half s?k?ll. This time last year we released our eighth class, the Warlock! Check out these photos from our Unlock the Lock event!

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