Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tips for blogs included fast by Google

Today, I want to share some experience of my SEO experiences. The most important part is to make blogs included by Google.

Create a two-way exchange of blog

There are two types: one is a one-way exchange blog, a two-way exchange of blog. The one-way exchanges a blog like blogging the keynote speech of the reader. Of course, this does not have anything wrong with more experience, the more

Blog promotion

But actually reduce the interactive communication between the readers. It is especially true if you have just started blogging. So we'd better to create a two-way exchange blog, focusing on communication with the readers. As

If someone Message to reply to a return visit, carefully read each other's articles and make comments. In addition, the reader is encouraged to use Twitter or FriendFeed track your blog updates, remember to make back their tracking as more than a return visit or follow their blog updates.

Encourage comments

To maintain long-term stability of the flow, interact and readers, and encourage them to comment on is very important. Log questions, asking the reader to other methods, and encourage them to express their own views are can learn method. Another

In addition, the comments do not require registration, easy to try to make visitors comments. You can also highlight a message up to visitors. Many third-party review programs to use the sidebar widget to the completion of this operation, such as Disqus and Wordpress plugs are useful. I add wordpres plugs to my website where to sell rs accounts.

The use of promotional tools

You can bookmark and share features allow readers to promote your blog. Promotional tools added to the blog and log in, I recommend, of course, you have many other options. People generally like to be lazy, we accept this reality and try to adapt. So must RSS icons and links to articles on the blog striking position. I successfully make my blogs get included by google fast as I am a SEOer for runescape account for sale.

Understand the basic law of SEO

If you're blogging, in fact, you're in for a search engine Indexed blog optimization website content. No matter what type of site you create is concerned about the laws governing the operation of SEO will increase website traffic. To do this, make sure you Bo

Customer name, the article title, url format and content contains the the blog theme related keywords or phrases. These are only the tip of the iceberg, For more details, see 15 tips to improve search engine search recorded Website probability.

Unified Profile

As abroad need a passport to prove identity in social media, we also need a permit (or referred to as account information) to identify themselves. The pass is in other networking sites and platforms to create sociability personal data. In addition to the most people use blogs and other sites also need to fill out personal information, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google profile. More importantly, these are authoritative sites. The links to these sites, search engines are more sensitive. Maintain personal data consistency is to increase the flow of opponents. Therefore, the online information should be consistent, try using only one user name, use the same diagram tablets, trademarks and contact details, and reverse links to your blog and other websites have their own information. Whether creating professional websites or personal lifestyle website must use the personal information easily recognizable uniform.

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